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'Give every human being every right that you claim for yourself.' American humanist and abolitionist Robert G Ingersoll.
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8 Jan
I put up this tweet yesterday and @MaajidNawaz threatened me with libel if I didn’t apologise and retract. I don’t understand libel laws, many people told me there was no libel in the tweet but, as a father of 4, I don’t want this hanging over me. So...
I apologise @MaajidNawaz, I don’t think you are just a shock jock who promotes dangerous conspiracy theories. I’m sorry for any harm it may have caused you. I will, if I may bring up some of your recent tweets regarding your @LBC show and Trump’s attempt to overturn the election
On 1/1/ 21 you put up this tweet, which I think any reasonable person would consider to be about a conspiracy theory that the Chinese government hoodwinked the world into destroying their economies via lockdown.
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3 Nov 19
No one has done more damage to the remain cause than Jeremy Corbyn, not even Farage, Johnson or Gove. Throughout the whole Brexit saga you've basically had someone with the same anti EU voting record as Kate Hoey taking over the Labour Party and stopping it from opposing Brexit.
He has wanted this all his political life, and he aims to get it by hook or by crook. Labour's Brexit policy is confusing and for one reason only, you have a pro brexit leader running a remain party.
Even now, in the middle of a GE, the country still doesn't know whether the LOTO will campaign to remain or leave. He says Labour's position on the most important decision facing this country in 50 years, will be decided after people have voted.
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