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13 May
ok and please understand I do not want to talk about the overlying issue

there's talk of a ground invasion of Gaza by Israel


I thought wisdom was counterinsurgency warfare in cities is nuts
this seems informed and reasonable (others echoing this)
oh this is really good wrt answering the question and gets into specific tactics employed in 2002 apparently to great effect
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13 May
in the 1990s we had conquered racism. no one was genuinely racist anymore because that was cringe

the development of a new e-meter-like technology in the late 90s and its application led to the new field of identifying secret kinds of racism
conveniently this test was labeled "not useful for individuals" because it "lacks even internal validity" but the IAT was still used to detect whatever kind of group-level ambient racism was useful to any given social engineer
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12 May
im finally getting around to processing some episodes I recorded . . . last week?

paternity has been kind of a haze and I think my last fortnight was just lost to history

anyway this episode went off the rails real fast
we talked a bit about using hallucinogens in Minecraft, but then pivoted over to @BecomingCritter's convictions that (i) time is fake and (ii) that people who think about ethics are morally depraved

i cant say i walked away thinking he was wrong necessarily
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12 May
so the thing I was made to understand about this stuff is that the target audience is typically the boss or commissar of whoever makes it. "what is my political overseer mad about"

seems like the contents of this cartoon are quite compatible with that model
reminiscent of that wolf in sheep's clothing thing

apparently Chinese students will often get a set of somewhat stale western fairy tales and fables and so maybe the idea is that these are deeply resonant for extremely online westerners in 2021
also the Aesop tweet has VERY STRONG Thomas Friedman energy to it
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12 May
reportedly this line of research was finally opened after a mother found out that open heart surgery was performed on her infant without the use of anesthesia
its not a good idea to talk about this openly unless you wanna end up Semmelweis'd (google it i dare you)
like you think Serpico got played dirty wait til you find out what the AMA does
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11 May
it is kind of interesting wondering how many cartoon mascots have featured chest hair

little caesar has to be the only one on a food product
brawny man has a tee shirt or is buttoneed up

cant believe he lost the moustache ImageImageImage
i think it would have been more genuinely subversive if they had replaced the mascot with a black man which is probably why they havent done it
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10 May
Penelope has a bladder infection again

can I just buy cat antibiotics online

really sick of paying $200 at the vet every six months
man apparently walmart sells amoxicillin in suspension under their "pet pharmacy"

god bless capitalism
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10 May
kind of interesting that Matt chose this as his free article rather than a subscribers only one

he was discussing this on the wright show a few weeks ago, apparently you make your best article free and use it to get people to sign up for the other ones
I wouldnt know as everything I write is free, and also bad

I think both the fact that Matty wrote this and the response it are interesting

so no one is defending it or apparently attacking him (?)

but is anyone unexpected actually condemning it
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