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I'm Elle & I prob hate that thing u like. they/them. bisexual. historian. American in Spain. writer. I like cats & queer liberation. https://t.co/DsN79T94zN
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4 Aug
75 years ago the United States committed the ultimate crime against humanity by dropping two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and ushering in the age of atomic warfare. The US has never been held accountable for this crime.
It is, perhaps, the greatest war crime ever committed by a sovereign state. The full horror of it has never been equaled. That the choice to drop the bombs is still defended by America today is even more horrific.
The United States continued to exacerbate its crimes by testing atomic weapons, first at the expense of Pacific Islanders' lives, health, and sovereignty and then on land in the continental US that, in many cases, belonged to Indigenous people.
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4 Aug
I've been thinking about this and there's really a lot in common between HP Lovecraft and JK Rowling. Honestly. Seriously. And no, not just the fact both have/had repugnant horrid views about their fellow human beings. Beyond that.
Both HP and JK took on various elements of their genre (HP: Machen's work with the unknown, Dunsany's fantasties, Poe's conflation of horror & insanity; JK: Dahl's candy-coated terror, Lewis's obsession with death as the ultimate reward for good people)
Which, in and of itself isn't bad because that's what writers do. But anyway, they both managed to hit a nerve with their recycled ingredients & tapped into some sort of societal vein that allowed their work to rise above similar things being done & become emblematic
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30 Jul
I don't think people understand truly how much money the military spends on literally nothing because they *have* to in order to get more money so let me tell you a story my husband told me from when he was a flying crew chief
A flying crew chief basically travels around with the plane in case it breaks. So my husband would fly on one of the big cargo planes as it brought supplies to various places and if it broke, he'd be there to fix whatever had to be fixed. He spent a lot of time with the cargo
This was back in 2011-2012, when we were transporting a bunch of stuff out of Iraq so my husband would usually go from Germany--Baghdad--Kandahar or one of the other bases in Afghanistan and then back home. One trip, he noticed a giant tire in the back of the plane
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4 Jul
Hi Americans!

Did you know the American war for independence wasn't about all that democracy/rights of man/human dignity stuff?? It wasn't!! It was about...wait for it....


See, as a colonies of the British Empire, the future US states were constrained by British law. This made wealthy colonists like George Washington verrrry upset because the British Empire told them not to a few things they really, really, really wanted to do

to make more money
Washington, among others, was a land speculator. He made money by investing in land in what was then the "western frontier" which is now parts of western Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. But after the Proclamation of 1763, this became illegal
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30 Jun
Ok friends and not-friends I'm gonna do a thread of BOOKS ABOUT QUEER HISTORY for everyone who may be interested because I want to help people find a place to start understanding the queer past and the importance of historical context. Feel free to add your own suggestions


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30 Jun
That tweet about bisexuals not being able to use f*g or d*ke is why I really worry about young queers who gained their "education" via the Tumblr mode of like, prizing validity over liberation, focusing on visibility rather than substantive change, ignoring historical contexts
This was gonna be a thread but then I got upset and took a walk and forgot
But I do want to say this reminds me of when I did a thread about using the word "queer" and I got pushback by a lot of older LGBT+ teens who'd seemed to swallow really anti-queer talking points and it made me really sad and frustrated
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25 Jun
Here is why you shouldn't reach out to people you believe you've hurt/victimized if you haven't spoken to them in a while/they are no longer in your life, written by me, a person who has been victimized and dreads being contacted by those people
1. If you've victimized them they're probably still dealing with the pain of what's been done to them. They're probably working--or have worked--to move past it. They're trying to deal w/the memories, even the trauma. You reappearing in their lives unannounced is not good
2. The apology is for you, not for them.

Even if you don't think this, even if you swear on 50000 bibles you're trying to make amends, your apology is to make you feel better. To make you feel like you've done something. To assuage your guilt.
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24 Jun
Okay cis straight men who are sexually attracted to women I'm gonna be real with you right now:

I'd say the majority of you have done something that's made a woman really seriously uncomfortable at least once in your life.
[cue 50000000 of you bursting into my mentions telling me how you are PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW and have NEVER ONCE OFFENDED A LADY WHY OH MY GREAT GOSH GOODNESS I AM APPALLED BY YOUR INSINUATIONS]

Shut up
Think about it.

Think about times women around you have laughed nervously, have fidgeted with their keys, glanced at their phones, looked away again and again. Think about how they've sat, arms crossed, leaning away from you as much as they possibly can
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19 Jun
Ever since I learned that the Norse goddess Freyja has a chariot pulled by cats, I like to imagine that every stray/feral cat who dies before they can be helped is collected by Freyja and made part of her team.
She collects the souls of warriors after all, and stray/feral cats have to fight every day of their lives.

I like to imagine a Valhalla for cats
Btw I learned this by reading a Tim Powers story which I then researched to see if it was like, an actual myth and I was incredibly happy
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16 Jun
Ok Gen Z look. I think you all are really awesome and I'm not being patronizing. I have an 11 year old daughter and she's on the younger end of the Gen Z divide and her awareness of the world is absolutely lightyears beyond mine when I was her age
and as a Millennial born in 1985 I am well aware of my generation's shortcomings.

But I just wanna request one thing of you, Gen Z.

Please, please, please make an effort to read a little bit of history. It will help you. It will save you.
Read about the AIDS crisis and all that was taken from the queer community, all that was lost, all that was destroyed

Read about the rise of domestic terrorists in the 90s. Read about Oklahoma City
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7 Jun
1. The Dark Is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper

-fascinating use of folklore/mythology
-well-written characters w/complex relationships
-excellent worldbuilding, w/an original take on magic

2. Dactyl Hill Squad by Daniel Jose Older

-Civil War-era New York City but with dinosaurs!!
-Diverse characters
-found family
-an original & entertaining premise

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30 May
So like I know a lot of my followers aren't SPORTS people like I am and aren't in the habit of listening to sports radio programs at whatever-the-frig time it is in the US like I am so I'm gonna summarize something @clintonyates said on @MartySmithESPN & @ESPNMcGee 's show
Clinton Yates was asked what us white people can actually do and he said, essentially: talk to other white people.

Conversations about race are so easily avoided in all-white spaces. When we're with our families, our friends, our social groups we can avoid race entirely
That's a privilege; in fact, it's one of the biggest privileges of being white in the US--that we white people can go about our lives without having to think about race at all because we consider ourselves "the default." We don't HAVE a race, we're white!!
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26 May
Ok I am nonbinary. But socially I am read as a woman. A white woman. And from that standpoint I wanna address white women/people socially read as white women because this is important:

we are weapons of white supremacy; in fact, we are THE weapon of white supremacy
Our supposed "purity" is the justification behind acts of racial violence and murder. Lynchings were so often committed because a black man was accused of assaulting/touching/looking at! a white woman. The specter of black men coming after white women was major racist propaganda
And we were not innocent in this of course. This is pretty basic history. Think of "To Kill A Mockingbird," an entire book based on a white woman using the fear of black men's desire to hide her own shame and her father's guilt.

That isn't made up. That happened.
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14 May
I need to do a Green Eggs and Ham version of "regardless of any mitigating factors you can come up with it's still bad to let your cat go out unsupervised:"

It's not ok on a city street
It's not ok in bogs of peat
It's not ok with a mask or hat
It's not ok, you'll kill ur cat
yeah idk why "peat" was the first rhyme I came up with for street
It's not ok in English rain
It's not ok in southern Spain
Nor on a mountain high or valley flat
It's not ok, you'll kill your cat
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6 May
-owns 50 weighted blankets
-never lets denim anywhere near them
-so many pillows
-has stuffed animal collection
-always cold, so keeps their room like a billion degrees
-never listens to or watches anything sad ever
-likes hugs
-believes in the Loch Ness Monster
-listens to 500 podcasts every day
-gullible but sweet
-loves weird things
-talks about Mothman like all the time
-fervently defends gay babadook
-goes out at night with a flashlight & camera for...reasons
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1 May
Hey look here's a thing that so many leftists seem to not understand right now: during the Holocaust, before the Holocaust, after the Holocaust, Jewish people were not considered white
The relationship between Judaism and whiteness has always been fraught and complex but the Holocaust was entirely conceived by people who did not believe Jewish people were white and it was able to occur because there was already a long history of antisemistism in place
Separating the Holocaust from other genocidal actions brought about by white supremacy is misunderstanding the global nature of white supremacy. The Holocaust was about defining whiteness, creating a "pure" state free from non-white elements
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18 Apr
I think I've tweeted about it before but I'm bored so I'm gonna tweet about it again. My mother's house is haunted.
When I say "haunted" I don't necessarily know if I mean like, actual literal ghosts. I don't know if I believe in "ghosts" or spirits or things like that. But "haunted" is a good way of describing a place in which weird things happen for no discernible reason
As far as I know nothing bad ever happened there. It was built in the 1970s. No deaths, no cults, no demon-summoning, nothing special. She bought the house in the summer of 2005 when she and my stepfather decided to live together. B/c he has two kids, they needed more space
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14 Apr
Ok people who say things like "my cats would rather have an adventurous life than a boring one even if they're at risk!" are projecting human emotions onto non-human animals and using their own perceptions to justify putting animals they are responsible for in serious danger
Cats are like toddlers--they don't have the sort of forethought and impulse control necessary for making appropriate decisions about their own well-being. If you hold open a door for a toddler they'll run out into a busy street because YOLO. Same for cats.
Your cat would rather lick up antifreeze. Your cat would rather jump into a clothes dryer while it's on. Your cat would rather sleep in the wheel well of a truck. Your cat would rather eat garbage. Your cat would rather climb up on your roof and then fall off.

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2 Apr

I guess some people are interested! So this is the official REASONS I HATE HARRY POTTER THREAD. Buckle up friendos, I'm gonna yell
1. The entire plot of the massive seven-book arc hinges on the fact that one character has all the information necessary to prevent bad things yet never tells a single person any of it
2. There's literally no good reason for characters to not be told important things except that if they WERE told these things, the whole plot would collapse. It's such a weakly-constructed narrative that it has to be propped up by characters just....not doing things
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28 Mar
I just realized I'd promised earlier to do a thread about how I introduce new cats to my existing cats and I totally forgot about it for hours because my brain works that way but HEY I'LL DO IT NOW OK????
Of course the problem with me answering this question is I have a lot more cats than most people and I take in cats much more frequently than most people so I'm kinda forced to compress a lot of steps in the interest of space/health.
But you can take my advice if you'd like and extend the time period to a more reasonable one lol.

Also here's where I remind all of you I'm not a vet, I'm not a cat behavioralist or any sort of expert at all, I just...have a lot of cats that I manage to keep alive lol
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22 Mar
A thing I really really don't want to see is people ""calling out"" or making fun of teens/kids getting sad/upset over missing what some of you might consider trivial things due to COVID-19. For example: prom; high school sports; concerts/movies; school plays/concerts/events.
These things are important to kids & kids aren't wrong for considering them important. Yes there are much bigger issues regarding coronavirus. Yes it may seem entitled/whiny to be sad about missing a high school prom. But we're talking about KIDS & please don't lose sight of that
I haven't seen it on Twitter but I've seen it on Facebook and like....stop being gross. Stop telling kids it's wrong for them to have feelings about their own lives; stop trivializing kids' reactions & emotions. Stop telling kids they aren't important.
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