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10 Jun
Good morning, today's a big day in Jax Ed news. The FL Board of Education meeting is happening at FSCJ. The brd is expected to consider teaching standards that put strict guidelines on how history lessons are taught. It's part of a push from up top to get Critical Race Theory out
Ahead of the meeting, activists, teachers, parents, etc. are protesting the new rule. The Northside Coalition circulated flyers last week to rally. Community meetings that centered around CRT took place in Baker County yesterday & St. Johns the day before. I'll be live tweeting.
Gov. Ron DeSantis' camp announced this morning that he would attend the meeting and speak to the board.
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1 Jun
Maybe, hopefully, the end of a year-long debate over school renaming in Jacksonville will come to a close tn. Or at least a close for now, depending on how votes go. It's a packed house & goodness knows how long pub comment will last. Follow this thread for updates @jaxdotcom
The latest background on how we got here. Supplementary stories are linked within the story: jacksonville.com/story/news/edu…
"Our high schools are the bedrock of our school district," Supt. Greene says Westside HS graduation was today. She says when the school was called Forrest the grad rate was 62%. Today, it's 90%. "The same impact will continue irregardless of the decision that is made tonight."
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11 Mar
Rebekah Jones was catapulted into the public eye after saying she was fired for refusing to change COVID-19 data. What followed became a rivalry between a woman who never wanted the spotlight & state officials who wish she would shut up. For @Cosmopolitan: cosmopolitan.com/politics/a3571…
In our exclusive interview, @GeoRebekah discusses the aftermath she experienced from not only her firing but her subsequent media tours, a police raid, an arrest and ultimately, contracting the very disease she spent months trying to warn everyone about. cosmopolitan.com/politics/a3571…
Since leaving Florida, Jones says her family breathes a little easier. But she knows her story is far from over. It's worth noting that we reached out to Gov. Ron DeSantis' office for comment. In response, his office sent a link to a tweet:
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7 Jul 20
LIVE: The Duval School Board meeting is kicking off and it's a loaded agenda. You can follow along for yourself here: dcps.duvalschools.org/Page/9877
Jones says cost to change all school names would be between $700,000-$1 million. Thanks @JaxPEF for establishing the community fund. More on that: jacksonville.com/news/20200707/…
Ashley Smith-Juarez said she submitted a letter today to the board asking to add 3 more schools to be considered for renaming. The discussion would happen in Aug. Schools Smith-Juarez want considered are Andrew Jackson and Jean Ribault middle and high to reflect district's values
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21 May 20
NEW: An award-winning Duval teacher with honors from then-Gov. Rick Scott refused to abide by a transgender teen's pronouns, prompting training + an apology. But he continued posting bigoted memes mocking the LGBTQ community: jacksonville.com/news/20200521/…
The story starts in August, when an incoming trans sophomore at Sandalwood High School emailed her teachers letting them know her chosen name & pronouns. Thomas Caggiano, 61, said no. He called it "non-negotiable." jacksonville.com/news/20200521/…
The incident was reported & investigated. Caggiano remained teaching. The student transferred. Caggiano apologized to the principal but never her. Days later, he wrote "love it!" on a story about protesting trans students using school restrooms jacksonville.com/news/20200521/…
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4 Aug 18
🚨 Remember like one Tweet ago where I commented on all the redactions in the Parkland shooter report? @SunSentinel reported that 64 percent of it was concealed. Well, I take all of that back because I'm reading the complete version now. A THREAD 🚨
Today, a 46-pg report detailing how Broward Schools failed the Parkland school shooter was released, a ruling that it was the public's right. 1,707/1,078 lines were concealed "to comply with the shooter’s educational and medical privacy rights." Except not really.
When parsing through the supplied report, I noticed that the black redactions only physically cover a completely extractable PDF text document. Hidden morsels of the report include details of the shooter's disability, elementary-school life and a suicide assessment in 2016.
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