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Caracas, Venezuela
5 Jul 19
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights' report on #Venezuela is summarized insight into the daily abuses on dignity that the Venezuelan state overtly sponsors but refuses to acknowledge, and the system of impunity that allows them to exist.
Highlights below👇 #InformeBachelet
1. Venezuelans face a range of interrelated violations of their economic and social rights. The minimum wage in April 2019 was estimated at 7 USD/month and only covered 4.7 % of the basic food basket, approximately four days of food per month. #InformeBachelet
2. Venezuelans face violations to the right to an adequate standard of living related to collapse of public transportation, access to electricity, water, and gas due to resource misallocation, corruption, lack of maintenance & severe underinvestment. #InformeBachelet
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