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✏️📺🎥 Agent @casarottoramsay 🧡Running workshops for unrep’d screenwriters & directors 📧fiftyfifty@casarotto.co.uk 🎬 All views are my own ♏️
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Feb 16, 2023 11 tweets 32 min read
✏️Social media can be a great place to hear about Film & TV opportunities and keep up to date with industry news 🗞️I’ve put together a quick🧵with some accounts to follow (production companies, broadcasters, initiatives, news etc) as a starting point. Feel free to add…📺 Initiatives/Outreach/Education: @bbcwritersroom @rocliffeforum @PhilipShelley1 @Film_London @bfinetwork @NFTSFilmTV @WFTV_UK @ScreenAllianceW @UKScreenSkills @BFIFlare @funnywomen @OnestoWatch_TV @thetvfoundation @ArtsEmergency @RaisingFilms @TheWritersGuild @screenscots
Dec 16, 2022 16 tweets 10 min read
🎬✏️ A student asked me this week what they can be doing now to expand their knowledge of the Film & TV industry to stand them in good stead for applying for roles when they finish their studies. It was a great question so here is a thread with some ideas 💡💡#filmjobs #tvjobs 📺🍿👀 Watch as much Film, TV & new media as you can. Here is a great article from @guardian on the best TV shows of 2022: theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2…. Pay attention to the credits and note who wrote/directed/produced the series you liked and look up what else they’ve made on @IMDb
Mar 28, 2021 11 tweets 3 min read
The question I get asked most at the unrepped writer surgeries I run for @50Comedy50 is how to go about securing representation. I thought it might be useful to share my response to that question here. All views are my own & based on my own experiences etc etc (see thread). Be targeted in who you approach & do research. If you are a brand new it might be best to write to an assistant who is starting to build their list as they will have more capacity (that’s how I started out). That information might not be available online so you may have to dig!