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4 Apr 19
I finally have some shiny new business cards ahead of #Rezzed2019 and #ECGC

If I have business cards...why don't you?

Get serious. Get professional.

THREAD...with an element of rant.
At the networking event last night I was shocked at how few people had cards. It was a wonderful night with great people, but the evening was advertised as a Networking event.

Yet most people didn't bring cards... It's 2019 went out with the Model T Ford....
If you understand the need to complete Side Quests so you’re ready for the main Quest in a game then…

Why The Flying F*ck Aren’t You Doing That With Your Life and Career?!?
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24 Apr 18
Writing Myths #3 Writing Portfolios are the magic way into the industry!!
Get a portfolio said the writing panel/advice/speaker in what is the latest throwaway simple advice that instantly builds a career…. So, let’s talk about them.
1)Portfolios are NOT magic. Simply having one doesn't get you a job. Tey are a tool to be used in chasing work and an increasing number of employers ask for them. Having one can be very useful, but just putting some bits of writing in the same place does not = instant career.
2) People tend to read your email first, then your c.v. and then portfolio. Mess up stages 1, or 2 and 3 may well not matter. Always rework your email, c.v. and portfolio for EVERY application. Focus on what matches that job/company.
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