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14 Jul
I don't know who needs to hear this.

But wearing a mask is actually really physically difficult for some people. To the point of impossibility for some, while others may be able to acclimate to one over weeks or months or wear one for a limited amount of time.
If wearing a mask is hard for you, if it fucking sucks and you hate it but you're doing it anyway because you understand the evidence and importance, you're not a bad person and you're not making it up or imagining it. I get it.
I'm a regular hiker who's been previously found to have a normal lung capacity (long story. long, boring, stupid story) and I have real trouble getting up a hill or multiple flights of stairs in one.
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19 Aug 19
Everybody, listen.

I know you were taught that person-first language ("put the person before the disability") is always correct. I know. You were taught this when you became a teacher or doctor or when you worked with kids with disabilities.
The problem is that you were taught this by people who themselves were isolated and out of touch from disabled communities.
Person-first language came into being for good reasons. It is not bad or wrong; many people w/ disabilities still prefer it.

But other disabled & autistic people don't, for equally valid reasons.
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24 Apr 19

I don't really have the time or brain space to address every misconception and mistake in @Spectrum's hugely controversial article today, but I need to take issue very, very hard w/ the closing quote...

(Thread incoming)
"But he [playwright Alex Oates] has another suggestion: 'My aim and great wish was to help these parents and therefore their children,” he says about the play. 'If there was a way for those autistic voices to turn their outrage into advice for the parents, I’d love that.'" 2/
...Because it belies a truly egregious level of either ignorance or flat-out misrepresentation of the topic he is addressing here.

Because the autistic community expends...so much time and energy on this exactly. 3/
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7 Feb 19
Okay, so fun story: I did my honors capstone paper in college on East Asian ritual puppetry traditions and their connection to continued social marginalization of puppet theater practitioners.... (1/?)
...So I'm actually *kind of* well-versed in the potential of various uses of puppetry in media. (2/?)
And so, when I hear that a production is having an autistic character portrayed by a puppet, no, that is not *automatically* jarring or off-putting to me. I need to know more than that about the context & concept of the production to know how I feel about it. (3/?)
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