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30 May
THREAD re Giuliani’s comments about this week’s protests:

Many of you may not be familiar with Andy Logan’s work. Andy was a fantastic @NewYorker reporter who covered City Hall for decades & I had the privilege of working with her for several years before she passed away. 1/
In 1992, Andy wrote an incredible column about a “police riot” against the David Dinkins Administration over the Mayor’s attempt to put in place a review board that would investigate police brutality incidents by the NYPD. 2/
In “Who Guards the Guards?” (available to subscribers only, sadly), Andy wrote about a riot by policemen in the thousands, which blocked traffic on Brooklyn Bridge. Nearly all of the police demonstrators that day were white.… 3/
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21 Jan 19
Fifty-five years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr., was confronted by a young white man as he traveled by plane from Atlanta to Jackson. Calvin Trillin reported on the exchange for @NewYorker in 1964. Here is part of that conversation: 1/… #TNYarchive #MLKDay
“‘I wonder if I could ask you two questions,” the young man said...”I happen to be a Southerner, but I also happen to consider myself a Christian. I wonder, do you feel you’re teaching Christian love?’ ‘Yes, that’s my basic approach,’ King said. 2/
“‘I think love is the most durable element in the world & my whole approach is based on that.’ ‘Do you think the people you preach to have a feeling of love?’ the young man asked. ‘Well, I’m not talking about weak love,’ King explained. ‘I’m talking about love with justice.’ 3/
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4 Oct 18
Twenty-seven years ago this month, Adam Gopnik wrote these words in a 1991 @NewYorker comment on the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings: "A man's career is assumed—by the man, and by other men—to be the equivalent of a woman's life." 1/…
“A woman’s career, on the other hand, is just a job. Many of the senators couldn’t understand why Anita Hill didn’t simply give up her career if she didn’t like the way she was treated. Thomas is a judge: what he does for a living is to review the cases of men and women," 2/
"...many of whom believe themselves to be as innocent as he claims to be. Yet when he was asked to bear for a moment a version of the same kind of scrutiny, he saw himself as a martyr... His rage was thought to be impressive." 3/
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