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8 Feb 20
Luca shares his memories of the #SpacewalkForAMS series "The credit goes to the whole team who put in the time and the hours and the extra training that I received that made the operations in orbit look very familiar."
@astro_luca In response to a comment that gravity doesn't seem to be bothering @astro_luca: "I’ve had about 41 years to get ready for gravity, so it feels quite normal to be back. It’s a bit heavy, but I’ll get there." 💪
@astro_luca "There’s not a second on the @Space_Station and not a sight out the window that is ever the same. No matter how many times I’ve flown over the same location, the weather will be different, the light will be different, I will be different." @astro_luca 📷
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8 Nov 19
Seen from space, Berlin is still divided by street lighting. 30 years after the fall of the #BerlinWall, the former division between the East and West parts of the city is noticeable from the International @Space_Station. Can you spot the difference?
📸: @astro_tim Kopra, 2016.
@Space_Station @astro_tim @ESA_de @esa @ESA_History @ISS_Research @cities4tnight @pmisson @ESA_EO The yellow lights correspond to East Berlin, where orange sodium lamps lit most of the streets today. The white glow comes from the brighter LED lamps in West Berlin. #BerlinWall30
📸: @astro_andre, 2012.
@Space_Station @astro_tim @ESA_de @esa @ESA_History @ISS_Research @cities4tnight @pmisson @ESA_EO @astro_andre 🤔 What will your city look like from space in 30 years? #BerlinWall30

Look at more beautiful night-time pictures of cities to pass the time, and help #citizenscience project ‘Lost at night’ compare cities light pollution over time!…
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11 May 19
We're welcoming @astro_luca to #ESRIN near Rome in Italy this morning for his final European press conference before he is launched to the @Space_Station in July! There're exciting times ahead for this seasoned @esa #astronaut 👨‍🚀 See more #MissionBeyond
We’re in the hall at #ESRIN as media are starting to gather. Did you know @esa establishment ESRIN is ESA’s centre for Earth observation? Last year the team celebrated its 50 year anniversary 🎉 @ESA_EO
"When you are inspired, you are motivated to do something better for our world." – Jan Wörner. Every €1 invested in space creates €6 in economic returns, but even more valuable is the curiosity it inspires. Learn more about your contribution… #Space19Plus
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