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2 May
Counter-point: All concentration camps were there to provide slave labor for IG Farbenindustrie.
See IG Farbenindustrie and Auschwitz.
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24 Apr
A member did ask her..about her trip to Ukraine.
The fascist symbology was very obvious back in 2014 too! There is no way @rweingarten could have been in Kiev and not noticed these symbols.

(photo from 2014)
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24 Apr
It is not anti-union propaganda. AFL-CIO is affectionately known as "AFL-CIA" in many circles because they were involved in so many coups.
We did at least two episodes where we mention AFL-CIA's conduct.…
George Meany was the head. He was what Lenin called "Zubatov Union"

He was rabid anti-communist who was management approved.…
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22 Apr
He is describing what the process of commodity production is. It's obvious. Maybe improve your reading skills?

I don't know. It is very straight forward.

Marx looks at how industrial production differs from preindustrial production.
The trick with Marx is simple: Marx is an academic and not a writer. Just switch to Engels first. He explains the concepts better.

Then, read Marx after you read Engels.
Engels explains the same thing with less technical details and weird analogies...…
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22 Apr
That's why you don't write dumb books that water down Marxism for dumb white people.

There is Marx, Engels and Lenin. Liberals need not be appeased.
The problem is that most westernerz don't understand capitalism & industry.

It takes time to explain to them all this.

But watering down the explanation of capitalism and globalized economy is stupid.
Mondragon is a European Institute inside of the European Union that upholds European capitalism.…
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21 Apr
What are these protesters protesting for?
Usually it is higher wages or against police brutality. We should call this the "brownshirt bill"
There was a German statistician who counted the way the police handled right-wingers (brownshirts) who killed left-wingers (union people..) in Weimar Germany

They threw the books at the union workers and handled right wingers with kid gloves. Image
His finding were pretty interesting..... Image
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16 Apr
Always beware of the passive "seen"

As if BBC did not spend about 3 decades making sure she was seen that way....
A very well written account…
First things first: This was human rights watch a month before the Myanmar elections…
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15 Apr
Controversial opinion: I totally support celebrating "Victims of Communism."

We all should totally take a minute to offer our thanks to all the communists who victimized these people for us!
Danish Freedom fighter created lots of #VictimsofCommunism…
Yakov Pavlov took care to victimize many Nazis!

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15 Apr
This means that the US, the "biggest player in the game" is rigging the game against both Russia and China. Also, it is rigging it exclusively against STATE-OWNED enterprises.
Belarus: Last year, they only had a strike against State-owned enterprises
Forced labor claims from cotton: only state-owned enterprises
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15 Apr
I am fascinated by the fact that "forced labor" happens only from state-owned enterprises to stigmatize companies from buying Xinjiang cotton and it is directly correlated with the drop in the demand for US cotton!

Sounds like you don't like the "free market"
For about 20 years, this NED funded org was claiming that Uzbekistan had "slave labor." But, those claims suddenly dropped off when Uzbekistan "privatized" its cotton.
So strange.. all these "slavery" claims somehow seem to pop up only with state-owned enterprises.…
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15 Apr
Biden has signed new sanctions against "Russians."

Let's check if

a) all these companies are state-owned
b) developing a manufactured product
c) they want to squeeze out of the world market!
ERA Technopolis ✅✅✅
Federal State Autonomous Scientific Establishment Scientific Research Institute Specialized Security Computing Devices and Automation

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15 Apr
On a separate note: Keep track of how many state-owned enterprises are sanctioned. Image
Mike Pompeo admitted to targetting state-owned enterprises.… ImageImage
After you have seen evidence of neocon Mike Pompeo saying he was going to target State-owned enterprises (ie ones where the profit goes to the people and not the greedy billionaires) a publicly owned factory gets set on fire on March 15. ImageImage
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15 Apr
She is right. Leftists don't understand the history of the Phillipines between 1898- nowish.

So they judge.

For example, there are 10 million migrant workers. That means 10 million children functionally orphaned by their parents. That's why their worries won't be relatable
There are so many things you don't understand.

Condemn Dutuerte...but also know it is a down stream country with little recourse.…
Also...something strange maybe happening. Let's investigate it.

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14 Apr
#Facepalm. I feel like you will be hearing daily threads about trade regulations under the WTO from me.

I see bad takes like this all the time.
That's because China and USA are not equals despite what US propaganda claims.
Out of respect, I won't block for liberalism.

But let's investigate this claim.

Even if I live in a Palace, it won't change the objective part of international trade deals.
After this thread, I will block for beligerent liberalism.
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13 Apr
Willful. They start with the assumption they are right and slowly triangulate back

"1 million soviet citizens fought for the Nazis"

If someone had told me such an earth shattering view. I'd stop, look it up and be surprised and say "thanks"
But for the white man, he feels no shame. He is still under the impression he is right. So he says," Oh, you dumb Asiatic, are you blindly believing Bolshevik propaganda."

Me: No. I cross-referenced it with Nazi, French, British, American and Japanese sources.
Again, he thinks he is mostly right, so he asks "Were they ethnic Germans who lived in Russia?"

Me: No. They were slaves. Here is a list of all their names.
Him: They must have been unwilling.
Me: no. They were willing.
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13 Apr
Answer no one because the state is there to oppress on class on the behalf of another. When the state is oppressing your class currently, there is no one to call.
In each state there will be some who the police won't protect. The only question is who?

A Or B
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13 Apr
A bourgeoise revolution is what happened in India, Pakistan and many other countries post-ww2. That's when you get rid of your imperial overlord. Usually, the national bourgeoise take over because they are the ones with the most money (to hire mercs), power and contacts+
Indeed, you are replacing one set of bourgeoise (people who don't earn their living through labor) with another (people who also don't earn their living through labor), but the reason why everyone would chose India over colonial England is as follows:
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13 Apr
Well, almost. Inside the USA, slavery is a very delicate institution. People don't want to be slaves and have nothing to lose. So there are always slave rebellions and insurrections. Slave owners worry about 3 ratios.
If there are too many middle managers, the middle managers will just murder the owners in their sleep and become the new master of the plantation.

So they deliberately took care to make sure they brought Europeans who were not Catholics and also of different languages.
If there are too many slaves and not enough overseers: See Haiti, Russia, Jamaica, China, Venezuela. Americans were very paranoid about that because after the slave insurrections in the carribean, many planters moved to the Carolinas.
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13 Apr
Seeing her on my timeline along with the Nazis at the Ukrainian border brought back memories of this utterly confused tweet where she seems to get all history totally wrong...

But my favorite is this one..where she suggested that NATO was anti-fa! 🤣🤣
The reason it extra-irritates me is because she claims to be opposed to police violence and white supremacy, but she seems to have little awareness of the world fascist police training pipeline.
Ukrainian police got er "desovietized" in 2015. Thanks to our then-VP.

Remember the two sides of the war and what it means for Ukraine…
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13 Apr
That is not the justification.

In 1964, the US had Taiwan & NATO rubber stamp a treaty where they got to flood any third world country with monopoly capital.

Given this situation, China found itself bound by a treaty signed Taiwan.
If you can't make your own goods, then the other party controls the supply, the demand,the price.

So if poverty is defined as working long hours with little pay, then the one sided nature of the goods to raw material will mean that your side will always be working long hours.
Under socialism, everyone gets an equal part of the pie..but the pie is too small.

The only way to make the pie bigger is to have more stuff made with the same labor.

For this, you need some factories to make tractors.
Farm needs fewer people and use extra hands for...
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