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26 Sep 20
19 years did make a difference. Download and installation completed in under 5 minutes.
What a joy — everything opens instantly — no lag whatsoever
This environment is about as fast as a Psion Organiser
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16 Sep 20
What a novel way to troll your friends and enemies! Seriously, Shortcuts have been enhanced greatly in iOS 14 and this is going to be great. Image
This is even better as you can create a shortcut to open an app when exiting the same app. Infinite loop alive and well. Lock/unlock immune. Apple please don’t fix. 😈 ImageImage
And this, well you know where this is from. Image
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1 Sep 20
The dot-com bust happened because there was usually no viable business model and speculators were bidding based on future expectations (delusions). But ultimately it was the central bank which deflated the bubble. We are now dealing with survivors of the bubble.
This is not to say that another crash can’t happen (in fact, recent conditions have created an excellent exit opportunity), but rather that there is no further capacity remaining in the system to deal with the potential fallout of such abrupt deflation.
It is more likely in my opinion that the central banks will attempt to keep the whole charade going as long as they are able. In other words, they are going down with the boat.
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27 Jul 20
Looks like Streacom changed the design of their DA2 Vertical GPU Kit for the worse.


2020: streacom.com/products/da2-v…
Can’t fathom why they moved the power cable and removed ability to adjust GPU height at will. The 2020 version looks like a big fat compromise. Won’t be ordering.
Look! LOOK!! (in Ramsay’s voice) Image
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26 Apr 20
Zoom Thoughts 1/n: Yes there are institutional bans and individuals might drop it for Facebook Messenger, Houseparty, or plain old FaceTime. But small businesses made America what it is today. If we come out the other end it will be due to these small businesses.
2/n: Take a good look at what sorts of additives, artificial sweeteners and other unholy ingredients your packaged foods contain. The small print that permeates every corner of society. Then think again about whether average folks give two craps about security.
3/n: I am convinced there are deeper security issues that are architectural. The offshore guys, who are underpaid, could be coerced to insert backdoors. The risk profile will be forever unacceptable to larger companies, but SMEs do not give a toss.
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22 Mar 20
😯 Image
🙂 Image
🦁 Image
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2 Feb 20
Porting Life observer to ex_curses for an expected flicker free experience.
Update: Having issues with windows 30 rows or higher not refreshing and rendering properly, but only when IEx is using the same TTY.
👌 — Switched to ratatouille + ex_termbox and the solution looks smooth so far (in iTerm 2; there are still some smoothness issues in Apple’s Terminal). Will update some videos later.
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4 Nov 19
(Trying AirPods Pro)

• The acoustic seal is much worse than I expected. It always feels as if the units were falling out.

• Transparency Mode is painfully loud, no idea where/how it could be useful.

• Sound quality is fine for iTunes.

• Top notch iOS integration.

• There are latent bugs in triggering noise cancellation. Sometimes one unit would not activate.

• Active noise cancellation without a good seal means more energy is being dumped into your ears anyway in noisy surroundings. Long term health implications unknown.

• Improper seal makes the AirPods Pro basically useless on London Underground where very old rolling stock may be used.

• The situation is slightly better on British regional trains where the interior is less noisy (still quite noisy by international standards).
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22 Sep 19
Our @spawnfest submission, as presented by the Bodgemasters (@holsee, bgottlob and me) is named Exile.

We chose the name “Exile”, as we would exile anyone who actually built apps this way…
@spawnfest @holsee Exile is a Realtime Database-As-A-Service with REST-style resource location and Time Traveling Feature support.


We also demonstrated how it can be easily integrated into existing projects — using Phoenix Channel to drive integration (with subscriptions).
@spawnfest @holsee Project highlights:

• Proper applicaton structure from bgottlob;

• Data layer from holsee, including path-based mutations and subscriptions, with a complete test suite;

• Live instance with interactive JS console (deployed on Gigalixir) — from me.
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6 Apr 19
If you have multiple Phoenix apps in an umbrella, make sure to give each app an Endpoint. Phoenix configures and caches many things per Endpoint, such as a list of digested assets.

You can start an Endpoint without Cowboy by omitting the :http and :https options.

Creation of a Master Proxy app is way simpler this way as well:

1/ Create an Endpoint, walk all Endpoints’ sockets via __socket__, then plug the Router.

2/ In the Router, walk all Endpoints’ mount paths (which you define) and mount with forward/2.

Righteous solution.

Furthermore, having a test-only Endpoint is an anti-pattern and it is way too brittle.

Since apps are tested in isolation (but dependencies are started), give each app a Test Endpoint which routes/forwards to the main one, and bump the script name in conns to match.
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