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19 Jan
From an interview earlier this evening, Mike Lindell tells Right Side Broadcasting that he was just told that @BedBathBeyond has dropped MyPillow. He also complains about @slpng_giants.
@BedBathBeyond @slpng_giants Lindell circles back, links business losses to "the deep state" and "communism" and to the lawsuit threat from "the machine people" Dominion. (after it cuts out, the host defends the honor of mypillow)
Lindell says he talks with Sidney Powell twice a day, and came to his (false) conclusion that the election was rigged after he did his own math.
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18 Jan
Thread: MyPillow CEO and right-wing fixture Mike Lindell explained his White House visit with right-wing radio host Eric Metaxas (who tweeted hashtag martial law in support of Lindell).

The interview had deranged conspiracy theories, justifications of violence, and more.
The interview starts with Metaxas touting Lindell’s supposed “genuine evidence” of foreign election fraud. Lindell says it came out “ten days ago” on Twitter and starts explaining the conspiracy theory.
Lindell then clarifies that his source for this debunked lie is a conspiracy theory website. Lindell claims Trump won by 11 million votes (he did not).
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11 Jan
when you brought 80 buses of people to an insurrection and want your audience of republican millionaires to forget it
kirk calling for pence to overturn the election:…

kirk and buses to the insurrection:

video via
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11 Jan
Rupert Murdoch when Fox News spends MONTHS pushing COVID-19 conspiracy theories:

Rupert Murdoch when Fox News loses one hour to further-right Newsmax:
Fox personalities constantly rail at elites, but Murdoch's elitism is not the sort that you hear about there.
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5 Jan
here's Trump's own attorney saying that the Pence plan to steal the election is unconstitutional
trump may have mentioned the "pence steals the election plan" because he saw it touted on newsmax with joe digenova shortly before he took the stage
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5 Jan
the thing about watching this terrible show is that there are countless examples of dumb hypocrisy every single night.

and for the record, plenty of legislatures have used gender-neutral language, like ohio here as @bubbaprog has noted.…
@bubbaprog as of 2013 half the states used gender-neutral language…

but this can get some cheap engagement and that is all that matters
tucker's grift right now is giving the same empty calories to right-wing audiences as everyone else, only he pretends that he's somehow better than the rest of them. he's exactly the same.
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8 Dec 20
top congressional republicans refuse to acknowledge the election results more than a month after the fact, and the story in mainstream outlets is just basically "welp trump is out of options ok that's all"
the trump-focus ends up creating the expectation that things will go back to some sort of "normal" when he's gone. but if you look at the forces shaping gop behavior (that is, right-wing media), it's clear that we're never going back. that's the story.
to the contrary, this dumb coup just sets the bar going forward. it's not just that right-wing media and their audience are for this sort of thing, it's that any gop politician who doesn't do at least this / support this is a stealth democrat (and to them, democrats are evil)
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20 Nov 20
Damn it's been a while since there's been a good Fox News map screw up. Here's a few others...
When Fox moved Egypt to Iraq
When Fox moved New Hampshire to Vermont
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7 Nov 20
Newsmax anchor floats a conspiracy theory that the election was called to ruin Trump's round of golf
newsmax is not taking this well
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5 Nov 20
Sometimes CNN will have decent or even good chyrons while Fox is lying.…

Today is not one of those times.
Just a thought but maybe debunk the lies on the air instead of a reporter's twitter feed???
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3 Nov 20
lol these fox news voter polls ImageImageImageImage
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22 Sep 20
Chris Wallace, who ignored massive wildfires in the western United States on Fox News Sunday, and who did not ask a single climate crisis question in his 2016 debate, announces that he'll ignore the issue in this debate as well.
Maybe his house has to flood / catch on fire for him to actually pay attention to climate.
Source for 2016:…

Source for FNS ignoring wildfires.…
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9 Sep 20
There are serious risks to young and healthy people from COVID:…

Meanwhile: Alex Berenson on Fox "straight news" program: "Children and young adults are at basically no risk of serious illness or death from this virus"

No pushback at all.
It's a genuine scandal that the president was downplaying COVID in March despite knowing otherwise.

His favorite network is *still* doing that for nakedly political reasons -- under the guise of "straight news" no less.
Berenson went on to rail at masks, putting it on Chris Hahn to explain why masks are good.

It's just so telling: Fox treats the science as just part of the same old partisan bickering. This is why Trump downplayed the virus in the first place.
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8 Sep 20
175,000 people are dead and the president of the United States is helping a sports radio host do PR for a 9/11 and Sandy Hook truther Image
the president's close relationship with a 9/11 truther should absolutely be part of the 9/11 anniversary stories that are being written at basically every outlet on the planet Image
Also while we're on the subject Image
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1 Sep 20
Today's right-wing claim about "illegal social media monitoring" of Hannity, Trump Jr, etc. is the debunked claim from last year about CrowdTangle recycled.

John Solomon even writes like CrowdTangle is some sort of shady vendor instead of just a search tool owned by Facebook.
Here's Will Sommer in October 2019; it's the exact same bullshit, just with the imprimatur of the State Department instead of a dumb accusation by Tom Fitton…
And here's @CourtneyHagle on the claim from October as well.…
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31 Aug 20
MSNBC gave an interview to Patriot Prayer's Joey Gibson. The hardest question they aired was whether Gibson had any regrets about this weekend.

Patriot Prayer is a far-right extremist group. It previously was caught with a cache of guns on a rooftop.…
This was last year:…
If you're interested in the video, it's in this post about bad MSM coverage of the group:…
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26 Aug 20
the outright politicization of all of hhs, the fda, and the cdc during a pandemic that's killed over 175,000 should be a much, much bigger issue than it is… Image
i know it's more fun to yell about whatever dumb convention speech is going on, but i promise, you'll almost certainly forget that speech is a month
if there's no cost to doing this type of shit, then it's not only going to stay that way, but it's going to get so, so much worse
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23 Aug 20
All three cable networks running Trump's presser; as of now, none are contextualizing his announcement in their chyron at all.

Compare to Politico's headline which noted that the authorization was over scientists' objections.… ImageImage
Also, this decision makes it *harder* to do the medical trials to know if/how successful plasma is.

OAN asked Trump if scientists who disagreed with this decision were making doing so for political reasons. That's just preposterous. From the same link as above: Image
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20 Aug 20
Bannon's collaborator Brian Kolfage in 2018: "The president supports it, DHS supports it, so we've got the blessing of our government to move forward with this project"
"Shea’s wife, Amanda, told the television station that 'they have been in contact with the White House to ensure the donations can be used on a border wall, but she did not say who at the White House she communicated with.'"… Image
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18 Aug 20
CBSN is having a generic and pretty meaningless discussion while the family of George Floyd is speaking Image
They cut back in on the song and just totally skipped the Floyd family for some generic talk about what to expect from the top speakers tonight. I can't believe it. Image
scroll back and look for yourself here
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31 Jul 20
Jokes aside, James Murdoch resigning isn't anything like Succession. It just shows that Fox Corp and News Corp are Lachlan Murdoch's companies now, full stop -- and that Lachlan is the one responsible for enabling the lies and malfeasance and white nationalism.
Lachlan's the one who's consistently enabled Tucker Carlson, shielding him from all criticism (and consequences) whatsoever.
What's telling here is that a Murdoch family member would rather walk away than bear any responsibility for the rot in the empire. And that rot is deep.
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