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Interests: free speech; due process; family law reform; psychological coercion; dangerous relationships; groupthink mitigation; innovation; engineering
Aug 19, 2020 19 tweets 45 min read
@maggiemellon @craig_carol @section8scot @suzannezeedyk @DearWild @KateJohnston3 @mannajon @Nick234678 @JohnCarnochan I agree with you @maggiemellon about the competence issue and that social workers are the professionals to do this work. Many people think, some fairly, some unfairly, that standards in social work are not as rigorously upheld as they ought to be. 1/19 @maggiemellon @craig_carol @section8scot @suzannezeedyk @DearWild @KateJohnston3 @mannajon @Nick234678 @JohnCarnochan The answer then must surely be to address that problem, since all manner of vulnerable people need & deserve the highest standards we can attain. 2/19
Aug 10, 2020 10 tweets 4 min read
MSPs will shortly decide whether social workers alone, or mainly solicitors, should be permitted to act as Child Welfare Reporters. That’s extraordinary because section 8 of the Children (Scotland) Bill has evolved without any clear understanding of what skills are required..1/10 do that job or even what the role involves. The Minister and the Bill Team don’t know, yet MSPs are expected to take it on trust that lawyers know best, even in matters in which those lawyers have no demonstrable skill. There's been a complete failure to consult with..2/10