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— writing again?
Jul 29, 2020 75 tweets 42 min read
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Deceased parents.
Multiple debts.
Five sisters left.

No permanent jobs. No permanent house.

One ultimate dream—to be in a world where they could live in permanence.

An official entry to #RedVelvetAUFest
@RedVelvetAUFest Image 【デ═一Category: Red
【デ═一Genre: Drama
【デ═一Sub-genre: Tragedy
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Jul 10, 2020 76 tweets 35 min read
⛓ In a fight of fists and guns where only drugs and bodies are at stake, will you be able to get out?

Or will you also put your life at stake?
#TheSheeranPlaylist #TheMistreatEDAUFest #GOTPINKDAY @playlistaufest Image Title: Long Nights, Strange Men
Trio: Mark, Jisoo, Young K
Genre: Action
Song: The A Team
Jul 8, 2020 36 tweets 13 min read
⎙ RoOm 212
⟲ That room wherein lies spoonful of rumors. Room that was handled by that Teacher for over a decade.

Nobody wanted that room, only Hyunjin could endure it. The question is why? And how?

Are you ready to fully open the door and unleash all the demons in there? Image ⟲ An entry for @skzaufest #SKZauFestCHALLENGE
⟲ Genre: Horror
⟲ Song Excerpt #7: " I'm the person that dreamed everyday. It's the long fight i endured everyday."
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Jun 22, 2020 69 tweets 23 min read

"Miss pwede pumila ka? Ako nauna diyan sa cake na 'yan eh."
"Excuse me kuya, reserved na yan sakin kanina pa!"

When the woman looked at him, he was shocked as to whom he is talking to.

It was Nayeon, his first love whom he broke up with.
#GOTWICEAUFEST ImageImage Song: Love you better
Genre: Romance (sub-genre: crack, angst)
Ship: Jinyoung + Nayeon #JinYeon
🌸Socmed + Narration TagLish AU
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Jun 19, 2020 84 tweets 31 min read

Those stares, the sound of those footsteps that followed him wherever he went, He never liked it. But he memorized every single detail about it.

For months, he's been with a pesky girl, and now he can't get out.

@gotpinkogfest #JinJi Image Based from this song:
Jun 10, 2020 36 tweets 26 min read
🍔 Counter 🍔

"Babe, tara kain tayo sa Mcdo"

"Hanap na ako ng upuan ha."

"Tawagin mo nalang ako kapag marami yung dala mo😚"

Linya ni Bambam tuwing magkasama sila ni Irene.

A Bambam x Irene one shot
#BamRene #Counter ImageImageImageImage This is based on this conversation, ctto. Image
Jun 7, 2020 29 tweets 8 min read
✨Hear, Here ✨

Are we deaf? Or are we blind? Why can't we see the person who's willing to be with you at all cost?

A JinRene one shot au

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Jun 6, 2020 29 tweets 10 min read
🍂 Failed 🍂

Crushes aren't supposed to stay for too long, but why does it hurt this way?

A JackRene one shot au ImageImage 01 ImageImage
Jun 6, 2020 59 tweets 23 min read

"I want you to find me, and save me"

Youngjae Thriller au

Where Youngjae, the smartest person in the class went missing for a week, then suddenly a letter was found on top of his desk that says "FIND ME, SAVE ME" ImageImage 01 ImageImageImage