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29 Aug
Here's the deal with Mainland The Sudios,
back In january he asked me to make some S2 sets for him in exchange for new assets for my routes, we agreed and we both started working on the stuff we agreed to
At first we started working on the stuff and everything went well, I even gave him my Season 4 routes since he asked. I finished my part, but then on January 31st he stopped responding and was radio silrent so I asked some weeks later about the assets and said he was "busy".
At first I didn't mind, we all have lives, but the months passed and I was not getting any response. In my mind a simple "hey man I'm busy with stuff this will take a while" and this felt even worse when he told me to "not send MY routes to anyone"
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28 Aug
What saddens me is the complete lack of transparency from Sean and Sam with us. If they were more open about the models, they would have a much better reputation. But because they stay silent over our concerns with the props
they hoard all of the BTS material they have, have been exposed lying out of their teeth, and instead of trying to retain our trust for them, they rather be petty about it and have pretentious bios on their twitters and simply ignore us
They rather keep it to themselves and not take the proper care these things need sometimes just to spite the ”evil toxic fanbase”. The same fanbase that will go to your “event”...

Its sad that these two work for Mattel and represent us. Shame.
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22 Jul
THREAD Ok as opposed to what Carson's Stans and Workshops seems to think, I'm not here to "ruin Carson's life"

I don't want him gone, I don't want him in jail

I just wanted to bring to light the shitty things he and hs friends have done to me and many other users
The point i'm making with thse tweets, is that is unhealthy for this fandom to hold users on this untouchable pedastle and justify all their actions, especially just becuase they made a "good Oc character
Even so, the response I've received from Workshops and little kids who don't know any better is the reason me and many others didn' come out with these stories sooner

We knew if we came out with theses stories soem years ago, we would've been harrased by
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19 Jul
(TRHEAD)The first round of commissions went beautifully well, thanks everyone who commissioned me a route, thanks for trusting me with this project you are all awesome people! Now let me show you some of the routes I made!
First we have Harry's hideout! Loosely based on Hiro's hideout with a logging station, commissioned by @D9andD10 for his series set in the S&M railway! We might find some secrets along the way! ImageImageImageImage
Also commissioned by @D9andD10 here is Sheffield Park Station from the real Bluebell Railway! This is my first time recreating a real place in Trainz and I'm so happy with the end result! ImageImageImageImage
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15 Jul
I remember back in 2017, Carson and his fuckbuddies threatens to dox me because I was making fun of the same guy they were making fun off, i’m not proud at all, it was shitty of me to make fun of the guy, but why the hell is Carson trying to dox a 14 year old mexican kid?
They found my facebook and started threatning me more with it, and then they called me privately, and said and I quote “if you continue to bother us, we will be forced to dox you”
Carson then started to make racist mexican jokes against me, then a few months later they doxxed the person they were defending and called their parents. Idk if you realize, but ever since I was not fond of those pricks for
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