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Mar 18 44 tweets 13 min read
Today installation is steaming ahead.

Alex the Project Manager is here, Andy the electrician that did the original scoping & Rob the lead electrician .

Three scaffolders from Wales and my house is quite awkward to access but they are doing a great job

We’re just pausing over tea to discuss the location of the DC solar panel isolation switches as the loft is not a good location for me up a wobbly loft ladder and very awkward loft hatch

They are going in the spare bedroom cupboard so easy for me to get to
Feb 24 27 tweets 6 min read
Just thinking about my young Ukrainian Refugee today.

Two years ago today she was awoken by her brother in law, a customs official, telling her to get out of Kyiv straight away. Forget her home and job there. The Russians were invading.

She left to go to her parents So did her sister and her two young children. To a tiny village in the Poltava Region. All living together in their parents house.

What must it have been like for her? Realising that the war was not going to be over quickly and her lost home and lost job were now her reality
Feb 19 13 tweets 4 min read
Just watching #Breathtaking @ITV and that mixture of anguish, fear and grief just keeps coming back in waves.

The abuse of doctors, nurses and front line staff

The lying

The lying.

Oh God the lying. The lying

All those PPE procurement cases were not just about cronyism and corruption.

It was about the health & protection of medical and front line staff. Life and death.
Feb 8 6 tweets 2 min read
Extraordinary: “On 11 June 2020 a Supplemental Deed was signed by (HOUCHEN) & (Corney & Musgrave). “The innocuous title & diminutive page count contrasts with the practical impact of this legal document, which amends the…agreements signed in March 2020”… The March 2020 deal which granted options to TWL over the entire Teesworks site,” comments the review (16.31).

“The amendments added wording which provided express permission for TWL to enter any of the option land & to remove all minerals, aggregates, metals & equipment”
Feb 5 11 tweets 4 min read
Ladies & gentlemen : I give you Steve Gibson, Houchen’s then vice chair at South Tees Development Corp. “You’ll be fucking shaking your head very soon. I’ll be fucking shaking it…you are going to get a fight like you have never fucking experienced…and I want your walls…” “..and I want your eyes out of your head; I want the fucking roof off your house; I want your kids out of private school; I want no shoes on your fucking feet”

That’s his idea of a professional negotiation with PD ports.

He lost using £ 💰 taxpayer to PD Ports today.
Jan 12 15 tweets 4 min read
There’s a retired postmaster who’d found a discrepancy who phoned in at c 46 mins in

He said in 2001 an entry in his system changed remotely when Regional PO staff and 2 Fujitsu personnel were looking on.

Anyone know how to clip it?

Seems v important.… He went on to say that he didn’t pay over any money to the PO but he did have a conversation with Geoff Hoon who was Defence Minister in Blair’s Gov at the time

He advised this postmaster, who had 3 post offices at the time and oversaw or provided relief for 20, to get out of PO
Jan 11 20 tweets 5 min read
Important read.

Whilst staff were reporting bugs by the thousand “bosses at supplier Fujitsu allowed it to be rolled out into the Post Office network despite being told it did not function correctly and could not be fixed. “… “The developer specifically highlighted failures in a feature known as the cash account -the ledger where all cash transactions are recorded. He made his superiors at Fujitsu aware of the extent of the problems, telling them explicitly that the cash account needed to be scrapped”
Jan 9 5 tweets 2 min read
The solicitor who acted for the Post Office against Lee Castleton really is called Stephen Dilley and his firm really is called Womble Bond Dickinson.

Lee Castleton alleges Dilley contacted him before the trial and said. “Lee, just think. We will ruin you”.

He said they did. Dilley used to be so proud that he acted for 5he Post Office that it appeared on his page on the firm’s website.

It has disappeared.

Castleton was ordered to repay the £25,000 and pay the Post Office’s costs of £321,000.
Jan 6 23 tweets 4 min read
The Post Office scandal - the lawyer’s story: Freeths.

Something that has been going through my mind a great deal in recent years is about organisations - eg the Government or publicly owned bodies such as the PO use public money to hide malfeasance… We, the public, fund these organisations.

All large organisations make bad judgements from time to time & the public - the taxpayer- often pays to sort it out.

But there is something particularly odious when an organisation goes beyond making a mistake and becomes a bad actor
Dec 9, 2023 18 tweets 3 min read
“It’s no accident that 🇬🇧 ’s pandemic hearings didn’t even begin until after some other countries had already concluded theirs. Nor that the inquiry has such a broad remit, long timescale, & it won’t report until 2026 at the earliest. By that time, he’d expected to be re-elected” “As so often, though, our blundering protagonist overlooked a crucial detail: that inquiries can take evidence in chunks. By investigating in “modules”, inquiry chair Baroness Heather Hallett has got Johnson on to the stand in good time —“

Nov 30, 2023 5 tweets 2 min read
This MIGHT be a tad more credible @covidinquiryuk IF our own first asymptomatic superspreader was not spread all over news channels & newspapers in early February 2020.

This account was on Sky on 10 Feb but it was in just about every newspaper & news channel from 6-2-2020.
Image Is he suggesting that he, the Health Secretary, was unaware of this?

Or that the bloke flew in to Gatwick on 28 January 2020?

That PHE did not brief him?

He didn’t hear or read the reports?

Literally unbelievable.…
Oct 21, 2023 13 tweets 3 min read
Calls for the UN to oust Russia suggesting that its membership, post the fall of the Soviet Union, has never been ratified in the UN charter

Is the UN not fit for purpose given it’s been stymied time & time again by the use of vetos, leaving it powerless… “Moscow’s rejection of a rules-based international order is evident in its war in Ukraine — where it has violated borders, killed civilians and targeted infrastructure, and where there is evidence its forces committed torture and abducted children.”
Oct 4, 2023 30 tweets 5 min read
Supported by DEARLOVE, In one email, Prins describes asking then Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove for "the warrant and taps" against staff at Nature and Nature Medicine. He later wrote that Gove was taking this advice "very seriously".

Completely barking To think the country’s security was in his hands (Yep. It was during his time leading Intelligence that we got the faulty Iraq war intelligence ).

This isn’t his only bonkers sortée post retirement …He and his pals did much the same over Brexit. Image
Sep 7, 2023 18 tweets 6 min read
Almost as an afterthought I clicked on some other Luxe Life (my original search) companies based in London.

Well well.

Remember Mark Higton who, with Greg Hands, introduced Luxe Lifestyles to the Gov? (Well. Greg was already IN the Gov as Jnr Trade minister)

Here he is again Not just ONE “Luxe Life” companies but THREE.

Luxe Life Care Consortium 2Ltd. (Inc 1-4-2021)

luxe Life Care Consortium 3 Ltd. (inc 1-4-2021)

Luxe Life Care Ltd. (Inc 26-3-2021)

With one other British Director, William Archer and a South Korean Director, Shin Young Park.
Sep 7, 2023 8 tweets 3 min read
@montie @GregHands On top of that his background had been in banking and on the trading floors, so he SHOULD know this AND how to do basic due diligence in Companies House.

You’d have reasonably expected him to say “we shouldn’t be doing this.” @montie @GregHands As it is we paid a fortune for duff PPE to a company that should not have got an award, when proper PPE companies were ignored and at a time when we needed good quality PPE to save our NHS staff and our care home personnel.

So hardly a reason to preen and prance.
Sep 4, 2023 34 tweets 9 min read
“The Treasury ended up halving a rebuilding programme that should have been doubled. Buildings long past their safe life still standing. Spending on children’s education will be cut back. Clever people doing stupid things” Listen to this.

2013:The case had been put forward that at least 300-400 schools needed to be replaced each year. Not just desirable : a known critical risk.
Urgent after the 2018 roof collapse.

Response: Money for 100

By 2021 : Sunak’s response? Reduce it further to 50 pa
Aug 18, 2023 11 tweets 4 min read
Letby has been found guilty of murdering 7 babies and attempting to murder 6 others in a neonatal unit at the Countess of Chester Hospital, in Cheshire.
The first 5 murders all happened between June - October 2015 and - despite months of warnings - the final 2 were in June 2016 Dr Brearey says he demanded Letby be taken off duty in June 2016, after the final 2 murders. 🏥 management initially refused.

The 🏥 top manager demanded doctors wrote an apology to Letby per @BBCNews


Then she was assigned to THE RISK & PATIENT SAFETY OFFICE ‼️ Image
Aug 11, 2023 6 tweets 2 min read
“Clearspring’s annual takings from the Home Office, funded from the foreign aid budget, rocketed to an astonishing £500million in 2021. Mr King’s personal share of the pre-tax profits then was well over £25million,” That means he got more of Britain’s international aid than struggling former colony Ghana, which has a population of 32million.

Accounts note that in the year to Jan 2022, income from the HO trebled to £500mill – and before tax profit rocketed by 1,000% to £27.3mill.
Aug 8, 2023 23 tweets 8 min read
I know Marstons sold the pub to a private buyer a month ago.

Does anyone know who that private buyer is, and their background?

For those whose interest has been ignited in this wonky building, see my next tweet for a link tracing it back and showing photos of the interior. Look at some of those doorways!…
Jul 30, 2023 11 tweets 3 min read
Chris Bryant “has firsthand experience of how grotesquely some fellow MPs can behave. First elected in 2001, when Labour was in power, he reports:…”

Wait for it… “I remember very clearly in my first few weeks seeing the look on a young female colleague’s face when a drunken cabinet minister lunged at her, hugged her tight and felt her bottom in the division lobby against her will. She looked sickened – and frightened.”

He continues:
Jul 13, 2023 21 tweets 3 min read
UK Covid-19 Inquiry Live Stream - YouTube

I think this is A Nuffield Trust witness

Hospitals forced to strip out any redundancy to save money is behind the weakness of oxygen delivery infrastructure, but also the lack of advice to focus planning. He says that Operation Alice (responding to a MERS/Coronavirus pandemic) did not look at Social Care but Operation Cygnus did. However the findings did not appear to have been reduced to clear advice to those delivering social care

Nothing on responding to an airborne virus.