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30 Jun 20
@jburnmurdoch @AndyBounds @SarahNev @Laura_K_Hughes Thanks for this. It has been doing my head in.

Something else odd seems to be happening with the stats.

They seem to have stopped inputting hospital admissions on 22nd of June (let alone locality)

26June for ICU.

Where can we go for better data?
@jburnmurdoch @AndyBounds @SarahNev @Laura_K_Hughes @jburnmurdoch

See above. So glad you are onto this.

Are you getting the data from CVS/EXCEL files rather than easily access dashboard data? (I seem to have a problem with my iPad accessing them. I don’t have a laptop.).

I could see the shortfall but not fill in the gaps.
@jburnmurdoch @AndyBounds @SarahNev @Laura_K_Hughes I also wonder if you have a sense why the grading data stops on 19 June.

Hancock refers to two weeks up to 23rd June. That suggests they have more.

Hard to think that they are doing anything other than deliberately hiding to deceive.
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29 Jun 20
THIS Story by ⁦@ShaunLintern⁩ is going to make you mad

Rather than rapidly expand and support NHS labs with existing equipment, QA, information systems linked to GPs & PH they outsourced to companies with labs THAT HAD TO SET UP LABS FROM SCRATCH…
It gets worse.

They relied on volunteers! Students, not realising there were supporting commercial companies, volunteering as they expected to learn RT-PCR testing set to opening thousands and thousands of test bags, day after day.

No wonder they felt exploited.
All the tests failed at the beginning as they set up labs using donated equipment.

As I suspected there were NO common protocols, systems or QA between the various labs and OF COURSE they were not networked into NHS software systems.

Of COURSE it was a shambles.
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28 Jun 20
If you don’t share the results properly, nothing works: Local health officials say they have been left in the dark on spread of coronavirus | The Independent

This Gov does not understand what it needs to buy so they keep cocking up…
They thought they just needed to buy tests.

NOPE. Fast accurate information.
Pillar 2 Lighthouse Labs were not providing Local Public Health of GPs with test results so they could hunt down the fires and extinguish them.

Even now it only provides aggregate totals.
Turns out the Labs are only provided kits with barcodes. The results of the barcodes is then sent to NHS digital who match the barcode with patient details and send it on to PH England.

PHE and NHS labs can enter their test result data directly into a system that GPs can access
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28 Jun 20
Leicester’s City council was provided with detailed testing information for the first time on Thursday (25 June), one week after the Secretary of State Matt Hancock announced that there was a local outbreak in Leicester

That is an utter and total disgrace…
How the hell can the Leicester Council, local Public Health (or GPs) HOPE to contain an outbreak when they are only getting positive test data weeks after someone has been tested?
Doesn’t look as if it includes this week’s data either.

Over 800 KNOWN cases. @piersmorgan
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25 Jun 20
This had passed me by

Are you sitting comfortably?
Then I’ll begin.

Jenrick’s wife is a corporate lawyer, Michal Berkner, operating from a US firm with London offices close to Jenrick’s Vincent Square property. ⬇️

The one where Jenrick set up a company to redevelop it.

They bought the property and HE set up the company Vince t Square Properties Ltd in 2013.

So just a short walk to Westminster and close to her office and their children’s school not long before he was selected to be an MP.

Wait for it.....
Yes! To replace an MP in the frame for cash for lobbying

You could not make this up.

Now this company. Who sets up a company that seems specifically designed to refurbish their own home.

With a do director who had just stood as UKIP mayoral candidate, Lawrence Webb

& why?
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25 Jun 20
Seemingly believing Desmond is still The Express, Jenrick asks his parliamentary staff to arrange a meeting. The email makes no reference to the #Westferry application, but is sent late at night the day after he “inadvertently” sat next to Desmond at the Carlton Political Dinner.
So this is likely to be about trying to ensure Express support for the Tories during the GE campaign (see ref to “purdah”)
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23 Jun 20
I think this is the 7th hanging in the space of 3 weeks in the USA

Ones that look suspiciously like lynchings.

The rush to classify each one as “suicide” by law enforcement is a very very bad look.

I would expect law enforcement to welcome highly expert 2nd opinions
If necessary there should be a crowdfunderder for a top TOP expert in the field to look at every case again.

Not the sort of expert that will say whatever you pay them to say.

But one whose expertise and integrity is unimpeachable.
I live in the U.K. but if the right experts could be booked (maybe through @ACLU ?) I would contribute and I think #BlackLivesMattterUK would.

I hope @piersmorgan would promote it and @krishgm

This shakes the foundations of my world
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23 Jun 20
The shenanigans with the test/death data today (again) are extraordinary.

174 deaths-EXCEPT there are another casual 109 on top that seem to have been “overlooked. ‼️283 deaths

Then we come to the fake test data @UKSTATS. C 50k people swabbed
Nothing like 237k tests claimed
21,243 “people tested” under pillar 1
Who knows under pillar 2 for over 1 month.

Apart from the usual fiction of pillar 2 posted kits (65k today). (NB 42% are never returned or void per today in Parl.)

120k supposedly under surveillance serology pillar 3 & 4.

They added 40k historical corrections to Pillar 4 ‼️. How can any remotely competent authority overlook 40k?
Where do they come from?
This is ON TOP of another 50k last week. ⁉️
3k historical correction to Pillar 1.

Come on @UKStatsAuth

874 positives. As a % of what ?
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23 Jun 20
Can Coronavirus Contact Tracing Survive Reopening?
Learning lesson: Liberia: Ebola

“Because we could not spare doctors or nurses, we hired social workers and schoolteachers as contact tracers—people who were respected in the community.”…
“Welch recalled long meetings with village and tribal leaders, to identify trusted and influential people to hire as tracers. “

They got that contract tracing was more than minimum wage bums on seats.

And it was more than asking people to self isolate.

There was a daily check.
In a very poor country with a population of 5 million, they employed 10,000 contact tracers.

And put their success in containing Ebola down to contact tracing.

It seems to me there needs to be a lot more humility at Government level about learning from the poorest countries.
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22 Jun 20
Welcome to your new rulers: UK Commissioners Gove, Johnson and Cummings | Westminster Confidential

Brexit is not so much “taking back control of our laws” through Parliamentary Sovereignty as giving it away to Johnson, Cummings and the executive.…
This is the House of Lords analysis and report referred to in this blog that details the extraordinary extent to which this is already happening.

Always reflect. If this is not the Gov of your choice would you want them to have this much power?…
How? It is the old “Henry VIII” powers.
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17 Jun 20
Boris Johnson says we shouldn't edit our past.
I agree with him
We should not allow Mary Wakefield’s grandfather, Sir Evelyn Baring, to destroy his past
The British Concentration camps in Kenya in the 1950s with “Labour & Freedom” on the gate. Murder. Rape…
Some were anally raped with knives, rifle barrels and broken bottles, mauled by dogs or electrocuted. Many were castrated, with a special implement the British administration designed for the purpose.
“By the time I cut his balls off,” one of the killers boasted, “he had no ears, & his eyeball, the right one, I think, was hanging out of its socket”.

When 11 people were beaten to death that upstanding member of the community, Baring, said to report it as dying of dirty water
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16 Jun 20
@GuitarMoog Dearest Steve.

My life would be much poorer without your political reflections.

Nobody makes me think more than you, even when I don’t agree.

That is very powerful.

I voted Lib Dem (despite some misgivings about Policy - because -hey- no party can perfectly reflect ME)
@GuitarMoog But, for instance, I was not comfortable with the UNION policy.

Not because I thought that another referendum for Scotland would be a good thing right now, but because I could see that forcing a country to a state of subjugating its preferences to England (NI/Wales) was unwise.
@GuitarMoog You really helped me separate my reservations about another Independence referendum from the key issue:-

Self determination. NOT being held back by another country that wished to pull in a different direction.

That is one of the reasons why I cannot vote Lib Dem now.
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5 Jun 20
Thousands more may have died with coronavirus without being diagnosed

Well done ⁦@PaulBrandITV

There needs to be a spotlight in this.
GPs who certify death in a public health emergency need to have a hard look at themselves
No data. No certainty…
If no tests because the Gov won’t provide them even when a GP orders one, then they should be erring on the side of caution. Symptoms? Then COVID.

Because without it the true extent of the spread and the emergency is hidden until too late.

Which is exactly what has happened.
This is basic science. If we do not know what is going on it takes longer to solve a problem and more people will die avoidably as a result.

In this instance mostly without palliation because GPs would not attend.

This, too, needs to be scrutinised in a Public Inquiry.
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5 Jun 20
14th day no total people tested.

357 deaths today (more than double yesterday)
40,261 total. 14.2% CFR

1650 +ve (283,311 total) but we cannot say of how many people tested due to lack of those data in pillar 2.

21,109 PEOPLE tested under pillar one.
76,608 DIAGNOSTIC tests done (ie the sort that tell us where the virus is spreading then track, trace & transmission broken)

Far less than the 207,231 tests claimed

83,012 were posted out,
42,899 are P3 serology (NOT diagnostic)
4,712 are P4 surveillance (NOT diagnostic).
I forgot to add the photo of the Pillar 1 labs.

The PHE/NHS labs.

The sort that GPs and local Public health can actually get results from to help break transmission once positives identified.

Unlike Pillar 2 labs.
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5 Jun 20
Cambridge UNI and PHE study suggests 17k new infections a day UK wide (a LOT more than the ONS study of ⬇️6k). We need to get to the bottom of the variation.

NW likely above R0=R1 and SW likely on R1.

We need that Pillar 2 test data urgently by Postcode
At 17k a day new infections and assuming a 14 day infection period that would mean c 238k infected people at any one time and 127k of them in the higher transmission period.
Even in the areas where the median level is below one in most, if not all it has risen in the last few weeks to bring R0 perilously close to 1.

East, London, Midlands and South East are all at 0.9 or above.

No room to manoeuvre
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5 Jun 20
Who has been deployed on the streets of Washington? | Financial Times

Many of us have been looking, with concern at the deployment of supposed law enforcement troops in the US who wear no distinguishing marks.

Some answers here.…
Rather a lot are from the National Guard - a 450k strong part time civilian soldiers drawn from local communities & trained to support disaster response (well Trump and Barr sure are disasters)

In Washington they (unlike federal troops) do not bear lethal or non lethal weapons
The Bully In Chief has threatened to “federalise” them (which hasn’t gone down so well) and also invoke the Insurrection Act sending federal troops into states.

That hasn’t gone down so well either with federal troop generals or his Defence Secretary, Mark Esper.
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5 Jun 20
How Germany got CV right | Free to read

Early intervention was seen as crucial - not just in trace and track but also in the management of (rather than the abandonment of sick patients, as in the U.K.)

GPs played key roles in testing and in care…
They also engaged their 400 local authorities putting them at the centre of their local tracing and containment measures, not just identifying contacts but also supporting people through isolation.

They had been neglected over the years so recruitment for more staff was early
So whilst the U.K. Gov was busy lying about our testing and abandoned comprehensive tracing, excluding GPs, our depleted local authorities and local public health, Germany faced the consequences and got recruiting and including.
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5 Jun 20
Genes May Leave Some People More Vulnerable to Severe Covid-19 - The New York Times

This caught my attention as it is the 3rd study I have seen that identified a correlation between severe disease and Blood Group A.

This study went a bit further.…
Yes. Why do some suffer only mild symptoms and other severe requiring oxygen?

Patients with Blood Group A had a 50% increase in likelihood in needing oxygen or a ventilator.

This makes me quite cautious as I am blood group A.
But, quite apart from the other risk factors already identified (age, diabetes, Male, coronary heart disease, high BP, BAME, this finding is quite striking.

Scientists are hoping that DNA tests will identify who needs the most aggressive treatments
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4 Jun 20
Over 20 more schools closed (total 87) as Israel sees largest daily virus rise in a month | The Times of Israel

301 students and teachers have tested +ve for CV19 during the fresh outbreak, with another 13,696 people in quarantine.…
Schools started reopening early May subject to strict hygiene measures and face masks, despite which schools seem to have been driving the recent spike in infection leading to 118 new infections over the past 24 hours, the largest rise since 2nd May.
The number of active cases ticked up to 2,191, with 17,495 infections recorded since the start of the pandemic.
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4 Jun 20
@katylindemann @DRTomlinsonEP @cpeedell I think a series of misjudgments took place.

From the Vallance Security & Intelligence report (I think June 2019) he clearly said diagnostics and PPE needed to be stepped up.

Nothing happened. Change of leader.
@katylindemann @DRTomlinsonEP @cpeedell BUT in that report whilst the possibility of a bad flu pandemic was seen as risking £trillion economic hit, a coronavirus like SARS was seen as a markedly smaller risk “Like Toronto”

⬇️450 infected. 44 died. Worldwide. ⬇️9k infected ⬇️800 dead.
@katylindemann @DRTomlinsonEP @cpeedell Because it transmitted symptomatically.

Indeed even after CV19 was identified right into early mid Feb it was being described by China and WHO as a symptomatic transmitter. By mid Feb we knew otherwise.
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4 Jun 20
Thousands Who Got CV-19 in March Are Still Sick - The Atlantic

The long tail of the illness in the mild-moderate group, often left untested, untreated, alone & trapped in a statistical limbo, uncounted & thus overlooked

Excellent from ⁦…
He is a really talented health and science writer who brings humanity as well as intellect to his articles.

So many young. So many missed, maybe through a false negative especially is the test is delayed, pushing the false negative rate up to 30%.

Or their symptoms did not fit the limited criteria set within their own country for a test.
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