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Professor of Human Geography, University of Glasgow | mental health | medical humanities & social sciences | editor @Histhum | still recovering from #Covid19
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19 May
I fell ill with 'mild' #Covid19 on 19 March, 2 whole months ago. Lockdown hadn't happened yet. UK unis were still teaching F2F. Today, Day 62, I'm still besieged by symptoms, including intense fatigue

We need to get our heads round Covid debility thepolyphony.org/2020/04/15/of-… 1/
In the last couple of weeks, it's become much clearer that many with 'mild' Covid have prolonged symptoms. Current estimates are that 1 in 20 (5%) experience long-term on/off symptoms – but there's still so much we don't know theguardian.com/world/2020/may… 2/
Paul Garner's @PaulGarnerWoof's @bmj_latest blog on 5 May made visible how painful & long a trajectory #Covid19 – in 'mild' form – can have. Many of us greeted, with relief, his account of multiple, seemingly unending, symptoms in many parts of body 3/ blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2020/05/05…
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21 Apr
🦠Have you had suspected/confirmed #Covid19, never been admitted to hospital, and are past the 14 days mark (from start of symptoms)?

How are you feeling? I'm interested in getting a rough & ready sense of what's going on subjectively for people
#symptoms #COVIDー19 #medhums
The press now making visible that the process of recovery from #Covid19 can be far from straightforward

"there hasn’t been enough research to conclude why symptoms seem to re-emerge in some people" bloomberg.com/news/articles/…
‘Kate Porter has had a fever nearly every day for 50 days. She can't shake the extreme exhaustion that hit when she became infected with the coronavirus nearly two months ago’ #Covid19
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25 Jan 19
10th survey of VCs is worth a read, esp. in relation to #USSbriefs66 #GoodwillHunting paconsulting.com/insights/2019/…
"all the VCs we interviewed expressed regret at the erosion of relationships across the system – w government, students, staff, the media & even other HE institutions" 1/
The fraying of relations, and 'antagonistic' relationships between SMTs & university staff is made very clear – and is linked to #USS pension dispute, casualization, ideological differences 2/ screen shot from doc linked to in tweet 1 of this thread
Some of the sector's leadership, the report notes, was loath to think through what the consequences of building the UK HE market would be ...

... sleepwalking ...

... and 'seduced' by the short-term promise of higher teaching income 3/
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14 Dec 18
And as if like clockwork, an intervention from The Pensions Regulator -- we assume circulated to employers also, since it's been made public by UCU -- at a critical moment in the #USS dispute. Are we in 2018 or 2017? 1/
Remember TPR's ltr to Eastwood (Sept 17)

And #JEP later said: "It appears to the Panel that the Regulator's influence has been disproportionate. Some of those giving evidence... have suggested that the Regulator's views have steered employers' decisions." academicfreedom.watch/sites/default/… screen shot of first page of ltr linked to in text
(It's at this point that @acupunctureUSS realised he needed to help out with this thread, gifs not being my strong suit) #GroundHogDay #USSstrike #2018or2017 #aesthetic)
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14 Dec 18
"Psychotherapy in Europe": we at @HistHum are all very excited about publication of @SarahVMarks's special issue on #psychotherapy, which includes contributions on #Greece #Yugoslavia #Hungary #SovietUnion #Sweden #Britain journals.sagepub.com/toc/hhsa/31/4 #histpsych
Rachael Rosner (for "History of Psychology") & @SarahVMarks (for @HistHum) have published parallel issues on history of psychotherapy – Rachael's focusing on Americas, Sarah's on Europe. These mark the coming of age of the field "history of #psychotherapy" apa.org/pubs/highlight…
Here's Rachael Rosner's special issue on the history of #psychotherapy in the Americas apa.org/pubs/journals/… #histpsych
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8 Dec 18
#USS followers: this is so interesting. Test 1 wasn't mentioned *at all* at #USS Institutions' Meeting. For all those of us interested in #STS – in understanding how concepts, methods, alliances & commitments grow strong, or become weak – the #USS dispute keeps on giving
And chuckle at Qu 12 of @USSemployers' latest Q&A: "What is going to happen to Test 1?" ussemployers.org.uk/sites/default/…

What, indeed? Will Bill Galvin ever #ResileAndResubmit?

UUK can't provide clear answer to their question, of course, while Bill chooses not to #ResileAndResubmit 2/ Screen shot of
Remember Bill Galvin's statement on Test 1 of 22 November: 3/3
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6 Dec 18
Listening to those speaking at the launch of the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act #MHAreview 1/
Kate King opened w such a powerful and important elaboration of the traumatic effects of coercive treatment — gathering together other voices & memories of those who are no longer with her to speak alongside her — to amplify their voices
Lade Smith has emphasised how profound and embedded are the effects of racism — and how deeply they reach into so many aspects in and around the mental health system
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22 Nov 18
So: #USS is undertaking a new valuation (of funding position in March 2018). 1/ #USSstrike
Bill Galvin, #USS CEO, implicitly puts onus on #UUK for problems of 2017 valuation, stating that employers had given a "very clear view" to USS to "take less risk than was laid out in its [USS's] original proposals" uss.co.uk/how-uss-is-run… 2/ screen shot of part of document linked to in tweet
There is clearly dispute between #USS and #UUK over this: the #JEP, we should remember, said that it had 'not taken a view' on the differing perspectives of #UUK and #USS over the shift from the Sept to Nov TPs & valuation assumptions ussjep.org.uk/files/2018/09/… 3/ screen shot of p. 45 of document linked to in tweet
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21 Nov 18
Wow, new @Firstactuarial report on #USS 2017 valuation is brutal about #USS Trustee: governance of #USS is an ongoing massive question

See section titled "Is the Trustee in control?" (h/t @Sam_Marsh101 @MikeOtsuka for link to report) #USStrike ucu.org.uk/media/9971/Fir… 1/ screen shot from report linked to in tweetscreen shot from report linked to in tweet
I particularly enjoyed the sub-section that ends @RedActuary @Derek_Benstead's report on #USS valuation, titled – get this – "Alternative Facts". The final sentence reads: "So far as we are aware, this statement [by #USS] is untrue". ucu.org.uk/media/9971/Fir… 2/2 screen shot of section of report discussed in tweet
Will Prof Sir David Eastwood, Chair of #USS Board of Trustees, VC of @unibirmingham, respond to @FirstActuarial's grave concerns over whether #USS Trustee is actually in control of #USS valuation? Or will Trustee continue its silence? #USSstrike ucu.org.uk/media/9971/Fir…
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1 Nov 18
So that article on how several UK universities are “near bankrupt” includes advice from consultancy EY Parthenon (also used by #USS): “universities facing financial difficulties should look to sell off land & real estate in order to avoid insolvency” inews.co.uk/news/education… 1/
24 hours earlier I went to the excellent book launch of @bceagle71’s “The New Enclosure” @VersoBooks versobooks.com/books/2871-the…, on the privatisation of land in neoliberal Britain 2/
I haven’t yet read book yet. Brett @bceagle71: do you cover land owned by universities at all (and how much of it has been sold off over last 40 years or so)? 3/
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1 Nov 18
#USS consultation ends TOMORROW 5pm. So important to convey to #USS & employers how you feel abt 2017 valuation. We at @USSbriefs have a template. Responding takes 5 mins #USSbriefs61 #ResileAndResubmit medium.com/ussbriefs/resi… 1/
(Re)read #USSbriefs59 on how @Sam_Marsh101's findings not only make a mockery of #USS valuation, but raise profound questions in relation to #USS & #UUK governance medium.com/ussbriefs/ther… 2/
And read @NJSHardy's v short thread on why employers' reflections on risk appetite in their responses to JEP are meaningless given they're based on Test 1 3/
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29 Oct 18
Unis in Brazil already subject to vicious police raids www1.folha.uol.com.br/internacional/…

CEU being forced out of Hungary #IstandwithCEU

And at this historical moment, we have, as the so-called 'voice' of UK unis, the institution that is @UniversitiesUK
On which note, check out this U Liverpool doc (VC = Janet Beer, #UUK Prez) assessing risks & benefits of establishing a "Branch Campus" in Egypt under Sisi

Risks: potentially to institutional reputation (sad face)
academicfreedom.watch/sites/default/… screen shot from doc linked to in tweet
We await with interest #UUK's feelings about the potential "market opportunities" under a fascist Bolsonaro Brazil.

Meanwhile, so much solidarity & sorrow & rage for all those suffering, fighting in Brazil. I have barely been able to speak, because of the horror, today ✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽
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18 Oct 18
How much, exactly, *do* the #USS team understand about their own valuation?

And now, @Sam_Marsh101 opens back up those Latourian 'blackboxes' and exposes the modelling problems. And the #USS wrath is great 1/
And what about the various pieces of software – e.g. ORTEC – that are central to the #USS modelling? How blackboxed are these? How was ORTEC selected by #USS? Who within #USS is able to open up the ORTEC blackbox? #justwondering google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j… 2/ screen shot from doc linked to in tweet about the ORTEC model
The ORTEC commissioning means stochastic risk modelling is now done 'in house'. But how well does #USS understand ORTEC innards?

Note they're keen to emphasise one of their risk function team 'pioneered stochastic risk models in finance' in early 90s. google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j… 3/ paragraph about stochastic risk modelling from doc linked to in tweet
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16 Oct 18
This is getting exhausting. You get used to #USS remaining incommunicado. And now this is the 4th communication in 2 days.

They are very very keen that we know that 'There is no such error in #USS’s valuation' even as 'Dr Marsh’s analysis is not wrong in isolation' #USSstrike
Just saying: if you receive an essay where one short paragraph contains

3 sets of bold
1 instance of bold & italic
The phrase 'To be clear'
... & the adverb 'emphatically'

you might think writer is worried their points don't actually hold up
uss.co.uk/how-uss-is-run… (see pdf) screen shot from attachment linked to in the web page
You've got to hand it to Bill & #USS.

19 April: Bill in leaked email to VCs:
Doubts about valuation were 'unwarranted'
Trustee 'cannot & will not resile from outcome of valuation.

They're gonna stick with their position through thick & thin #USSstrike dmtrk.net/2PRX-OYCT-C952… screen shot from weblink in tweet
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16 Oct 18
Huh, there appears to be tussle btw #UUK & #USS over how to narrate shift from Sept to Nov valuation (& whose fault it is). I had inkling abt this yesterday after one of @JosephineCumbo'sthreads conveying #USS's 3 responses to @Sam_Marsh101's findings (medium.com/ussbriefs/a-fl…) 1/
#USS, via @JosephineCumbo, tries to shift focus on to employers by saying Sam's analysis "ignores the need for the scheme to attain a position within the risk appetite of sponsoring employers, and the time required to make such adjustments" 2/
And then look at #JEP p.45 :

A classic case of "A said B did it, but B said A did it" – & we as JEP are flagging this up & couldn't possibly say whether it was A or B.

▶️ #USS and #UUK fighting over who's responsible for shift to Nov valuation? ussjep.org.uk/files/2018/09/… 3/ excerpt from p. 45 of JEP referred to in the link in the tweet
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13 Oct 18
Looks as though @etymologic was right: trying to find that 3rd person is a fool's errand #USS #Test1

@Sam_Marsh101's threads imply:
✅ Current use of Test 1 irremediably broken
#NoDerisking #NoDetriment #NoDeficit
✅ Major governance questions for USS & UUK
#USSstrike 1/
We at @OpenUPP2018 @USSbriefs are collaborating with @Sam_Marsh101 this weekend to get his findings (and, crucially, their implications for current consultation & for #JEP phase 2) into #USSbriefs form so that they can be used by #UCU & #USS Scheme members ASAP 2/
We are all profoundly indebted to @Sam_Marsh101.

His efforts to acquire the necessary data from #USS (in the face of persistence resistance/reluctance) and then to analyse them to expose the car crash of Test 1, have taken over a year.

THANK YOU Sam. 🌿🍁🍃 #USSstrike
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2 Oct 18
Given importance of HE sector "there may be a case for future governments to consider alternative options" (incl "state-backed guarantee" or "measures enabling more risk-taking"). Powerful piece from @JMariathasan on #USS DB debate post-#JEP ipe.com/analysis/blogs… #USSstrike 1/
Article argues that central problem lies in regulatory changes that transformed management of a DB pension scheme into "a risk management problem, not an investment one" 2/
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28 Sep 18
The sentence "#UUK & the #UCU have since agreed to explore risk-sharing alternatives from 2020, w a particular focus on a #CDC arrangement" pensions-expert.com/Law-Regulation… is particularly interesting, given CDC was not in ACAS agreement (simply discussion on 'alternative scheme designs')
A salutary quotation published today emphasising how easy it is to misconstrue #CDC (collective defined contribution) pensions as DB (NB In #CDC, risk is ALL on the employees): pensionsage.com/pa/CDC-will-be… screen shot with excerpt from article -- about CDC pensions
See also my reflections on #CDC back in July. The more that CDC (currently not possible in UK) is invoked – by various people – as a possible future for #USS, the more that potentiality becomes real. This we must resist. #USSstrike
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23 Sep 18
One of the most interesting things about the #USS dispute is how it has involved shifting adjudications of who has – & crucially hasn't – expertise. @henryhtapper's henrytapper.com/2018/09/22/pen… is an interesting take on this 1/
.@henryhtapper: 'people who are anything but “pension experts”' 'have created the space for the debate to happen.' A primary aim of @USSbriefs & @OpenUPP2018 has been to provide one forum in which the voices of some of those participating in that debate might be amplified 2/
The #USS dispute has been the perfect crucible for many interested in science & technology studies (#STS) in how they/we collectively might *act* (as well as in how they/we might interpret) as landscapes of expertise & agency shift & open up 3/3
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22 Sep 18
Thank you to @EricRoyalLybeck & all the other organisers in Exeter, as well as @ExeterUCU: Volunteer University Revisited was such a magical day. Gathering all of our energies for the months & years to come #YesVolUniCan 1/
Particularly magical to meet some people in the flesh for the first time -- incl. @thetroutpouts @lizmorrish @TheGraceK @sstroschein2 Mike Finn, Alison Wood, @ProfAlastair @ms_rhian @NoisyBits 2/
So many ideas for ways forward. So many kinds of expertise being bought to bear on what now, how, for universities as a community. Also so many testifying to violence, intimidation, threats to academic freedom – & of particular subjects being of course more exposed 3/3
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17 Sep 18
If university senior managers approach comms like this it's gonna be long while before they get trust back:

UCL Provost on #JEP "With the stock market performing more strongly...since the original valuation, the deficit is reduced" – blithely ignoring all substantive JEP points
When I first saw UUK's USS briefing slide, I thought they'd finally acknowledged need to improve modes of engagement, consultation, deliberation, communication.

But no, it's all about standardising their one-way messaging of 'facts' from UUK ▶️ universities ▶️ outwards
2/ Copy of https://twitter.com/USSbriefs/status/1041685053359702017
Epistemic & political challenges proliferate – but many actors insist ever more firmly that all that is needed is better one-way communication of (their) facts.

For those of us interested in #STS/public engagement w sci, the comms surrounding #USSstrike are quite something. 3/3
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