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11 Apr
Governance is about inclusion, participation and partnership. Several years of military rule, have made a lot of Nigerians believe that "government" is an exclusive zone, an enemy. An enemy they must constantly be in battle with, they mustn't trust and they shouldn't be part of.
The most popular people since the 80s and 90s are govt antagonists. The popular radio and TV stations are those who continously attack the govt without preaching inclusion and participation. In a democracy, the govt is a reflection of the people, nothing more, nothing less.
Someone told me "Ijoba o feran wa" meaning the govt doesn't like us. I asked which govt? Who doesn't like you? Your LG chairman, your HOA member, HOR member, your senator, all the commissioners, the governor, all the ministers, the FG all woke and decided to hate you.
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8 Apr
Lagos state records1.6m cars on its road daily according to the MOT. 227 cars per km compared to the national average of 11 cars per km. The state is built up, right of ways gone, no hope for new roads or further expansion. A PPP driven mass transit system
Is the way forward. Out of the 1.6m cars, about 300,000 are commercial cars.

Trains are expensive so quick wins are PPP managed mass transit buses. The state doesn't need to fund it, the potential is huge. The state needs to regulate, LAMATA is the regulator not NURTW.
As a governor, I will dimension the problems

1. I need 1m people to drop their cars and embrace public transportation in few years.

2. How do they spend on fuel and car maintenance monthly?

3. How much will they spend if they use buses?
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6 Apr
Let's be serious for once in this country. How many hospitals did GEJ your boss build? Point at one health facility built by GEJ. Obasanjo revamped our teaching hospitals with VAMED engineering, GEJ couldn't maintain them, allowed equipment rot away in containers..
Some equipment didn't leave the ports.
Even if we want to abuse this present administration this is the second time teaching hospitals will be undergoing revamp.

- 3 state of art Diagnostics and cancer centres in LUTH, Aminu Kano and Umuahia

- NCDC PCR laboratories
- PCR laboratories in several states for virology samples
- CBN intervention fund for healthcare
- CBN healthcare research grants
- Basic Healthcare provision fund disbursed to states to revamp PHCs each state got $1.5m.
- capital projects ongoing in major teaching hospitals
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6 Apr
Here is the budget breakdown for LUTH and UCH. The FG practically funds the hospital 100%. LUTH has a personnel cost of N8bn while UCH has N13bn. These personnel costs are 20 - 40 times the capital expenditure. This is a yearly recurrent cost sunk into salaries.
The FG also make provisions for other items, clears debts incurred by patients who are unable to pay for services, equip these hospitals and maintain the equipment.

12 years after leaving the teaching hospital, the prices haven't changed,fees have remained stagnant for 20 years
While salaries have gone up multiple times, cost of drugs, cost of equipment, cost of consumables have gone up in multiple folds.

Why should the FG incur personnel cost? 50 year old institutions that cannot pay their personnel costs..
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3 Apr
During my internship days in UITH, we used to refer patients to Olaolu Hospital in Ilorin for CT scan. I found it surprising that Olaolu Hospital, a small clinic could maintain a CT scan while UITH couldn't. Let's forget the difference in the cost of the service..
Olaolu pays its workers, buys diesel, pay taxes and maintains its facility so they have to price higher and the difference wasn't too significant. UITH doesn't pay salaries, salaries are paid by FG, diesel is bought from recurrent expenditure, the facility is maintained by FG.
Major expenses are borne by the FG so the cost of services rendered should be lower, since they don't suffer a huge opex yet they couldn't ensure their CT scan was functional.
It's govt property, nobody cares if the machine makes money or not. Nobody cares if the patients suffer
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3 Apr
After the conclusion of your internship as a doctor, there is a likelihood that your name will remain on the payroll for years. Your salary will be paid to accounts operated by cartels. Internship quotas are exceeded by most hospitals but they can't submit names.
As requested by MDCN, 23 hospitals can't provide accurate data of House officers on their payroll yet they claim that their quota was exceeded.
We have doctors struggling to get internship positions after graduation all over the country. How many doctors do we produce yearly?
Why is it so hard to get internship positions for Approximately 3,000 new doctors yearly. House officers are overworked, covering 72hrs shifts. A learning process has been turned to a casual labour scheme with padded payroll system.
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26 Mar
Please stop distorting history. Oil prices didn't tank in 1983, oil sold at $29 per barrel in 1979, went as high as $34 in 1981 and dipped back to $29 in 1983. Pre 1979 oil was sold between $10 - $12 per barrel. For Shagari in 1979, it was bazaar because Oil was double the price
Price decrease in Oil was $3 from the previous year. Increase was from $12 in 1978 to $29 per barrel in 1979 when Shagari became president. It was a windfall..the price remained steady till 1983. Failure to pay salaries / bankruptcy was due to mismanagement and corruption.
Shagari was ousted by a coup on the 31st of December 1983.

Oil price "tanked" in 1986 from an average of $29 back to $12 ( 50% decrease in price ) and IBB brought Structural Adjustment Program.

Oil price tanked in 1998 to from $20 per barrel in 1996 to $12
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16 Mar
You guys are becoming so irresponsible. What is CBN's business with a service provided by Telco's and Banks? Is CBN in charge of MTN, Airtel and Glo services? Telcos provide the service and they have agreed to charge a flat rate or N7.00 instead of the N4.00 per session / 20secs
What do you gain by constantly mis-informing the public? USSD is a service provided by telcos to banks just like mobile calls and Internet services.

What exactly is your mission?
The flat rate is a reduction compared to the N4.00 per session / 20secs previously charge especially for services that require multiple sessions. The service is not free from the Telcos.
In South Africa, USSD services cost R.20 per 20 secs which is approximately N6.
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16 Mar
Twice I have engaged the NBS on this criteria of classifying unemployed, underemployed and employed. Jobs are gradually shifting from hourly intensive, hard labour promoting classification to skill and enterprise based models. I don't need 29 hours weekly to earn a living.
In a largely unstructured economy, every Nigerian you come across and interview will tell you that they are "looking for a job". There is a bias, some will think the govt wants to help them get something better. A lot will outrightly claim they have nothing to do presently.
The plumber that came to fix some drains in house billed me 10k in less than 2hrs. Such a guy will claim that he has no work because he doesn't work in a structured environment.
Social media marketers, online marketers, make up artistes, decorators, dancers, weekend bar tenders
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14 Mar
Under PDP
GEJ president - S'South ( 5yrs )
Ekweremadu ( S'East ) - Deputy Senate President ร— 3 - 20 years
Abaribe ( S'East ) 13 years in the Senate
Ojo Madueke, Precious Sekibo, Allison Dieziani Madueke as transport ministers yet they couldn't fix the ports in the SS/SE
The SS / SE under PDP had their sons and daughters in high ranking positions in the NPA and NIMASA. Board chairman, maritime security contracts yet all of them couldn't make one port in the SE functional.
Abaribe continues to hoodwink his people with stories to avoid scrutiny
Senate presidents under PDP
- Evan Enwerem
- Chuba Okadigbo
- Adolphus Wabara
- Anyim pius Anyim
- Ken Nnamani

Deputy Senate President
- Ekweremadu

GEJ - President

Ministers of Transportation
Dieziani Allison
Ojo Madueke
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12 Mar
This thing is simple, when you subsidise consumption ( wetin people dey consume ) per unit cost e.g Litre or per Kg, the people who have funds to buy more will enjoy more benefits. E.g N50 per bowl of jollof rice, if I am a millionaire, I will buy 200 bowls weekly and flex.
At the end of the week, I would have consumed N10,000 in subsidy as a millionaire. The poor guy who can only afford 2 bowls get N100. Millionaire gets N10,000, poor man gets N100.

Now look at the production line of jollof rice, from rice seedlings - preparation of jollof.
If we subsidise or intervene with inputs
- Land : farmers will gain, jobs
- seedlings : farmers
- machinery : farmers, operators, mechanics, jobs etc.
- rice mills : jobs, millers, bags and processing companies
- Road to the farm or mill : increased output, more jobs more rice
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17 Feb
Niger state shares borders with Zamfara, kebbi, Kaduna & Benin Republic. Terrorists from Niger republic and Burkina faso easily move money and arms across the borders of Kebbi, Zamfara and Benin R into Niger state. According to UN over 900,000 people have been displaced in B'Faso
Niger, Mali and Burkina faso are weak countries populated by Shell terrorists who have now found a safe haven in the forests in Kaduna and Niger state. Birin Gwari, Mokwa forest, Nanati forests, Kanji lake areas.

No decent human resides permanently in forests.
We are facing both external and internal threats from these weak and failed countries we are surrounded with. As a senator you know that a FG police system with less than 300k officers can't actively police the landmass and borders in the North.
Form your state police now!
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14 Feb
When a celebrity calls Nigeria a shithole, he or she is indirectly calling you all pieces of shit. Nigeria is a geographical space. There is no Nigeria without the people. A derogatory term used by the sick Trump has become your favorite .
Separate the country from the government
Why are Nigerians profiled abroad? It is the perception about about country = people. Why do you complain when you are treated like a piece of shit at international airports? You already labelled yourself as a piece of shit from a shithole.
The government workers and the politicians you hate, which makes you call you country funny names are given first class treatment abroad, but you carry the stigma.
Not all Indians like Modi but they cannot stain their flag or call their country derogatory names.
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12 Feb
When people buy tables at your shows for N10m and you give them groundnuts, puff puff, chivita and Andre brut laced with dry jokes. Do they ask you how much the entire Eko Hotel is worth? This is a private investment by the banker's committee.
This project has been on for years, as a member of the creative industry, you should have taken extra steps to learn more.
The National theatre has a 5,000 capacity main hall, 2 capacity cinema halls, Banquet halls 8 - language translation media system, sitting on a 23,000 sqm. Image
700 seats cinema halls. I am sure you will be the first person to run there to screen your movies. The banker's committee will build - movie, music, fashion and IT parks on the vast land around the theatre.
Must we be cynical at all times? Image
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3 Jan
People have migrated as refugees from war zones in Africa - Sierra Leone, Liberia, Somalia, Uganda, Congo, CAR etc. Driven out of their country by hunger, death, war not for economic reasons but the fear that they may not survive the next day or their limbs could be cut off..
They abuse regimes, abuse politicians but you won't hear them curse their country. Despite being refugees, if you abuse their country you may be in for a shocker.
Somalis abroad will beat you up if ridicule their country. My uber driver in Paris was an Algerian..
He left Algeria after some terrorist attacks in 2013, during our trip, he tried to convince me to visit Algeria and some North African countries. Nigeria is not evil, Nigerians are the problem. The politicians, civil servants, law enforcement agents and private citizens.
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28 Dec 20
Every time I engage vendors, I try to have a chat with them. A guy came to fumigate my house last week, he charged me 30k for the service. During our discussion I asked him how many homes he fumigates weekly, he said some saturdays 5 and in a month 10 - 20.
I was able to establish that his monthly revenue would be between 300k - 500k.
He doesn't keep any income statement / Profit and Loss account.
He spends money on chemicals and transportation but he doesn't have an idea of the % or total expense.
His business is not registered, no business name.
I transferred money into his personal account which means he doesn't have a company bank account.
He doesn't pay TAX on the income he makes monthly so he belongs to the group of those outside the tax net.
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12 Dec 20
In the early 80s Nigeria was home to Africaโ€™s largest textile industry with over 180 textile mills in operation which employed no fewer than 450,000 people, representing close to 25 per cent of the workforce in the manufacturing sector.
Katsina is the home of cotton in Nigeria..
At a point Nigeria supplied more than 40% of the cotton requirements in West Africa. Cotton and Sorghum are major produce in Katsina. All were abandoned for oil and quick "wealth" from the Delta. Katsina has produced
Vice President - Shehu Musa Yar'Adua
President - Umaru Yaradua
President - Muhammadu Buhari ( twice )
Police Inspetor General - Ibrahim Coomasie
Police Inspector General - Mohammed Dikko Yusufu
DG DSS - Lawal Musa Daura
Magaji Mohammed - Minister for internal affairs
Chief Justice of the Supreme court - Mohammed Bello
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10 Dec 20
lf you be beer guy, you will know how important accountability is when it's time to count the bottles. You go dey monitor barman and the table. You go see 3 bottles on the table, 2 for floor and 6 for bill..๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
You go dey here who drink harp? Who drink Star..
Who order ponmo, who order asun? Na one asun I chop..That time everybody go quiet. Accountability ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ men go finally settle, resume next day at the table.
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29 Nov 20
How many service chiefs will you change? The war is in its 10th year. It consumed a southern president and 2 sets of service chiefs, it's about to consume a Northern president with maybe 2 sets of service chiefs. When will you focus on the fundamental issues?
Munguno the NSA is from Borno
Buratai is from Borno

We have converted the military to policemen. They fight gun battles with Boko Haram, defend potential targets and institutions. Now they have to guard farms, markets and other soft targets.
Where is the police? Borno is 72,000sqkm almost the size of the south west with 5m people spread over villages, farms and forests. No police structure, no intelligence gathering, no infrastructure. The army had to construct roads in some places.
Why can't we have state police?
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28 Nov 20
These are old pictures of villages / settlements in Jere LG.
Housing = 0
Roads = 0
Electricity = 0
Schools = 0
Water = 0
Hospitals = 0
Security = 0
Development = 0
Quality of life = 0
Governance = 0
With a token and assurance of food Boko Haram will recruit hundreds to fight.
You can read this SMART survey report as well. The people are too vulnerable, too poor, too hungry that they can be easily radicalised. The President will take the blame for security issues but we have to understand that this war is now built on ideology and deprivation.
The landmass of Jere LG is about 869sqKm, Lagos metropolis is 1100sqkm. How many boots can be deployed on ground to cover this wide expanse of undeveloped area? Don't forget that there are bigger LG in Borno and Yobe to be patrolled as well.
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28 Nov 20
Lt. Gen Buratai is from the North
AVM Sadiq Abubakar is from the North
Majority of the theatre commanders are from the North.
Major military formations are from the North
New Airforce base in Katsina and Gombe.
5 additional aircrafts deployed to Katsina 4 months ago
7 different military operations in the North
Almost 2/3rd of the Nigerian Airforce combat budget spent in the North
Billions of Naira spent on military combat and operation spent in the north a huge chunk of military budget
Billions spent on humanitarian crises / IDP in the North
Isn't it crystal clear now that the problem is a fundamental one that force cannot eradicate. When will you all face the fact and address the issue of radicalism, Illiteracy, poverty, education and socio economic inequalities in the North.
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