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22 Jul
@Blueequus775 And Burros!

Also when he refers to the rancher lovingly seeing their previous horse out on the land, they inflate the no. of horses, they bring horses out to look like over population as well for the argument of too many wild horses.

Also those horses often are not excepted by
@Blueequus775 the wild horse herd, have trouble reaching water without being driven off, often from reaching the best forage stressing all the horses when seeking companionship, “herd animals”.

Stressed by a predator instinct left on it’s own even still when predators are exterminated, even
@Blueequus775 fall victim to predator control poison, traps & snares, ranchers spiking the ground then stampede the horses through the maze of iron rod placed like a maze in-paling their hooves.

Stampeding the horses during foaling season helping to cause injury and certain death.
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19 Jul
Dakota Access Protestors Could Get 110 Years in Prison gizmodo.com/two-years-afte…
When photos speak!

If it had been First Nation, Black, Asian, Latino, Jewish Americans who had stormed the Capital they would have been slaughtered, a blood bath.

Protecting Earth for future generations our planet, your considered a terrorist! ImageImageImageImage
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