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Jun 21 • 21 tweets • 7 min read
Looking for a community building a better web for the people? 👀

A community where you can find others, have fun, and learn freely 🙌

An open, peer-to-peer, lifelong network of awesome humans! 🤩

🫴 Introducing @KERNEL0x, the custom web3 educational community for Builders! 🧵 Image 🔎 What is Kernel?

Kernel is a community of people interested in learning about web3 & the skills required to uncover the value, meaning, & freedom of distributed systems in their lives

It's a place where you can dive deep into web3 & harness the power of a thriving community!
Jun 21 • 11 tweets • 7 min read
Daily Web3 News Digest 📰

TL;DR ⤵️

🗞 CoinDCX CEO says imposition of TDS a blow to cryptos in India

🗞 Polygon zkEVM Validium upgrade proposed by co-founder Mihailo Bjelic

🗞 WisdomTree and Invesco file for spot Bitcoin ETFs

Details and more🧵 🗞 According to cryptocurrency exchange @CoinDCX, the application of TDS by the government on digital currency is one of the issues that has recently influenced consumers’ activity.
Jun 20 • 15 tweets • 12 min read
Gm Frens ✨

The rainy season is here ☔️

And, events are raining in Bangalore 🌧️

Here are the all events happening this Week in India💧🧵 Image 📍 Bangalore

1️⃣ MOI Connect 2023

Wen? 22nd June | 4 PM TO 8 PM…
Jun 19 • 16 tweets • 4 min read
Calling all DApp developers and blockchain enthusiasts! 🚨

Get ready to fortify your decentralized creations with Security Audits, like the guardians of Dapp security! 👼

Bid goodbye to vulnerabilities & hello to a security-first mindset in the DApp world with @Secure_DApp Image 🔐 Founded by @A_bhisheks & Himanshu Gautam, SecureDapp offers critical solution services that are integral to any blockchain project, Smart Contract Audits!

Developers can extensively use a wide range of audit & security services to protect their DApp from the word GO Image
Jun 19 • 10 tweets • 7 min read
Daily Web3 News Digest 📰

TL;DR ⤵️

🗞 Coinbase slams SEC for evading and giving ‘No straight answers’

🗞 Do Kwon denies allegations that he forged passport, blames ‘Chinese’ agency

🗞 JPM says Hinman docs released in Ripple vs SEC case are boosting Ether

Details and more 🧵 🗞 @coinbase has lambasted the United States @SECGov for failing to respond to issues posed in the United States Court of Appeals as part of the ongoing investigation.
May 19 • 16 tweets • 13 min read
It seems @ethereum developers just don’t stop shipping 🚢

Because @ETHGlobal just concluded with ETHLisbon 🇵🇹

And, we got a lot of outstanding projects that created magic in Europe 🪄

Here's a recap of their first IRL event in Europe this year & first-ever in Portugal 🧵 Image ✂️ The TL;DR of ETHGlobal Lisbon:

🙋‍♂️ 975+ Attendees

🌎 51 Countries Represented

🐣 29% New to Web3

👯 24 Ecosystem Partners

💸 $275,000+ in Prizes

🚀 183 Projects Submitted

🏆 10 Finalists Image
May 19 • 24 tweets • 20 min read
Gm Frens ✨

The weekend is here & so are we 🥳

And, we are seeing a sudden spike in the number of events happening in India & Globally as well 📈

This weekend we have 20+ events happening in India & here are all of them ⤵️🧵 Image 📍 Bangalore

1️⃣ Art & Chill by @DazeIndia & @MeebitsDAO

Wen? 20th May | 3 PM to 6 PM…
May 18 • 10 tweets • 6 min read
Daily Web3 News Digest 📰

TL;DR ⤵️

🗞 India based WazirX says Binance has maintained control over WRX token

🗞 Bankrupt Voyager will now be able to pay back creditors

🗞 Bitcoin mining difficulty rises 3.2%, a new all time high

Details and more🧵 🗞 As the conflict between @WazirXIndia and @binance continues, @WazirXIndia has emphasised Binance’s current supremacy over the WRX token.
May 14 • 16 tweets • 10 min read
Taking the entire gaming space in web3 to new heights with a dedicated blockchain ⚡️

Bringing speed & scalability to power the next-generation of web3 gaming transactions 🎮

Want to learn about a revolution brewing in the blockchain gaming space? 👀

Let’s look at @Immutable🧵 Image 🥇 Immutable is the first L2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum

This allows for gasless minting & trading of NFTs without compromising on user asset security 🔐

A crucial component in the realm of web3 gaming that needs scalability & the infrastructure to support it 🚀
May 4 • 13 tweets • 12 min read
Revolutionizing decentralized storage with high throughput & low fees ⚡️

A threat to the Web2 cloud behemoths ⚔️

Call it the decentralized Dropbox or Airbnb for cloud storage ☁️

Here's an in-depth look at @Filecoin 🧵 Image 🤔 Think of Filecoin as an online marketplace to store data, where you can rent out storage just as you'd rent a room at @Airbnb

The idea behind Filecoin was to provide a decentralized solution to online storage providers & protocols & eliminate the need for central data storage
Mar 12 • 17 tweets • 10 min read
Revolutionizing the way smart contracts connect with the outside world 🌐

Designed to bring real-world data to the blockchain with unmatched security 🔒

Curious about the Des Oracle network that's taking the crypto space by storm? ⛈️

Here's an in-depth look at @chainlink 🔗🧵 Image 📃Chainlink is a decentralized blockchain oracle network built on @ethereum.

The network is intended to be used to facilitate the transfer of tamper-proof data from off-chain sources to on-chain smart contracts.
Feb 4 • 15 tweets • 12 min read
The relentless trailblazer of the new digital world ☄️

Built for scalability & seamless integration into the decentralized ecosystem 💻

Do you know the story behind the decentralized powerhouse changing the game of blockchain 🚀

Get ready for an in-depth look at @0xPolygon💜🧵 Image 📃 Matic Network, later rebranded to Polygon, is a Layer 2 scaling solution for @ethereum, focused on providing fast and cheap transactions.

The vision is to build an Internet of blockchains, connecting the Ethereum mainchain to other Ethereum-compatible chains.
Nov 27, 2022 • 13 tweets • 7 min read
A grand vision, an elegant idea, and a solid development team 🛠️

That's the recipe for Ethereum, our first Project of the Week 🚀

From pre-launch, an unplanned hard fork, countless upgrades to the unknown 👀

Learn everything about @ethereum 🧵 Image 📃 Think of Ethereum as a public service that uses blockchain technology to enable and execute smart contracts without a central coordinator.

The vision is to create a self-sustaining, censorship-resistant world computer.