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跨性别 non-binary mixed race neuro-d settler on stolen MST land. Stay for this Virgo's critiques on Community Planning. #hotpot
Feb 17 4 tweets 2 min read
Don’t wanna say I told you so, but this Virgo’s hunches about tourism capitalist is the push for an ABC govt. tourism and trade profits tied to Asian Pacific markets are lucrative, you know? The Chinese market is also super lucrative for Chip. The Chinese names are very definite to pander to money to be made in Chinese markets.…
Feb 16 6 tweets 2 min read
I invite you to read and sit with these words from the Climate Justice Charter. The hours of thought, reflection, heart, soul, ancestors, future generations, kin, relations, sincerity and holding of so much grief and love went into every word here, filled w/grief, hope and care. Purpose of the Charter The purpose of the Climate Justice Ch In the context of Vancouver, true swagger will be to recognize that people are rising to meet the challenge of climate change, instead of denying and delaying just climate action.

Real swaggers are not waggers to profits.

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It is quite obvious that a majority of council knows more about police, World Cup, tourism, targeting poor and marginalized peoples, going against reconciliation than the difference between climate equity and climate justice. Justice is naming. Injustice is silencing naming. Council has a lot of learning to do if they only want equity without justice. You see, when you are in business and policing long enough, you care more for business equity, home equity, and power equity but won’t focus on the human trade offs for equity for the privileged.