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Can I be Frank with you? Elon booted me for contradicting the absurd transwoman agenda. Had to delete tweet. No $11/mo for still short tweets and censorship.
Oct 6, 2022 9 tweets 4 min read
@Rainmaker1973 Hubble made one big mistake which the JWST is bringing to light (pardon the pun). Hubble assumed perpetual motion of light, which is a dynamic measurable process of potential energy shifting between magnetic and electric fields. He assumed that a 400nm wave would arrive here…./ @Rainmaker1973 … at 400nm, and the only reason it might arrive here redder (up to 700nm) was because of the expansion of space, likely a myth. Hubble was a young man when the Doppler Effect was a brand new, exciting, easily observed principle of sound waves contracting and expanding with …../