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16 Apr 2021:

“Just days ago, (Dillard U. President) Dr. Walter Kimbrough lost his brother to the Coronavirus. His name was Wayne Martin Kimbrough.”

Dillard is 1 of~35 colleges which maintains a Covid-19 vax mandate for students.

Refs at end.

“‘He was born after the assassination of Martin Luther King so that's how he got Martin as his middle name,’ Dr. Kimbrough said.

Marty Kimbrough was 51.

Dr. Kimbrough posted a message on Twitter emphasizing the pandemic is ongoing and that his brother had contracted COVID.”

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Detroit Free Press, 30 April 2020:

“Wayne State student and custodian Darrin Adams died April 3 of COVID-19-related complications.”

His death raises questions.

The death of another Wayne State student- in May 2011- raises even more. 🤔



28 Apr 2020:

BuzzFeed reporter Kadia Goba interviewed Darrin Adams’ fiancée, Raejean Woolfork.

She attested that Adams, who was in his early 50’s, died after nearly a month of having COVID-19 symptoms.

(Reference links at end of 🧵)

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On 5 Jun 2021, Dr. Kolina Koltai tweeted: “Naomi Wolf finally got the *ban hammer*..”

Koltai was later hired by Twitter in Apr 2021… then let go-after Elon Musk bought Twitter-in Nov 2021.

Dr. Wolf’s ban was lifted only days later in Dec 2021.

Let’s look closer…


One month after Naomi Wolf’s ban, in July 2021 Kolina Koltai was quoted in a front page story in the NY Times which focused on Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Koltai tweeted “Feeling like a celebrity”…

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NYT, 31 Oct 2020:

“When she *died of Covid-19* on Oct. 6, Elvia Ramirez was only 17 and had started her senior year at Parshall High School on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota…
she became the youngest person in
the state to die of the virus so far.”

“On Sept. 22, …Elvia was taken to a
hospital in nearby Minot…Ms.
Three Irons (Elvia’s mom) had to take on much of her daughter's care.

Eventually, the staff insisted she could no longer be in the room.

She called Elvia on the phone... ‘She told me she was scared.’”

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Dec 21, 2023 61 tweets 27 min read
2 Nov 2020, CNN:

“Peyton Baumgarth, 13, *died of Covid-19*. He is the youngest person to pass away from Covid-19 in the state of Missouri, according to state records.”

What might be learned by close scrutiny of this case?🤔

(Refs at end of 🧵)

“Peyton's uncle, Wayne Franke Jr., told CNN affiliate KSDK that Peyton's mother also tested + for Covid-19.

‘I can't imagine what she's going through, Franke said. ‘Nobody should ever have to deal with that.’”

[Note that the CNN report spells “Franke”, ending with “k-e”.]

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5 Oct 2021 (CNN Wire):

“Virginia parents trying to process how healthy 10-year-old daughter died from COVID in 5 days”

Is there more to the tragic story of the death of 10-year-old Teresa Sperry than initially meets the eye?


(Referenced links at end of 🧵)
“(Jeff and Nicole Sperry’s) message to COVID non-believers is:

Have compassion for others.

If sharing Teresa's story changes one person's mind about getting vaccinated against Covid-19 or wearing a mask to protect others, they say they have done right by their daughter.”
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Nov 25, 2023 47 tweets 22 min read
5 Aug 2021:

“A Norfolk teenager [..] has died from complications of COVID-19. The Virginia Dept of Health confirms that this is the 1st child death from the virus in the Eastern region of the state.”

Let’s look closely at this very sad case.


“The mother of 17-year-old Schwanda Corprew says her daughter was complaining of a headache before she died…”

Nov 14, 2023 14 tweets 8 min read
September 2023: “CDC announces $262M funding to support National Network for Outbreak Response and Disease Modeling”

I found some interesting coincidences…

(1/~20)… Recipients include Kaiser Permanente Southern California and 11 universities, such as UNC Chapel Hill and Johns Hopkins, which did… shall we say… remarkable things in the lead-up to covid…

The 13th is a company I had not heard of:
International Responders Systems
Nov 6, 2023 37 tweets 16 min read
On 13 May 2021, “Kao Ly llean
Her, a Hmong pioneer in education, law, and culture, died from COVID”

“Her's huge legacy includes… a groundbreaking post as a University of
Minnesota Regent.”

“She was 52 years old.”

I have some thoughts and questions…

Refs at end
“(Ilean) Her was born in Long Cheng, Laos. Her family fled the country following her father’s involvement with U.S. forces during the Secret War,..

Ilean Her wasn't afraid to speak her mind…

Despite cultural expectations, Ilean never married or had kids.”


Oct 30, 2023 20 tweets 13 min read
On 10 July 2021, Olivia Guidry, a 24-year-old ER nurse, died in the ICU of Lafayette, Louisiana hospital where she was employed.

CEO Al Patin stated: “the cause of her death is unclear and will be determined by an autopsy, ‘with results not expected for several days.’”


The statement followed initial reports that she “died from complications of Covid-19”.

A Facebook post (see link) notes that Guidry was given Remdesivir and was sedated, (despite) normal blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and heart rate.

Oct 17, 2023 39 tweets 22 min read
This 🧵 will cover a lot of ground. It teaches the importance of knowing an opponent’s underlying motives and philosophy.

A path that at first glance appears illogical, and even absurd, leads to understanding.

“Know the enemy…” Sun Tzu
(1/~50) Image In June 2021, a man named Brandon Haynes, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana died.

“Son's death from COVID leads mother to promote vaccinations at his memorial service.”

“I thought it was going to be a routine (visit) to Baton Rouge General…” his mother Betty Antoine said.


Jun 19, 2023 22 tweets 7 min read
Citizen journalists such as @JohnBeaudoinSr must be allowed to speak out about injustice.

He recently spoke to Massachusetts Joint Committee on Emergency Preparedness and Management at the MA state house, as summarized in his substack.…

🧵(1/~15) His article states:

“Exhibit F details massive amounts of fraud and other federal felonies committed by agents of the executive branch of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Since…August 23, 2022, I have found numerous other vaccine deaths and fraudulently labeled covid deaths.”
May 24, 2023 10 tweets 3 min read
I came across a hardcopy of a July 1956 Reader’s Digest. It has an article by Margaret Sanger titled, “Asia Discovers Birth Control.”

I’ll tweet the full article and point out some excerpts.

(1/~8) Image “When in 1922, I lectured in Japan […], the Imperial Government forbade me to advocate birth control publicly… but 32 years later, in 1954, I was invited to address the Upper House Welfare Committee on efficient methods of combating overpopulation.”

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May 8, 2023 57 tweets 21 min read
It is common for entertainment for children to include subtle, mature themes. Often, the themes are innocent, tongue-in-cheek, and appeal to parents.

But what if the adult themes include a dark, perhaps even Satanic message?

This will take a while to explain…
(1/~30) There is a show called “Donkey Hodie” on PBS. Its audience is pre-kindergarteners.

The lead character is a puppet named Donkey Hodie. He has a friend named “Purple Panda”.

Donkey Hodie is a innocent play on words with Don Quixote, which exemplifies my first point.

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Jul 23, 2022 10 tweets 3 min read
I have questions about this CDC study referenced by AAPS.

To start: Since those who received only 1-dose or were under the 7 (or 14) day period for “full vaccination” to occur were excluded, the % of unvaccinated (0 doses) is inflated.

But is even more being hidden?
(1/~10) The study defines a “medical encounter” on page 1: “eligible medical *encounters* include emergemcy department/urgent care visits and hospitalizations… and a test during the 14 days before through 72 hours after the encounter.”

Jul 15, 2022 13 tweets 4 min read
One of the influential studies of the use of HCQ as a treatment for Covid 19 was this one from 11 May 2020, which involved hospitalized patients in New York.

Let’s take a closer look.…

(1/~10) “Conclusions: Among patients hospitalized in metropolitan New York with COVID-19, treatment with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, or both, compared with neither treatment, was not significantly associated with differences in in-hospital mortality.”

Jul 2, 2022 33 tweets 10 min read
Long 🧵 here (1/~35) which will expose inconsistencies in the story laid out by a Republican US House member. Very important topic…

To preview, contrast two ~5-minute interviews:


and… 2.…

This story might seem obscure and unfamiliar for those outside Louisiana (LA), so some background information follows…

Jun 10, 2022 13 tweets 7 min read
@FOOL_NELSON Here is a 6 Jan story no one talks about:

Remember Patrick Edward McCaughey III ?

He “assaulted a Washington police officer, Daniel Hodges, whom he pinned between two doors, during the Jan. 6 riot.”

Turns out McCaughey has an unusual pedigree.

(1/~3)… @FOOL_NELSON His grandfather served as an art museum director for Yale.…
May 29, 2022 12 tweets 3 min read
Today: FDA Official (Dr. Jeffrey Siegel) In Charge Of Evaluating New Drugs Hospitalized For ‘Mental Disorder’

Science (2018): “FDA's revolving door: Companies often hire agency staffers who managed their successful drug reviews”-profiled Siegel! (1/4)… Science (2018): “Jeffrey Siegel, who was an FDA staff member specializing in reviews for arthritis drugs, oversaw the 2010 approval of Genentech's arthritis drug tocilizumab (Actemra)….

Jan 9, 2022 13 tweets 6 min read
@Clucky92864053 I’ll make a guess.

I suspect the “elite” billionaire class believes they can increase their longevity via CRISPR and other genetic engineering.

If it were far-fetched, they wouldn’t be forking out big $$ on it. (1/n)… @Clucky92864053 We all strive to live longer, so what’s the harm in that?

What if they are (or believe they will be) so successful that a person could live (and reproduce) for 500 years?

And what if *everybody* wants whatever drug/procedure yields that kind of longevity? (2/n)