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28 May
A motion to move forward on a House-passed bill to establish a Jan 6th Commission has failed to get the 60 votes needed to pass, 54-35.

It was blocked by Republicans, led by Sen McConnell, who are worried the findings of the commission will be used to hurt them politically.
6 GOP Senators voted in support of the motion:

*Voted to convict President Trump of inciting the insurrection at the Capitol.
11 Senators who missed this Jan 6 Commission procedural vote:
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28 May
CASSIDY votes YES on procedural motion to move forward with resolution to establish a Jan 6th Commission.
SASSE votes YES on procedural motion to move forward with resolution to establish a Jan 6th Commission.
PORTMAN votes YES on procedural motion to move forward with resolution to establish a Jan 6th Commission.
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28 May
Sen Murkowski just spoke to reporters about her frustration that her GOP colleagues will block a January 6th Commish from being formed.

"It's important that there be a focus on the facts, and on the truth, and that may be unsettling, but we need to understand that," she said.
Standing just steps from Ofc Goodman, who directed rioters away from Senators being evacuated on Jan 6, Murkowski said "we just can't pretend that nothing bad happened, or that people just got too excitable. Something bad happened. And it's important to lay that out."
Murkowski on why she wants a Jan 6 Commission: "I think there's more to be learned. I want to know more. And I want to know and I don't want to know. I don't want to know, but I need to know."
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4 Mar
Senate votes 51-50 to proceed to the COVID relief bill, with VP Harris breaking the tie.

Sen Johnson (R-WI) then objected to dispensing with the reading of the bill, so the clerk has begun reading all 628 pages.
The clerks have been reading the text of the COVID relief bill for 40 minutes, and they are on page 24 of 628.
And Sen @RonJohnsonWI is the only Senator sitting in the chamber (other than @ReverendWarnock who is presiding) as the clerk reads every word of the 628-page COVID relief bill, a reading he requested.
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22 Dec 20
Meanwhile, @RandPaul is hanging out of the Senate floor (maskless) so that he can block the Senate from adjourning for the night & establishing a pro forma schedule. He's trying to make it harder for the Senate to (eventually) override a veto of the NDAA.

Everyone else is gone.
@RandPaul It's 1:11am, Rand is still there trying to make it harder for the Senate to get to a veto override vote (if one is needed).

He has said in the past that he'd like to see the NDAA expire and not be renewed (this would be the 60th year in a row it has passed).

I'm going to bed.
Here’s what was decided on a potential NDAA override in the Senate:

IF Trump vetoes the bill, & IF the House votes to override on Dec 28th, the Senate will come back on Dec 29th to start the process to do the same.

That process can take days, so goal = finish before noon Jan 3.
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25 Jun 20
Sen Cotton on #DCStatehood: Dems "want two new democratic senators in perpetuity. The Democrats are angry at the American people for refusing to give them total control of the govt for going on a decade now, so they want to give the swamp as many senators as your state has."
COTTON: "They want to make Washington a state to rig the rules of our democracy and try to give the democratic party permanent power. But in doing so, the Democrats are committing an act of historical vandalism as grotesque as those committed by jacobin mobs roaming our streets."
COTTON: "Washington has just over 700,000 residents, more than Wyoming and Vermont, and about as many as Alaska. Doesn't this qualify Washington as a state? Well, if it did, we'd need a lot more states because Washington is just the 20th largest city in the country."
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2 Dec 19
Senate Intel Committee Chairman @SenatorBurr: "Every elected official in the Ukraine was for Hillary Clinton. Is that very different than the Russians being for Donald Trump?"
@SenatorBurr Sen BURR: "You considered Russia meddling with just the preference they had before you knew the rest of it. Apply the same standard to Ukraine. The President can say that they meddled because they had a preference, the elected officials, that's not the current people."
@SenatorBurr Q: Is there any evidence that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election?
BURR: I don’t think there’s any question that elected officials in Ukraine had a favorite in the election.
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17 Oct 19
Q: Is it appropriate to hold the G7 at his Doral golf club?

Sen CRAMER on holding the G7 at Trump Doral: "I don’t have any concerns about it other than just politically how it appears."

"It may seem careless politically, but on the other hand there’s tremendous integrity in his boldness and his transparency," he says.
Sen ROUNDS asked if he has any issues with the G7 being at Doral: “Show me where there’s a violation of law, I’m not sure that there is, not that I’m aware of.”
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17 Jul 19
NEW: First to @NBCNews: @SenSchumer is asking the FBI and FTC to conduct a federal national security & privacy investigation into the Russia-based company, Face-App, which is producing all of those aged photos of your friends you’re seeing on social media.

Full letter is here:
@NBCNews @SenSchumer “It would be deeply troubling if the sensitive personal information of U.S. citizens was provided to a hostile foreign power actively engaged in cyber hostilities against the United States,” Schumer writes in the letter calling for an investigation into Face-App.
@NBCNews @SenSchumer "I ask that the FTC consider whether there are adequate safeguards in place to prevent the privacy of Americans using this application, including government personnel and military service members, from being compromised," Schumer writes in the letter.
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17 Jul 19
GRAHAM: "I really do believe that if you're a Somali refugee who likes Trump, he's not going to say 'go back to Somalia.' A racist says go back to Somalia because you're a Somalian or you're a Muslim or whatever, that's just the way he is. More narcissism than anything else."
Went back to Sen Graham on the comment above, he said, "I was making a joke, I think you can make the case that he’s a narcissist more than you can make he's a racist. I mean, I don’t like the idea of telling somebody who’s an American citizen to go home, this is their home."
Q: Aren't the comments dangerous if Pres Trump makes them about ideology?

GRAHAM: "When a member of Congress says we’re going to impeach the motherf@#%er on day one what kind of response do you expect? So this is just, it’s a two-way street here."
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27 Sep 18
In a timeline of actions the Senate Judiciary Cmte has taken in response to allegations against Kavanaugh, they says TWO individuals have come forward to the Cmte saying THEY had the encounter with Dr Ford instead of Kavanaugh —>
Should be clear: This is an account from @ChuckGrassley’s staff of the allegations and their responses. They have not provided any additional info about who these individuals are.
Asked for more info about the individuals, @ChuckGrassley Spox Taylor Foy says “Nothing further at the moment.”
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23 May 18
Sen @JeffFlake to Harvard Law Grads: "Our presidency has been debased by a figure who has a seemingly has a bottomless appetite for destruction and division. And only a passing familiarity with how the Constitution works."
FLAKE to Harvard Law School grads: "And our Article I branch of government, the Congress (that’s me), is utterly supine in the face of the moral vandalism that flows from the White House daily."
FLAKE to Harvard Law School grads: "Now, you might reasonably ask, where is the good news in that? Well, simply put: We may have hit bottom."
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