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Jan 15 11 tweets 3 min read
Worth doing a bit more analysis to inform this crystal ball.

If we think more concretely about the specific situation political leaders and regulators in Beijing find themselves in, I think we can pretty well guess at their mindset and the future (with a grain of salt) 1/ First, "green lights" to capital. The fact is, there are loads of signals to capital about what to invest in (like the subsides I mentioned in the original thread)... and they work! Investors are attracted. I don't think much more prodding needed 2/

Jan 14 11 tweets 3 min read
The Chinese government is rethinking the role of private capital in the economy.

One of the big questions for 2022 (and beyond): how the state should adjust the way it guides private investment.

A quick thread on how the Chinese gov't *might* influence the way you invest One key theme of the “tech crackdown” last year was the state’s resolution that capital needs to be better controlled – no more “disorderly expansion.”

This goal of more control was made more explicit at the December Central Economic Work Conference (CEWC).
Nov 12, 2021 12 tweets 2 min read
There's an overlooked debate re: data security policy in China. Yesterday, a researcher at CAICT - a think tank under MIIT that supports research and rollout of ICT policy - published an op/ed arguing that current global views on data localization are seriously flawed. 1/ Why it matters: data localization requirements are a critically important (and still evolving) piece of China’s cyber/data security framework. Compliance with strict (and vague) data localization requirements in China is a major strategic business challenge for multinationals. 2/