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1 Jul 20
America got almost everything wrong in 2016.

It was a terrible year.

We were collectively ridiculous. We made terrible decisions. We did terrible things.

Like some drunk teenage white dude we bullied the smart girl and crowned the entitled dumb jock.


Turns out that our own latent misogyny was even stronger than our aversive racism.

And that is a sad mouthful right there.

We hate smart, powerful women so much that we were willing to pass over one of the best them for one of the worst examples of men conceivable.

When one looks back at the ease with which so many were willing to embrace the worst unsubstantiated rumor about @HillaryClinton whilst simultaneously ferociously defending @realdonaldtrump's many cataclysmic abhorrencies, it is easy to be rendered speechless.

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4 Jun 20
Most people still do not understand my inability, actually my refusal, to let go of 2016 and what happened to @HillaryClinton in her attempt to become the first woman to win US Presidency.

The assumption is that I am singularly fixated on Clinton, but that is wrong

Granted, I think that she was, in fact, and probably still is, the person most qualified and able to lead us at that time and this.

Her intellect and depth of knowledge, her steadiness, her curiosity, her stamina, her experience, and her contact list make her uniquely able.

She is literally all of those things. And the current, ahem occupant, is none of those things. He lacks ability and nobility, he lacks empathy and humility, he lacks knowledge and curiosity. He lacks everything necessary to lead any size nation, let alone ours.

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30 May 20
In 1992 @BillClinton scored well with audiences across the country with a line that went something like, "There is nothing wrong with this country that what's right with this country can't fix."

And that might have been true, then.

Today? I am not so sure.

We are broken.

If we think of the nation as a body, then we are broken in places that should never get broken. Parts of us are plain shattered.

When our bodies break we seek help from doctors and nurses and other trained professionals to help us heal.

But there are no doctors for this.

I have spent my life against the ropes, but I have always understood that it could get and be worse, and I have always understood the subtle, unspoken benefits of being a white man in a world controlled by others like me.

These truths have guided my path through the world.

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28 Apr 20
So, emergency rooms across the country are ACTUALLY seeing cases of bleach and disinfectant ingestion and injection as a result of the "President's" unbelievable and ridiculously uninformed & dangerous comments.

I was dumb enough to believe that nobody would be dumb enough.

Believe me when I tell you that if Hillary Clinton had said anything nearly as stupid (which she never would, because, obviously) I would call her out for being the moronic charlatan that she was.

Note: I would certainly never choose to ingest bleach to prove my fealty.

Most of this goes without saying, which is to say it is obvious to anyone who's been paying attention and employing reason or logic on an even basic level.

Words like sheep and monkey come to mind, but I would hate to insult our fellow mammalliams in the comparison.

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11 Mar 20
I've been mostly absent during the Dems nominating process because, frankly, I knew that those whom I could possibly vote for to nominate in place of @HillaryClinton totaled zero.


I still believe that Clinton should have remained the Democrats de facto nominee in 2020.
I will always believe that it sends a terrible and destructive message to allow foreign agents, a rival candidate, and a rival party conspire against any rival candidate or party to steal an election.


I think that message became doubly so in 2016.

That nobody in the slate of 2020 nominees was able to forgo their own egos for sale of nation and party became unbearably depressing.

By refusing to fight for Clinton, the Democratic party and every nominee that ran, have made the political future of this nation much darker.
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24 Feb 20
Bernie Sanders as President would be a disaster for the Democratic Party, and as great as one for the country and the global community.

He lacks every possible trait that makes a person an effective leader. He has neither the temperament nor the intellectual depth required.

In fact, I believe that Sanders could easily become Trump II. While they share little in the way of common belief, they are remarkably similar in tone and temperament. I have no doubt in fact that Sanders would use Trump's illegal administrative example as precedent.

I can't begin to convey how dangerous that would be for the United States going. Though Sanders is not the lawless villain that Trump is, he could argue that Trump's Presidency and his acts during that time establish precedent and therefore affirm legality. Specious? D'uh.

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16 Feb 20
1. I think back at how smug they all were.
The media.
Even Warren on some level.

They all said they could've and would've beat her (and him), if only (fill in toxic, highly misogynistic hypothetical here).

Easy peasy.

Clinton was messing everything up.
2. Their list of grievances was long, and they openly aired them w/o concern about how it could impact either the nominee or her campaign for the US Presidency.

She was given no room to breathe and allowed no room to err.

They even publicly pish-poshed Russian interference.
3. There was no detail too small to escape their criticism. They were the worst back seat drivers in history and it all seems so clear and ridiculous as those days recede now into history.

@HillaryClinton wasn't just bullied, she was bulldozed.
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5 Feb 20
Christ, this is why caucuses must end. This is another lesson we have been taught several times, yet never seem to learn.

I lived in a caucus state and can attest to what a chaotic, stressful, and exhausting process it can be at the best of times.

Iowa has become a farce.

Caucuses are exclusionary, anti-democratic, and ask too much of parties, candidates, and voters.

And it is so easy to fuck them up, and even the slightest error leads to instant conspiracy theories that can always be "verified" by eyewitness accounts.

Rarely can these accounts themselves be verified, however, and soon become the basis for any number of copycat story or for more and more exaggerated forms of the original unverified claim. This, of course, causes many to begin to question the very validity of the results.

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2 Feb 20
When you #BooHillary @HillaryClinton you are playing the willing patsy to a verified and well documented two decade effort by the far right to destroy a woman they considered the most dangerous in America.

You are cheerleading misogyny and propaganda on a terrifying scale.

You are proving that fake news and innuendo are enough to erase a lifetime of real accomplishment on the front line of history.

You are encouraging further outside political interference from foreign nations and radical interests.

You are uplifting white supremacy.

When you boo @HillaryClinton you're telling generations of young girls what they did to her was not only acceptable, but desired. And you are telling them that no matter how hard they work or how high they climb they will still face disdain on a continuously widening scale.

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27 Jan 20
1. We are still having a debate that should have ended definitively in 2016 and it is imperiling the Democratic Party and might actually open the door for a second term for Donald Trump.

It has become a farce, only with no laughtrack.

The star of the farce: Bernie Sanders
2. I am at a loss as to how this could even possibly be happening again. I mean Sanders' warpath through the very center of the Democratic Party was destructive and pitiless. And his actions after he helped install Trump the first time have nearly been as awful and ridiculous.
3. It is fairly clear, for instance, that even if the man who once tried to label himself a "civil rights giant" isn't an outright racist, he is, at the very least, completely tone deaf on racial issues.

His personal record is abysmal and he only ever improved when forced.
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7 Jan 20
1/ That feeling when all the walls have closed in and are about to tumble down is not pleasant. I have been here before, three or four times in life perhaps.

But I was younger then and better able to withstand the pressures. I was more able and more willing to fight the fight.
2/ I have been driving for Lyft in their Express Drive program since June. It has been a bad experience that has slowly gotten worse and, recently, suddenly gotten much worse. I doubt it's a coincidence that this sudden dip coincides with my sharing my experiences here.
3/ I have struggled from the beginning with how to pay for gas and tolls while driving when I had no income to support such costs and with LYFT withholding all of my earnings until the weekly $275 rent was fully paid.

It's been a horrible cycle.

And it's almost broken me.
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31 Dec 19
To everyone filling my DMs with notes decrying my "unfair" and "awful" treatment of @JoeBiden I say grow up.

He will have to survive much worse than me if he gets the nomination. Although I love the Biden of Obama/Biden I was never fond of him as a candidate or leader.

Aside from the fact that I believe his stunningly awful treatment of Anita Hill disqualifies him, there are also the facts that he is prone to say and do awkward, cringe-worthy things regularly. He was also pretty awful to Hillary during the lead up to 2016 and worse after.

He will be 80 years old when he takes the oath of office if he won. On an actuary table his odds of surviving his entire first term would be abysmal. That has got to be something people consider.

There are many reasons I don't want an old white guy like Joe Biden.

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24 Dec 19
1. So, here's the thing. We progressives would like to think of ourselves as learned, thoughtful, open-minded, and introspective.

And many of us are, individually.

But put more than ten of us in a room and we will almost certainly start fucking things up immediately.
2. And we are fucking 2016 up royally. We seem to have learned very little about how any of this works and it's pretty damn frustrating to sit and watch yet another self-immolation.

Two white male octagenarians are really the best we think we've got?
3. Seriously, the only way I'm voting for either of these guys is if they are the name that's sitting next to Trump's on next year's ballot.

We have lost our nerve and it shows. We nominated Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton successively to lead our party people. Now this?
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16 Dec 19
1. For the third year in a row I find myself in real danger of becoming homeless at the height of winter. Each time I promisel myself that it will never happen again, yet each time I have found myself more isolated and estranged than the year before.
2. A couple of years ago, as the "sharing" / "gig" economy started taking shape I thought I recognized an opportunity to regain some financial stability.

Almost immediately Uber and Lyft became the focus of my aspirations, but it would be months before I could take action.
3. I have lived most of my adult life in large urban spaces with excellent modes of public transport and have only had vehicles during the times I lived in exception to that rule, however, so entering the rideshare economy was probably always going to be a challenge.
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27 Nov 19
My long promised thread on my experiences inside the on demand economy will be forth coming, but tonight's experiences working for @Instacart are illustrative of my overall experience within the industry.

This will not be a happy thread.

#Instacart #OnDemand

As I write this I am sitting in the parking lot of a Jewel/Osco grocery store on Chicago's near Northside.

I am actually praying that I will be assigned a batch (a shopping order) in the next 15 minutes (won't happen). If I don't get one I will be forced to sleep in my car.

Why that is true will be partially explained here, but a more in-depth answer will follow with the larger thread.

But let's start here:

Today I was trying to decide how best to divide my time among the 3 major on-demand companies I work for; it's never an easy decision.

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19 Aug 19
I am stuck in a loop.

A dangerous and destructive loop that depends on the fickleness of good health and good luck--neither of which I am particularly known for.

It is a corporate built poverty loop.

It sucks and many other Americans are stuck too.

My particular loop is governed by the facilitators of the new "sharing" economy.

It's an industry that sells the ideas of self-employment, management, and independence. And for some, namely those with capital and access to technology and transport ownership, it's a good buy.

At the start, "sharing" corporations were able to highlight amazing stories of men and women who had used their platforms to positively transform their own lives in almost fairytale fashion.

Inspiring stories that were, at their core, anti-establishment and anti-corporate.

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24 Jul 19
Yesterday marked the third anniversary of my mother's death and it was tougher than I had expected.

A lot can happen in three years. And as I am forced, of late, to contemplate my own mortality, I wonder if my mom would be proud of the post-her me.

It's a scary question.

My mother's pride often seemed unshakeable, but she had a quiet way of expressing her disappointment when her children failed themselves or, more rarely, her.

Her disappointment was a painful thing to endure for me, even if I did so only rarely.

It is no secret to anyone here that the rug was pulled from under me in 2016.

My mom broke her hip.
Donald Trump
BERNARD Sanders.
Fake news
Susan Sarandon
My mom died
Black Tuesday (8 November)

All of it.

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23 Jun 19
RECENTLY, as a way to achieve a higher level of self sufficiency my friend @Solutioneer72 helped me get a few things organized around the idea of me entering the rideshare economy. We felt that the best route would be to enter one the available rental programs. Big mistake.
After some research I chose @Lyft Express and mainly because it is the most affordable of the various options. By choosing this program, however, I was limiting my opportunities to only Lyft. It was a big risk.

Last Monday I had a 1 PM appointment to pick up a vehicle.

The appointnent was at a n @Avis location in Franklin Park, Il. I was in no way prepared for the chaos I would encounter.

I will not go into detail about that experience because it was overwhelming and unprofessional.

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20 Jun 19
That Trump's administrative Gestapo and his personal security forces, also known as the @FBI, @CIA, @SecretService, etc., seek to find ways to highlight, exaggerate, and invent security violations from State during @HillaryClinton's time as Secretary is, um, interesting.

This administration, illegitimate to its core, has cut every cabinet budget, all security budgets, and has deep private and business connections to our greatest global adversaries. They also support and promote some of the most barbaric and insufferable regimes in the world.

Nearly every member of Trump's family, as well as many of his most important advisors, not to mention Trump himself have used and continue to use their own personal communication devices and private email addresses to conoduct official state business at every level.

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18 Jun 19
The next 18 months are going to be filled with stories like this.


While the story itself is essentially true, it is the narrative bend that rings hollow, and it will be the underlying current of Trump's media coverage for 2020.

In fact, that narrative is being shaped in real time, right now.

It is a fiction of "Trump the Underdog." And of "Trump the man whose own hubris is what kseps him from true greatness."

There will be profiles documenting Trump's loneliness and his fears of loss.

There will be stories of exasperated staff members worrying about their boss.

But it will all be bullshit.

The things they will write and report on will have had always been true, but they will be told differently.

Trump, mob criminal, will be recast as a tragic hero.

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10 Jun 19
For over four years Twitter has been my link to the world. In many ways, my time spent here has defined who I am as a person, an activist, and a writer. To simply call Twitter a significant force in my life would be a gross understatement of fact.

Twitter has been everything. /1
I have forged bonds here so strong that they have come to eclipse those I have made by more traditional methods "IRL." It has also given me the rare opportunity to interact, and sometimes even befriend, those whom I admire most in this world..

I've had to pinch myself often. /2
I have been challenged, lifted up, inspired, honored, and humbled here. And in the final analysis Twitter has made me a stronger, better, more humane, and more intelligent human being.

Those too are not exaggerations. My sincerity is real. /3
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