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16 Aug
Afghanistan is a cautionary tale in more ways than one. An important takeaway from there is that more often than not, the elites do the exact opposite of what they say they're doing. While Ghani and his ministers and the militia commanders were busy sending some poor grunts
to die to hold off Taliban advances, they were all busy in backroom wheeling and dealing with the same Mullahs. While the number of Afghan leaders who claimed they would fight till their last breath is too many to count, it is white obvious that as soon as they understood
that the odds were not stacked in their favour, literally all of them folded. Politicians and commanders fled to neighbouring countries, Army officers handed over their entire regiments to the Taliban, and most cities fell to the insurgents without any serious resistance.

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16 Aug
There are several million Bangladeshi Muslims/their descendants in India who have not budged an inch from where they have settled. There are literally tens of thousands of Rohingyas well settled in sensitive areas like Jammu and our national capital, New Delhi. We are now in the
initial process of receiving thousands of Afghan Muslim refugees.

A country's borders, its weapons, its soldiers are all meaningless unless it has the willpower to uphold the sacredness of those borders. This is why I have always maintained that the rapid demographic growth in
Af-Pak accompanied by the unstable political situation there will have very serious consequences for us. Look at the level of simping for muh "poor Afghan wahmyn" which is already happening on Pajeet right wing twitter to understand just how this country will react when refugee
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20 Jul
I remember talking to a young South African Hindu anon a few months ago, telling him about my serious concerns about the stability of that country and what it would likely mean for Whites, Indians and other productive racial minorities. Obviously, his immediate reaction was to
dismiss it as some Eugenicist conspiracy theory, and he told me how South Africa was going to be a prosperous country growing well in the future once all the "corruption" was dealt with. I don't want to be the guy to say "I told you so!" but the recent events in that country
have made it even more apparent the direction they're headed in. Politics and economic prosperity follow demographic change, and they don't exist independently of it.

Similarly, I usually end up with a response along the same lines from UC Hindus in India when I warn them that
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5 Jul
A thread on the obsession of the Hindutva movement with OIT, Blank Slatism and the mythical idea of 'Hindu Unity' originally posted by user 'TK' on FB. Reproducing it verbatim below:

"While I usually refrain from commenting on the AIT-OIT debate, I can't help but scoff at
the blank slate understanding of human nature amongst the Hindu right wing in India, especially in how so many of these people view inter-group conflicts amongst whom they view as 'Hindus'. There is some necessary background worth discussing here. In Essentials of Hindutva,
while Savarkar endorses the claims of AIT (now known as AMT), he argues that through intermarriages, pledging allegience to the fatherland, and cultural assimilation, "Hindus" could become a single race of people bonded by common blood and culture. His definition of "Hindu"
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3 Jul
Movie Plot: An international group of leftist hackers decide to target the OnlyFans accounts of hundreds of online Dindutvadi shocktees, leaking thousands of paywalled nudes. The resulting losses from loss of paid subscriptions are massive and the entire Right Wing ecosystem
erupts in uproar. To give relief to the Victims, Nirmala Sitharaman announces a new package which would give each Dindu Sherni whose OnlyFans was hacked a sum of 10 lakh rupees. The package would be financed by a new cess on petrol/diesel. To avoid burdening the depressed and
benchpressed communities SC/ST and Minority communities would be exempt from this new Cess.

Meanwhile an NIA investigation reveals that the hack may have been ordered by George Soros, who they believe could be planning further such disruptions. To mitigate against his future
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1 Apr
Too many people on the Right see any attempt at serious intellectual discussion or analysis which doesn't exactly meet their pre-conceived notions as some sort of conspiracy against Hinduism. The anti-intellectual malaise that is so strong in the Hindu Right is the very reason
why the movement is able to attract and retain so few smart people, and has become a cesspool of mediocrity and incompetence.

A lot of people today showed this ugly side when they tried to paint me questioning the specificity of the figures being put out about the genocide of
Bengali Hindus in '71 as an attempt to question the narrative or to altogether deny that such a genocide had indeed taken place. Apart from the fact that such people constitute an illiterate, uncouth class of emotional scum, it is also quite clear that they are dishonest
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1 Apr
6 million refugees fled from Bangladesh to India, out of which an estimated 60% or more were Hindus. The difference you're talking about is mostly explained by this flight of Bengali Hindus.

Assuming 3.6 million Hindus fled, and another 2.4 million were killed. That would put
the total number of "missing" Hindus from Bangaldesh's Hindu population at 7 million. The total number of Hindus in Bangladesh in 1961 were 9.4 million and in 1974 were 9.7 million, so a modest growth of 400K. Assuming the Hindu population would have naturally growing at the same
rate as the overall Bangladeshi population (which grew at around 40% between 1961 and 1974) there should have been 13.16 million Hindus in Bangladesh in 1974 instead of 9.7 million, a difference of 3.46 million rather than the 7 million we had assumed given the genocide number
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31 Mar
How can an individual be arrested on a mere complaint with no prima facie case? How can the burden of proof be on the accused to prove his/her innocence? How can their be automatic arrest without any preliminary inquiry?

These obvious and glaring flaws with the SC/ST Act are
responsible for driving Forrest Officer Deepali Chavan to commit suicide. Time and again, data has shown that this Act is used by people to settle personal scores and obtain government incentives. The BJP-led Central Govt must be held answerable for its disgusting support for
this barbaric law.

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22 Mar
The thing is that this approach actually works out fairly well for many religions. You start off a sufi/barelvi where half the rituals from your previous religion are anyways incorporated so the change isn't as drastic, then you become a Tableeghi going about preaching the
word of God in a more "pure" way and finally you turn an ultra orthodox salafi trying to follow everything down to the T.

The issue with Hinduism being that even all the new agey hippie dippy sects/cults cant really help with the 'expansion' problem since there is no assembly
line to speak of. Sri Sri follower may tomorrow become a Sadhguru fanboy, who may then become an Agniveer who may finally just decide this is all pointless and go back to being am Atheist. There is very little to no transmission happening between these sects and mainstream or
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22 Mar
"Year 2035, Akhnoor Sector: The 7th Naari Shakti Battalion has been surrounded by Kashmiri militants and Pakistani regulars from 11 Baloch. PAF Jets has been bombing the Indian position to make matters much worse.

But the commander is not worried; she has been informed that
within two days infantry regulars from 5 Kinnar and paratroopers from 12 Bhim will reinforce her unit.

But the 2 days pass. No one comes. The commander receives the news that 5 Kinnar surrendered on the way when a Pakistani platoon they mistook to be a battalion ambushed them.
In another stroke of bad luck, the transport aircraft which 12 Bhim were coming on were being flown by some rookies, as the 2 main pilots were on pregnancy leave and another 2 pilots had menstrual cramps. The rookie pilots made some navigation errors and 12 Bhim were parachuted
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22 Mar
The funny thing is that somehow "fixing" the demographics of North-West UP should probably be the easiest among all such similar regions where the M population has grown to troubling limits. For one, it is not bordering a neighbouring Islamic country, so there is limited scope
for direct foreign interference. Secondly, it is located right next to the national capital, where much of our elites stay. So that itself should be another reason for the State to at least "look the other way" if a hypothetical demographic reversal was attempted by Hindus. Last
but not the least, the region is right next to some of the holiest Hindu shrines in Garhwal/Uttarakhand, so it should also be fairly easy to get RW Hindus to consolidate behind the idea.

The fact that even in such a region Hindus are essentially incapable of doing anything goes
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20 Mar
"The Year is 2040, I have finally decided to get my own driver's license after the government banned Savarnas from travelling on subsidised public transport. The move came after Prime Minister Tejasvi Surya said that we need to do more to make sure public resources were
spent for the oppressed and not the oppressors. Although now I would have to buy my own vehicle and pay full price for fuel, I agree that it was perhaps for the best that I atoned for my ancestors' sins. After all, "Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas" was the only way India could become a
Vishwaguru. Anyways, my first online application for the driver's license was rejected, and the application fees of 50,000 ModiCoins I paid was also not refunded to me. I was told that I had 'shown Manuwadi tendencies' after I had an argument with my Dalit gender-fluid boss at
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19 Mar
Okay, now that things have calmed down relatively speaking. Here's what the sarcasm was supposed to convey:

There are people in the establishment right wing camp (including but not limited to Tarun Vijay) who love to mock Kashmiri Pandits, West Punjab hindus and other
such communities who were kicked out of their homelands for "not being Hindu enough" and not having a saviour fetish for people like Modi/Amit Shah. This obviously is a laughable idea considering that Hindus even today are being forced to leave their homes in places like Kairana
and parts of NCR even with the BJP in power.

I have full sympathies with what your people suffered and your own family's hardships, but I would bluntly say that don't put all your hopes on people who can't look beyond the next election cycle.

Also, what sounds like sexism &
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19 Mar
Modi's mishandling of the economy has been effectively masked by the Pandemic... for now. The truth is that there is no way in hell that a developing country like India should have seen a GDP contraction of 7.7% which is growth that is 13-15% per cent lower than growth in a
'normal year'. None of our neighbours saw this kind of economic contraction, even though they also suffer from similar congestion, slums, weak healthcare system, etc. In none of those countries, not in Bangladesh, not in Pakistan, not in Sri Lanka, not in Nepal, was the Pandemic
year GDP growth lower by an earth-shattering 13-15% compared to normal. In fact, even in the worst performing European countries, which had much worse outbreaks than India's, the decline in GDP growth compared to normal has been less than India's.

Now, I am no economist, and
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12 Mar
A Tale Of Delusion: Laxman Kumar the Bureaucrat Aspirant - Laxman was born in a small village in the Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh. From the time he could utter words in any language, he knew life would not be a fairy tale for him. He grew up fighting gangs of bullies from
10 different castes. He himself was a Kayastha; not that the Rajput and Brahmin and Dalit boys cared for that, he took the blows and took the the shit-talk and hoped that one day he would be a big government officer as the dream was meant to be fulfilled. He enrolled in a BSc
degree college in his town, he tried his luck everywhere, in every exam: sometimes the exam was postponed, sometimes there were not enough vacancies, sometimes there was just so much competition that he could simply not make the cut. Thus was a rebel born in the heart of Laxman
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12 Mar
You know what the truth of the matter is? Neither the BJP, nor the Congress, nor the Dogra parties, nor any other Indian party, have any clue on how to win the Civilisational War in Kashmir.

Their hope is, best to best, that there are enough high TFR biharis and hindi-speakers
willing to turn the demographics in our favour.

But that's a false hope. That's not how strategy works. That's not how Civilisational conflict works. We are losing. We have been losing for a 1000 years. Nothing has changed.

Today the frontlines are in Jammu & Rajouri, tomorrow
they will be in Saharanpur and Haridwar. Nothing would have changed, same mentality, same desperate cries for peace. But nothing substantial would have been done.

This is why we are on track to lose. This is why we are on track to become refugees. The question is, how far will
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12 Mar
Right now, the US has about 2500 active duty soldiers still stationed in Afghanistan. As per the deal made with Trump, they are supposed to be withdrawn by May. Sooner or later, the withdrawal is going to happen.

But, on the ground, there are still many many more US contractors
who 'unofficially' still remain. But for how much longer, even under a Biden administration, will so many troops linger on in an unwinnable war? My guess is, not for much longer.

And once the withdrawal is complete, it is almost a given, like every Afghan knows, that the Taliban
will come roaring back to Kabul.

What is India's role in preventing all this? Are we taking this problem seriously or not? Do we remember that most of the foreign conquests that we have suffered had Afghanistan as their base?

We have to smarten up, no matter how many
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12 Mar
Bollywood shows Mughals as gora-chitta desi rulers with a perfect understanding of desi cultural milieu, with the only difference being the used "Jenab" and "Begum" a lot.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Mughals were for the initial generations purely Turko-Mongol
invaders speaking Chagatai Turkic and Persian out to annihiliate the local "infidel" kaffir Hindu religion. They didnt' speak our language, they didn't look like us, they didnt' understand our culture, they thought our religion was devil worship and sought to wipe us out.

Why is
this reality never shown on television or in theatres? Why don't we get to see how Mughlas used expert torture methods against Hindus, how they built mountains of skulls of kaffir Hindus, how they impaled defeated Hindu Rajas on stakes?

Because it goes against the narrative set
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12 Mar
This is a very unpopular opinion, but I will reiterate, the Varna-Jati system is probably the world's oldest running Eugenics programme.

Why was it required, you might ask. The answer is that the national characteristics of a people are primarily decided by their geographical
surroundings. Since the geographical terrain of India is primarily a "sub-tropical land of abundance" it is difficult to hope for nature to select for positive traits that you want.

Thus, artificial selection is required so you have significant numbers of elite warriors, and
signficant numbers of elite priests/academics, and significant numbers of elite merchants/traders and significant numbers of elite craftsmen.

Without the Varna-Jati system of social organisation, this country's population would have wholly represented some sub-saharan country
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12 Mar
Core plains areas are Haridwar district and Udham Singh Nagar, although Dehradun technically is a mixed hill and plains district but is ethnically more dominated by ethnic pahadis. But again, Dehradun city and nearby areas themselves are scene as a newly colonised territory by
Garhwalis and thus not seen as part of the "true motherland" or the true "old country". Garhwal proper includes the districts of Rudraprayag, Tehri Garhwal, Pauri Garhwal, Chamoli and Uttarkashi. Parts of Dehradun district also include the homeland of the Jaunsari ethnicity who
were conquered by Garhwal relatively recently so they are still seen as the 'other' and maintain their own ethnic identity although inter-marriages between garhwalis and jaunsaris aren't exactly unheard of. Interesting thing tho is that Jaunsaris have their own internal caste
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12 Mar
I always find it quite rich when one Indian community considers itself somehow 'racially superior' than its neighbouring Indian community because of fairer skin. The hilarious thing is that this is true for every community as you go more and more north and to the West. For eg
Hindi heartland inhabitants racially stereotype south indians, and even bengalis to an extent, as dark skinned, and in turn, hindi heartland 'bhaiyyas' are stereotyped as 'kalus' by Punjabis, and then in turn when you move further north-west, Pashtuns stereotype Punjabis as
"dark and ugly". It's a never ending vicious chain.

Each Indian ethnicity/caste is somehow proud of being like 1 or 2 shades fairer than others lol. Like nigga you're going to get racially stereotyped as some servile IT support pajeet as soon as you move to the West, no matter
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