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Rockstar ZX Spectrum coder (yes, actual rockstar). Lead dev of @WagtailCMS at @torchbox. Gasman in the demoscene. he/him
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18 Dec 19
Yes! I've done some new music, for @p01's lovely #pico8 tribute to Katamari Damacy - Katamari Christmassy!…

My approach here was to murder Prokofiev's Troika as a cutesy J-pop swing version, much like Rainbow Islands murdered Somewhere Over The Rainbow.
@p01 I definitely learnt a lot on this project, mainly that doing swing on the pico-8 (or anything that isn't 4/4 time) is really hard, due to the patterns being fixed at 32 notes long.
@p01 ...and sure, embracing limitations is what chiptune is all about... but considering that every other limitation on the pico-8 seems tailor-made to encourage the Mario aesthetic, making it really hard to write swing music probably wasn't what they intended.
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16 Nov 19
Chiltern Railways ticket machines are a fascinating study in UX design, because they've clearly been designed by someone who knows how to design travel booking websites, and if you shove a website into a metal box with a giant touchscreen, that's a ticket machine, right? Nuh-uh.
They've removed the button that says "give me an off-peak return", and you're forced to go through the motions of choosing a pair of trains so that it can tell you "oh, you'll be wanting an off-peak return then"
but to be honest I'll let them off that one, because they've arsed around with the fares system so much that you now have to be a GIANT TRAIN NERD to know what an off-peak ticket actually is.
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29 Dec 18
So now the cat is out of the bag - I was responsible for a couple of ZX Spectrum related easter eggs for Black Mirror's #Bandersnatch choose-your-own-adventure special...
Without getting too spoilery... a post-credits scene shows the main character listening to a tape marked "Bandersnatch Demo", consisting of screechy electronic noise. Tape close-up:
Naturally, this has caused no end of confusion to Americans and millenials who have no idea about the connection between cassettes full of screechy noise and 1980s computer games.
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