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8 Aug
Josh Waitzkin might be the most INTERESTING person alive.

He doesn't have Twitter. And he barely uses the internet.

I've compiled my favorite 5 MENTAL MODELS of his below.


His life so far:

1. Chess prodigy + National champ

2. 2x world champion in Tai Chi push hands

3. The 1st black belt in Jiu-Jitsu under Marcelo Garcia (GOAT)

4. He's now in an unknown ocean town mastering surfing + advising elite investors
The Waitzkin paradox:

He's achieved more WIDTH across disciplines in 43 years than most could in 100 lives


His obsession with DEPTH over WIDTH.

His life is the testimony to deep work and singular focus.

He spends 5-10 years of his life dedicated to each craft
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31 Jul
Nassim Taleb on Serendipity:

"Collect as many free non-lotterry tickets (those with open-ended payoffs) as you can, and, once they start paying off, do not discard them"
H/T @then_there_was for the find
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6 Jun
We live in the AGE OF INFORMATION.

It's never been easier to PASSIVELY ACCEPT the opinions of other people.

Let's use HISTORY as a reminder as to how this can go WRONG.

"If excessive smoking actually plays a role in the production of lung cancer, it seems to be a minor one." - The Director of the National Cancer Institute in 1954.

Remember this when you passively accept appeals to scientific bodies over appeals to the actual science.
"No one will pay good money to get from Berlin to Potsdam in one hour when he can ride his horse there in one day for free." - King William of Prussia on Trains

Remember this when you passively accept government officials' opinions on the future of transport.
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30 May
Charisma Razor:

If a high-achieving person is charismatic, start with a level of skepticism for each idea they present

If a high-achieving person isn't charismatic, start with a level of openness for each idea they present

This goes against human nature (which is why it works)
If you're presented with 2 equally qualified people:

Person 1 - Looks the perfect part

Person 2 - Doesn't look the perfect part

Always pick 2 if all else is equal

1 has got there with advantages

2 has got there despite disadvantages
This thought has been surfacing in and out of my subconscious ever since I read this…
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25 May
Ideas spread like viruses

@rorysutherland analysing the "Work From Home" trend via the model of contagion

"All it takes is one boss who is obsessed with seeing people at their desks and your workplace’s R(0) falls to zero. It is doomed to extinction."…
"(Despite modern technology) People continued cramming on to crowded trains to get to the office at 9 a.m... only to spend the 2 hours of the day reading emails on a screen which would have looked exactly the same had they been at home — or at the beach." - @rorysutherland
Side note:

Only British people can relate to this.

I've never felt as nationalistic as when I ignore Grammarly's red lines.

I feel like I'm in as Asch conformity test.
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21 May
Facebook buying Instagram for $1 billion

Nike signing Michael Jordan for $500,000 per year

Google buying YouTube for $1.36 billion

What are your favorite bets that critics laughed at when it happened but are so clear in hindsight?

Thiel buying 10% of Facebook at $500,000 has to be up there
Manchester United signing Cristiano Ronaldo for £12 million is another contender
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18 May
Tobi Lutke (@tobi) is the CEO of Shopify

He's one of my favorite CLEAR thinkers

I spent some time in lockdown going through his interviews

Here are 6 mental models I got from it


Crocker is a Wikipedia editor who asked people to NEVER apologise about editing his pages.

He just wanted them to focus on making his pages BETTER.

He took 100% responsibility for his mental state. If he was offended, it's his fault.
"Just give me the raw feedback without all the shit sandwich around it." - Tobi

"Feedback is a gift. It clearly is. It’s not meant to hurt. It’s meant to move things forward, to demystify something for you. I want frank feedback from everyone." - Tobi
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4 May
@minseoyah @jackbutcher Level 1 - Spend 30 minutes writing down skills I could learn

Level 2 - Identify 1-2 skills I'm most interested in / market deems most valuable

Level 3 - Research the 1-2 skills and find 3 experts online

Level 4 - Spend 30 minutes reading reviews of experts

@minseoyah @jackbutcher Level 5 - Draw up deliberate practice routine for that skill based on experts teachings for 1 week

Level 6 - Review results from practice routine at the end of 1 week + change course based on findings

@minseoyah @jackbutcher Each step you are getting the dopamine kick of a video game.

Progress. Progress. Progress.

Momentum makes you feel unstoppable.

Each step is difficult enough to feel challenging but easy enough to be motivated to do it.
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20 Apr
Lack of innovation in LANGUAGE destroys our ability to think and communicate CLEARLY

E.g. "Ego"

Some people use it to describe a grandiose sense of self

Others use it to describe the NOTION of a SELF

It feels like there should be more than ONE word
Another word is "Entrepreneur"

Joe Rogan wouldn't fit the classical role of an entrepreneur

But he's making $100 million a year with 90%+ margins

He's more of an entrepreneur than 99.9% of entrepreneurs despite showing no clear entrepreneurial tendencies
If you study most arguments online, a significant amount could be resolved by defining the words they are debating

They talk past one another rather than defining their goalposts

Does anyone else feel like society has just accepted the English language and refused to innovate?
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13 Apr

1. Whenever you find a great image or tweet, screen shot it.

2. Upload the images to a folder on your Mac called “Screenshots”.

3. Set your daily desktop background to be randomised images from the folder.

Mood changer everyday.

Today = Early days of Amazon.
Was about to start my day without a plan.

Opened my laptop and was called out by @danielgross

Today is Thiel on Chess

“Having no plan is chaotic. And yet people default to no plan.”
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4 Apr

I remember @EricRWeinstein and Peter Thiel talk about a shift in the society & economy that happened in 1971-73

Just found

Bizarre data that highlights this ignored topic to be discussed + EXPLORED more
More gold:
Got me thinking of this from Zero to One:
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29 Mar

Here's what I've learnt + been thinking about this week.

Hopefully it will help make your hole experience more enjoyable.


"Spend like a king on speed, like a pauper on everything else."

Useful heuristic before whipping out the cash - "Does it make me go faster?"

Absolute gem for @danielgross

Outcome mindset = X is a bad move, therefore won't do that move again

System mindset = What was the thought process that led up to X? How did I prepare for that decision? What assumptions did I have?

h/t - @SafiBahcall
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12 Mar
Personal takeaways from the last 7 days:

1. How fast things can change in 7 days

2. Most reactions are derived from looking around and copying & pasting others reactions

3. The mainstream media / "Gated Institutional Narrative" is on its last legs (h/t @EricRWeinstein)
4. The importance of filtering your own information sources, and getting balanced opinions from every angle.

Remember hearing @wolfejosh say he reads trashy newspapers AND academic journals, in order to understand what is filtering through the most mainstream demographic.
5. Digital communities are on a massive rise

Would love to see product analytics for Messenger, WhatsApp, Snap/Insta DM's + Twitter.

Huge spikes.

WhatsApp groups that have been dead for a year coming back in a vengeance.
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14 Feb
One of the most underrated blogs on the internet - @TureMasing
When is the book out @TureMasing?
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26 Jan
Here's a list of cool things I learned this week.


This is a map of only 25% of a fruit fly’s cerebral capacity.

Imagine just how complex your inner software is.

H/T - @APompliano

A significant amount of modern problems can still be solved by basic numeracy.

5 minutes looking at profit margins or macronutrient intake can save months of wasted effect on non-falsifiable fluff like branding and gym gear.
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11 Oct 19

The difference in plastic bag consumption in the UK after supermarkets put a £0.05 fee on them.

Logical mind would say people reduced carrier bag use to keep the £0.05

Psycho-logical mind would say £0.05 acted as a signal of guilt

People drop £0.05 on the floor and don't care if they can't pick it up.

You literally can't buy anything with £0.05 in a supermarket in 2019.

Yet it's reduced plastic bag consumption by 90%.

What a powerful habit change

A £0.05 negative reminder can change a whole nations behaviour + do wonders for the enviroment
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19 Aug 19

Here are the 0.1% of resources I've consumed that have brought me 90% of the value.


I wish somebody gave me these in a list so I could have spent more time exploiting than exploring.

"I don’t want to read everything, I just want to read the 100 greatest books over and over again”

I think the same can be said of podcasts, articles, and YouTube videos.

Modern media has us chasing the next high. Instead, of re-visiting our personal lindy library.
1. If Instagram is poison, this is the antidote.

It gets you to put down the participation trophy and forces a red pill down your throat

As a millennial, this was the 1st time I was advised to look at myself objectively. Took 19 years to find it!…
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17 Jun 19
I’ve been listening to @joerogan since 2013.

Hearing his story via his recent interview with @jordanbpeterson was eye opening.

Here’s what I took from it...

Joe seemingly lives between two opposing personality traits.

He’s both INSANELY open minded (curious) and RIDICULOUSLY close minded (stubborn) at the same time.

He’s a juxtaposition of a man.

I think this is what makes him interesting.

Let me explain...

On the way home from a Red Sox Game, he decided to go up the stairs and check out a Taekwondo school.

He was mesmerised by a guy kicking a bag and turned up the next day for training.

He didn’t miss a training session for 7 YEARS unless he was injured.
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4 Jun 19
@bjc290 Could write a whole thread on this.

I would pose the question - “what would 100% ensure that you do it?”

A gun to your head ala Fight Club with a bullet as a consequence would.
@bjc290 Ofc, this is extreme - but the principle is valid.

So all you have to do is design a system where the consequences of not doing it are greater than doing it.
@bjc290 This system for me is simple:

1. State ONE habit per month you’re looking to change publicly

2. Get your friend to state there’s

3. Loser buys lunch

4. Track it publicly on habitshare so they get notifications when u succeed/fail

(had extreme behaviour change via this)
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18 May 19
The most VALUABLE piece of investing advice I ever received came from Warren Buffett.

Buffett gave a talk at University of Georgia.

He told the students to look around at their friends and answer the following question:

“If you could get 10% of their earnings for the rest of their lives, what friends would you INVEST in?”
Once you have the 2-3 friends that you’d invest in, explore WHY you’d invest in them.

What values do these individuals hold?

What habits do they engage in?
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6 May 19

Charlie Munger has been the biggest COGNITIVE INFLUENCE on my life so far.

Here are a list of my favourite PRINCIPLES from the eccentric billionaire.


“It is remarkable how much long-term advantage people like us have gotten by trying to be consistently not stupid, instead of trying to be very intelligent.”

Avoiding stupidity is easier than seeking excellence, yet nobody does it.
His golden piece of advice is two-fold:

1. Avoid being lazy
2. Avoid being unreliable

No matter how connected, well-read or talented you are - if you don't avoid these two, you are destined to fail.
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