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Jan 4, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read
Outraged bybthe new BRR posted today by banking association. They declared thatvthey lowered the rate on $ to 9+% plus risk spread i.e lending rate to poeple around 12% min. While they are paying to deposits a max of 5% half in $ and half in lbp..... And BRR on lbp at above 11% plus spread. Meaning that lending at 14%. This is not acceptable at all. Banks are sucking the financial juice out of the lenders. BDL #bdl YOU CANNOT REMAIN SILENT. You are allowing a club(read cartel) to fix lending rates to lenders. NO
Jan 1, 2020 5 tweets 1 min read
Mark my words. BDL will suggest a reverse quantitative easing, instead of debt restructuring, next year. Few big deposit accounts will be invited to a friendly forced conversion from $ to Lbp. When you know that 0.1% of accounts carry 20% of tot deposits... I.e some $38bn. And 1% of accounts hold around 50% of total deposits or $90bn. So shave off 15% of 90bn into leb lira and gov would have eased off around $ 14bn of its debt. @ 9% interest. Not a haircut, but a beard trimming into leb liras term dep 10 years.