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24 May 19
@auscandoc @eileeniorio @GidMK Epidemiology can be used as a tool to explore links between cause & effect. On a simple level if the rates of a suspected cause rise but the effect doesn't that would suggest no link. 1/7
@auscandoc @eileeniorio @GidMK If the rate of a cause increases along with an effect, it is reasonable to contemplate a link. However, in order to establish that link more is needed. 2/7
@auscandoc @eileeniorio @GidMK A plausible mechanism needs to be established. Other populations where the suspected cause is low should be studied to show similarly low rates of the effect. In basic research we call this a negative control, but I don't know if my epi friends use that term here. 3/7
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12 Jun 18
Tired of fighting the #antivaxxers on Twitter? Need some help in responding to their unsubstantiated claims and nonsense? Feel free to use this thread, or add your own comments. Be warned: it contains some crazy shit. And cursing. #wildride #VaccinesWork
I’ve asked several #antivaxxers for 1 peer-reviewed research study that supports their claim that vaccines cause autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Most never respond but some @ me a list of "studies" they claim make this link. For fun I started to read……
For convenience I have numbered the tweets to correspond to the number listed in the link. Feel free to keep score as we go through these papers!
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