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business-standard.com/article/opinio… ..
a 3rd level of civilisational ideas thru which to view LT dev of European New Right n its variants. Parties devoted to challenging lib-demo idea hv captured power (eg, Hungary) n gained traction thru parties inclined to ethno-natl view in Germany, France, Sweden, etc.
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This is not to excuse any factual errors/bais in their commentary - Q n point out these - but such OTT tirades agnst this n that for "keeping Indians in dark" - when ur party has ruled India for 14 yrs n states for 150+ yrs - are so bizarre! I hv zero sympathy for this lot. ZERO! Is Kashmir only state where a govt was wrongly dismissed? (BTW, Jagmohan was governor). or elections rigged / stolen? or some wrong done to public? or spl language / culture etc? No - many states have all these things n Punjab went thru far worse bloodshed as did many in NE...2
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Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benito_Mu… Adolf Hitler

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolf_Hit… Image
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nytimes.com/2022/03/17/opi… ..
It’s become clear that when it comes to most imp functions of govt, autocracy has severe weaknesses. This is not an occasion for democratic triumphalism but occasion for a realistic assessment of authoritarian ineptitude n perhaps instability.
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.@tca_tca :
Pandemic s/b final nail in coffin of budget secrecy... (b/c) now, with bulk of indirect tax subsumed under GST.. n GST rate decisions taken by GST Council, (there is) no mention in Budget (of tax rate changes etc).
business-standard.com/article/opinio… ..
A few items such as alcohol n fuel, n a few items on which (resp) excise n customs duties still apply.
Is this ragbag worth all secrecy precautions n risks being taken?
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books by Acharya Satyavrata Siddhantalankar!
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books by Swami Jagdishwaranand Saraswati
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lolz.. where blinders take even the best ones..!
अखिलेश यादव...चुनाव में दीये वाली हैसियत और पुण्यता लिए हुए हैं। .@hsvyas :
यूपी में जनता के मनोविज्ञान में एक धुरी बेहाली-बरबादी-महामारी और मौत के वक्त भी सुनवाई नहीं होने, लावारिस अनुभव, निष्ठुर योगी सरकार से मोहभंग की है तो दूसरी धुरी इस धारणा पर निर्मित है कि कुछ भी हो लॉ एंड ऑर्डर ठीक रहा। योगी ने गुंडों-माफियाओं को ठोका।
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This paper is obsessed w/higher rates.. almost a daily ritual; why not return to "golden era" of 1970's n raise MTRs to 75%? That s/generate lots of "revenue" n incr tax-to-GDP ratio (n money spent mostly on buying votes n paying for ever-higher staff exp)
business-standard.com/article/opinio… ..
Govt c/remove tax deductions on inv for individuals, which benefits better-off sections. Altho govt has given such an option, it m/n help. Giving options to taxpayers w/lead to lower tax collection b/c people w/opt for one with lower outgo.
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business-standard.com/article/opinio… ..
Econ reforms are useful for boosting growth rate of GDP n for econ welfare. That is what reforms are for. And, they affect stock prices too. But do they also positively affect long-term fundamental values of stocks? If no, it is imp to understand whole issue.
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livemint.com/opinion/column… ..
A 3-line summary:
Ability of West to interact, do commerce with n trust strangers, thus creating scale economies n institutions that sustained n supported them, c/b traced to strictures that Catholic church placed on ‘kinship’ marriages.
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to all those who invoke Gandhi; eg, @ShashiTharoor sir:
pravakta.com/an-open-letter… अगर मेरे हाथों में तानाशाही सत्ता हो तो आज से ही विदेशी माध्यम के जरिये शिक्षा बंद कर दूँ और सारे शिक्षकों से यह माध्यम तुरन्त बदलवा दूँ या उन्हें बरखास्त कर दूँ. मैं पाठ्यपुस्तकों की तैयारी का इंतजार नहीं करूँगा. वे तो माध्यम के परिवर्तन के पीछे-पीछे चली आवेंगी. (7.1.1926)
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business-standard.com/article/opinio… ..
This ordeal..reached a crescendo approaching Dec 31. Tax practitioners, most of them big supporters of current regime, took to SM to voice their anger. Resp was expectedly callous n dismissive. Revenue secretary insisted site is working perfectly, citing # of returns filed.
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Raman Reddy:
Hinduphobia, or the deeply embedded fear of the Hindu Rashtra in secular scholars, is due to political reasons and not cultural apprehension.
indiafacts.org/the-wrong-noti… ..
Most uncorroborated concl..literally taken as a fait accompli.. is reprehensible and obnoxious character of “Hindu Rashtra”..by all leftist n secular scholars. I never had any RSS connections n actually had to go to these websites to check what was so horrifying abt it
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Simple.. who has more votes, sir..?
sundayguardianlive.com/opinion/politi… ..
All politicians hv condemned sacrilege incidents..but, except Amrinder Singh, none of them denounced lynchings that accompanied such incidents. Only Captain had courage to say: There is no justification for mob lynching whatsoever, and it is condemnable.
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