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12 Jul
This is a great point but I’d go further: the agile manifesto was created to take software from where it was to where it is today. Agile was revolutionary. Now at best it’s table-stakes and at worse outdated.
We know that colocated teams works in a mono-culture and is exclusionary by nature.

We also know that absent alignment that works for tech and business that agile produces situations where developers are exploited and IT projects fail.
It’s 2021, and it’s time we stopped focusing our efforts around software delivery and started focusing our efforts on building and sustaining software teams.
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23 Jun
I'll get this out of the way: Congrats on launching this thing we hadn't heard about until now? (The secrecy level here was on par with their April Fools Day joke; but I'll try not to draw any correlations there)
Typically Stack Overflow would 'soft launch' a feature and let people in the community (people that frequented meta, let's be clear) about it first; and they would give feedback, and then it would go live.
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22 Jun
It has begun
What's sad is that these homes being 'worth' 1 million dollars is only 20 years away at current trends.
I am of course discounting the current bubble; I should have said "historical" trends.
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16 Oct 20
In 2020 if you create an open source project, you either

1: make companies pay for it
2: accept that because it’s legal to do so, they will happily take what you did for free and make money off of it
Maintaining an OSS project is a sucker’s game to these companies.
It sounds jaded; I know, but every corporation has a choice when faced with an OSS project in a space it wants:
1. Contribute to that project without taking it over
2. Buy it and develop it
3. Fork it and sell it
4. Copy its design

We could instances of #1 and #2 on one hand.
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30 Jul 20
I'm livetweeting the "Focus on Microservices" conference today. Thread. 👇
There's a full day of "great" content, including Kubernetes.

I don't typically put "Great" and "Kubernetes" in the same sentence, but we'll let that go for now.
You can get answers to your questions by using the hashtag #dotnetconf .
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24 Feb 20
And "alternative biz strategy" is the winner. Alternative here is like "alternative paths" and not like "alternative energy" which sounds good but requires tearing all the shit down to adopt which means we gotta wait until the earth floods for the 'pubs to get off their ass.
'pubs here is short for Republican, or 'pubic' which incidentally you can't spell Republican without pubic but this thread isn't about them, it's about @stackoverflow, and here we go!
@StackOverflow My normal @stackoverflow thread disclaimers apply (also, my apologies to the poor soul at Stack Overflow that has to explain to their manager that 'pubic' and @stackoverflow were together in the same tweet and no they weren't related)
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21 Feb 20
I've heard lots of stories from sources close to @StackOverflow Inc that mirror these sorts of problems. Stack Overflow Inc has a culture problem.

People who tell management what they don't want to hear are marginalized, *at best*.

That's *bad*, and it's a problem *right now*.
@StackOverflow It's not my place to tell their stories; while I'm somewhat hopeful of the new CPO's course; there's a culture issue to fix that is standing square in the way of resolving the problems @stackoverflow has with the community.
@StackOverflow If this were like any other SV company, I wouldn't care to talk about it. But this is Stack Overflow. A company started by and for programmers that has (had?) a good mission behind it. A mission tens of thousands visit every day to *volunteer* to fulfill.
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4 Feb 20
Friday, @aaronchall met with @pchandrasekar from @stackoverflow as an ambassador of the community. I haven’t reported on it or given my thoughts on the meeting largely because I was digesting how I felt about it. Here are those meeting notes:
First, as is common in all of my threads regarding @stackoverflow :
➡️ this is my opinion
➡️ I’m speaking only for myself and don’t claim to speak for the rest of the community
➡️ the people that work @stackoverflow are good people
@StackOverflow You're probably going to want to read all the previous threads if you're not familiar with the context (warning, could take a while):
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21 Jan 20
I will not fall for the bait. I will not fall for the bait. I will not fall... ah screw it. @stackoverflow's CEO created a blog post and corresponding meta post about the blog post detailing his vision for Stack Overflow:…
@StackOverflow I will attempt not to razz on the blog post or corresponding meta post *too* much; but this will not be a razz free thread. You have my apologies in advance. I will attempt to sound more neutral sometime in the future.
@StackOverflow My standard disclaimers apply: and that thread also has background threads that may or may not be useful to you, all around this subject.
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17 Jan 20
So in today's thread (and perhaps this will quell my desire to talk about @stackoverflow) I'm going to talk about two things:
1. Current direction of Stack Overflow the business and what that means for the 'community', and
2. My 2020 predictions for Stack Overflow the business
@StackOverflow Standard Internet disclaimers apply:
- This is all, like, my opinion man
- I don't own any shares of Stack Overflow and have no business interests in them
- I could be completely wrong
@StackOverflow If this is your first thread (hi!), you're going to want to (at some point), read these threads:

Wherein I claim the community problems are (in retrospect) obvious and were always going to happen
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16 Jan 20
In a further showing of 'twisting the knife', @stackoverflow will now remove moderator resignation notices from being 'featured' after 24 hours. Previously, it was the domain of the community elected moderators to decide the duration.… 🙃
@StackOverflow There is an old adage: When you're in a hole, the first thing you do is stop digging. It would seem that @stackoverflow is going to keep digging, maybe in an attempt to get to the other side of the earth?
@StackOverflow At this point, calling @stackoverflow out on bad behavior feels like punching down. It shouldn't feel that way, but it does. Their actions are shockingly tone-deaf (and/or outright designed to push people away) that calling them out each time is repetitive.
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16 Jan 20
When people say @StackOverflow is “evil”, there’s a bit of context behind that that may not be readily apparent, but is critically important to understand their feelings: (mute me for about 20 minutes if this isn’t your jam)
@StackOverflow In 2008, when Stack Overflow was launched, @codinghorror put front and center that Stack Overflow was a programmer Q&A site, run by the community.…
@StackOverflow @codinghorror If you've seen Simon Sinek's Start With Why (… ) then you'll notice that @codinghorror and @spolsky did the right thing: they started with why. Why does Stack Overflow exist? Who does it exist for? What is its purpose?
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