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14 May
"They will never plan another terror attack again" << Says @IDF while sharing pics of #HamasTerrorists they neutralized. Some may call it boasting but this is the right thing to do👍

P.S. Supporters of terrorists can claim Jannat (+72 hoors) 4 them as they died during #Ramzan😉
Agreed. And It's a warning for others as well as they could also meet the same fate if they attack #Israel.

@IDF @Israel are not only neutralizing the targets in #Gaza but also handling the 'communication' to world, very well. Crisp, Timely and Effective!
I think @rajnathsingh can at least start with #IDF like handle in India. We have so many handles and none communicate like IDF does, due to pampered-thookiyas.

Perhaps RNS can also organized a communication-workshop for defense-people?🤔
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11 May
But @narendramodi called #FakersProtests as 'पवित्र आंदोलन ' and flatly refused to EVICT them. @myogiadityanath was all set to clear Ghazipur-Border but was stopped at last-minute.

I hold Modi 100% responsible for this FAKERs mess #DelhiBorders, as he refused to ACT👈
Will @narendramodi Govt make statement on analysis from @SwarajyaMag team? There're many flights from UK to Delhi/Punjab which brought large of #NRIs to India. UK was still at peak then. Many passengers escaped quarantine post landing in Punjab😎
.@surnell Sure, If it was UPA-Govt, we be in worse situation. But @narendramodi did make mistakes & no correction on them.

>Allowing #FAKERsProtests @ #DelhiBorders is BIG-ONE but he approved it as Pavitra-Aandolan

>Letting #RogueCMs 2 mismanage COVID in many states is another Image
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11 May
#Covid19India Another 10% decline in nationwide new-cases. This is good but I am skeptical as testing is curtailed in many states so this decline may be artificial. Hope I am wrong.

Karnataka now #1 state in new-cases, displacing Maharashtra, although both <40k in new-cases!
Just read this on #Maharashtra .. There is 'Testless Lockdown".

Same is true for #Delhi and many other states too!

M/s @drharshvardhan @narendramodi Any thoughts?
Here is how states are reducing #Covid19 testing .. #Delhi #Maharashtra #Telangana #Kerala are top-states who have slowed-down testing considerably!

Wonder if @drharshvardhan @narendramodi speak-up on this unethical #Covid19Management, or its okayed by Centre?😎
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9 May
Where in #UP?

M/s @Uppolice @dgpup What is this? How can such huge जनाजा be allowed?

@myogiadityanath Please report from this district and take some action!
So this is the जनाज़ा of some #SalimMiyan of #बदायूँ district .. Such a huge crowd, must be 10-15 thousands if not more.

Mr @myogiadityanath How come @Uppolice didn’t see this and stop such gathering? Please dismiss SHO of बदायूँ Police!!
M/s @budaunpolice @Uppolice What is their to investigate? Video-Footage is REAL as Many people shot videos of it. How can thousands of thookiyas gather & Cops have no clue? DON'T COVER-UP!

@myogiadityanath DO SOMETHING. DON'T be #MaunYogi like #MaunModi. It will hurt in Feb-2022 Image
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9 May
A young woman came 4m #WB to #TikriBorder to join #FAKERsProtests. He was gang-raped by #KisanSocialArmy people. 6 (4 men, 2 women) accused but none arrested yet. Women allegedly died of #Covid19 few days later.

@cmohry @police_haryana What's going on?🤔
Besides #KisanSocialArmy folks, 2 @AamAadmiParty Workers also involved in Rape of #WB Girl at #TikriBorder.

Wonder what does @ArvindKejriwal has to say on this? Or he will ignore/deny as usual and blame BJP?😎 Image
Some coverage in local newspaper. Rapists went to WB to campaign against BJP & met the woman. They brainwashed her to join #FAKERsProtests. She was raped by 4 (2 #FAKERs, 2 #AAPTards)👇

2 women tried to pressure her to BURY RAPE. FAKERs did her शवयात्रा despite #Covid19 death😎 Image
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8 May
Don't think this #TaskForce on #OxygenAllocation was necessary. No scientific-knowledge required in 'allocation' as it's demand/supply rationalization based on previous-data & Covid/ICU patients. #SupremeLords once again fallen to gallery and end-up creating a futile task-force.
#OxygenAllocation to states is administrative-work. Wonder what'll these DOCTORs do in #TaskForce? Use calculators Or develop mathematical-formulas to calculate O2-Allocation 4 states?

M/s #SupremeLords Docs needed in Hospitals, not waste time in Oxygen-Allocation computation🙈 Image
Instead of making Grand #TaskForce, SC/HC could focused on deliberate mismanagement/sabotage by #RogueStateGovts(Delhi, Maha, Punjab, West Bengal etc). A journo wrote this brave-piece in HT highlighting Delhi-Govt-Mess and faced wrath of #AAP as she got kicked from AAP-WA-Group🙈 Image
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22 Feb
Mr @narendramodi Your predecessors responsible for this mess. And you aren't doing any better to change this. Govt run #HAL hasn't delivered to expectations. Learn from best arms-manufactures around the globe and encourage private-players in India to make arums/ammunitions.
We (India) can definitely DESIGN now as we are #SkilledIndia .. We have crs of youth with tons of bright ideas. All we have to do is channel the energy in right direction. Won't that work? What else is stopping us from becoming #Atmanirbhar?
Agreed. Continuous funding to समुदाय-विशेष in name of scholarships, hasn't shown much result yet. But it is pushing majority of Hindu-Kids to go work for MNCs or go abroad at first opportunity they find. Can we call ourself #SkilledIndia in such scenario?
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22 Feb
Dear @SriSri Many of my friends attend your courses and devotees of you. They are disappointed seeing this video where you made claim on Muhammad being mentioned in ancient Hindu-Scriptures? Will you clarify?

You can't fool Hindus with your Secular-Guru façade!
Thanks @AOLSwamiji for responding but video-clip clearly quoting @SriSri>P Mohammed will be born in middle-east, bring peace etc and this was written in Ancient Hindu Text from thousands of year ago.

#SriSri MUST deny or clarify this. No Hindu-texts talk about Mohammed, Period!
Irrespective of how old/long the talk or whatever was context then, no Guru can justify #Mohammed by lying about Hindu-Scriptures. Our scriptures were from time when there was only #Hinduism.

@srisri ji will have to CLARIFY/DENY this ASAP!
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20 Feb
During #DishaRavi's bail hearing today, Judge drilled @DelhiPolice for evidence against her. When judge wanted to see the full #ToolKit document, Disha's vakeel couldn't give any answer. Why Disha's lawyer hiding full-toolkit?

She will get bail but can't hide #Toolkit anymore!
Actually her lawyer accepting she shared toolkit & it has nothing objectionable, didn't provoke people on 26/1. Prosecution suggesting court to go over content in detail by clicking on various links in #Toolkit. As toolkit was deleted, none has full-copy!
#DishaRavi's lawyer hasn't denied #Toolkit. In fact he justified some of its content as harmless👇

Now it's fair 4 court to go through whole #Toolkit and make its opinion on same. If toolkit was so good, why delete it? Disha will have to answer.
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16 Nov 20
Ha..Ha.. #CJIBobde catches @KapilSibal lies for trying to short-circuit on #SiddiqqueKappan bail .. What a shameless LIAR this Sibal has become now🤦
#ZeroSibal @KapilSibal keep blabbering about #SiddiqqueKappan not allowed to meet his lawyers but can't explain how he himself got instructions from Siddiqque. #CJIBobde keep saying go to HC and put Sibal in place by putting-off matter to Friday. What a SLAP😊

Thanks Mr Bobde👍
Dude @arvindgunasekar Don't be too cute on #PersonalLiberty .. SC asked Siddiqque's lawyer @KapilSibal why he didn't go to HC first, to which Sibal couldn't give any response. Sibal tried to short-circuit by avoiding HC, which SC didn't accept. Simple!
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15 Nov 20
Mr @ShashiTharoor STOP LYING ..

a) BO's book in 2 volumes and only 1st volume is coming out which covers till 2011 of his Presidency

b) 1st volume has 768 pages, not 902

c) @narendramodi may be mentioned in 2nd-Volume which covers Post-2011 of his Presidency

Dude @ShashiTharoor Sanghis know what @BarackObama did to @narendramodi during #MMS-Era. BO denied US-Visa to Modi for many years. But when Modi became PM, he came to India for 'repentance' and was Chief-Guest on Republic-Day, under same Modi. A BIG ass🔥 moment 4 ur @INCIndia😊
Incident of 17-01-2014 at #LeelaPalaceHotel, will be the first chapter in "Successful Murder of a Celebrity-Spouse" book ... I think @chetan_bhagat is seriously considering writing this book😊
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14 Nov 20
While folks outside India wishing #Diwali in true colors, @narendramodi minister blabbering Green-Diwali. Sad state of Modi-team🙈

Mr @drharshvardhan What is Green-Diwali? There's no such thing. Don't u have any SHAME 4 mentioning this? Stop this Green-Bakwaas!
#Diwali_IS_Diwali Image
भारी विडंबना है .. But this is all thanks to @narendramodi who has allowed the ban on #Firecrackers all over India and stubbornly refused to interfere at all.

Mr @drharshvardhan Here you go .. #Dilwali colors are understood by people all over the world. Green has no link with Diwali. Stop your Green-Propaganda to target Hindu-Festivals!

@narendramodi #SaveHinduFestivals #SaveDiwali #SaveFirecrackers Image
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3 Oct 20
It seems victory-dance of @rahulkanwal on alleged #AIIMS report on #SushantDishaMurder, is to DEFLECT HEAT 4m @IndiaToday journos, who are caught with hands-in-cookie-jar (tutoring #HathrasGirl family to speak against @UPGovt). Well played Rahul but it won't work!
How @IndiaToday reporter caught tutoring #HathrasGirl family & falsely telling them that @Uppolice is trying to implicate family. Reporter told them to tell media>they been pressured by administration👇

No wonder @rahulkanwal deflecting with AIIMS report!
Call-recording confirm How @IndiaToday reporter working at behest of @INCIndia @priyankagandhi & telling #HathrasGirl's bro that he should make video and put blame on XYZ. She assuring him that all videos shared with #Vadri & she is aware of this.
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2 Oct 20
M/s @priyankagandhi If #Hathras alleged rape is UP's Jungleraj then 10x worse Jungleraj is there in @INCIndia ruled Rajasthan. Have U (or ur #pappu brother @rahulhgandhi) ever asked any question to @ashokgehlot51 on so many rape-cases reported from #Rajasthan?🤔
#HathrasPolitics Image
M/s @RahulGandhi @priyankagandhi Will u head to Sirohi in #Rajasthan to meet the family of 8yr old tribal-girl who was gang-raped and the brutally murdered?

Will you demand DISMISSAL of @ashokgehlot51?🤔
@_pallavighosh @_sabanaqvi @rohini_sgh @SachinPilot
Will @RahulGandhi @priyankagandhi care to go to #Bulandshahr also & meet 14yr old rape-victim's family? She was abducted during sleep and then raped by neighbor #Rizwan who is absconding.

Or #Secularsim won't allow such visit as perpetrator is Muslim?😎
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1 Oct 20
1. Girl has relationship with 1 of the accused Boy 4 last 2 years and both were beaten in past too by family-members
2. Per UP-ADG, NO RAPE as per forensic-report
3. She died due to strangulation in neck which injured her spine too
#HathrasTruth Truth is far from what #MSM spreading..

Seems Girl's brother/mother framed people, for older animosity with Boy's family. Many accused not even present during 'alleged' crime'.

#Kathua all over again? A @BJP4UP Dalit-MP stoking the fire?🤔
#HathrasTruth Multiple test-reports(Hathras & Delhi's Safdarjung Hospital) confirm "NO RAPE" on #HathrasGirl. Matter was given rape-twist by @INCIndia 4 political-mileage as they coerced girl's family-members to LIE.

Will @Uppolice take action against Congress leaders involved? Image
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27 Sep 20
HORRENDOUS ORDER by #DelhiHC to ask @ByRakeshSimha to delete following tweets which he made against @IndiaToday & its corrupts-practices. Nothing defamatory in these tweets. Big MISTAKE by Judge #RajivShakder to restrain Rakesh like this. BLATANT attack on #FreedomOfExpression👈 Image
HC asked him to delete the tweets, so I guess he'll have to comply. There is no time-frame given though in order for deletion, but next date of hearing is Nov-19. Such a SHAM order by this HC judge. As u said, he should go to SC and wake them up midnight!
Fortunately, I took screenshot of @ByRakeshSimha's tweet-thread against @IndiaToday👇

Tweeples can read and make their own judgement on these and SHAM HC-Order!

Mr @aroonpurie Instead of such defamation cases, U should respond point-by-point to Rakesh!
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27 Sep 20
So @rautsanjay61 want to i/w @Dev_Fadnavis 4 @ShivSena's @Saamanaonline magazine & they discussed it in luxury hotel. Couldn't their assistants discuss such stuff? What's cooking? Is @BJP4Maharashtra ready to embrace #ShivSena again, despite everything?😎
2 diff 'explanations' 4m @rautsanjay61 @Dev_Fadnavis>While Raut claiming discussing 'certain issues' with DF & in @OfficeofUT knowledge, DF excusing to discuss interview-conditions. Does SR/DF think, people are iditols? U don't discuss i/w conditions in luxury-hotels and urself🤦 Image
Cat is out of the bag>2-hr meeting between @rautsanjay61 @Dev_Fadnavis😲

DF lies wont' fly. None discuss T&Cs of a media i/w for 2 hrs in a luxury-hotel🙈

Every @BJP4Maharashtra karyakarta should be UPSET on this backrooms maneuvers to #SaveBabyPanguin!
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25 Sep 20
This is what #Gavaskar said while discussing a video (in which @imVkohli @AnushkaSharma playing on their balcony) .. Doesn't seem an attack on Anushka👇

M/s #AnushkaSharma You are a super-celebrity wife of a super-celebrity cricketer. Don't be a cry-baby!
This is the tweet from @Don_Mateo13 which caused the aspersions on #Gavaskar as later never used the word
as mentioned in tweet below. Why this user has protected his tweets now? Translation error?🙄

@imVkohli @AnushkaSharma should take back their comments on this! Image
Brilliant/Gentleman like response from #Gavaskar's son @rohangava9 to @AnushkaSharma @imVkohli for blowing up on former's comments which no way a direct attack👇

Hope Kohli/Sharma calm down now and let commentators some leeway as they have to speak something! Image
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24 Sep 20
Stunning REVELATION by @nsitharaman>#PMNRF, set-up by #Nehru, was never registered in last 70 years and never audited by #CAG even once. #PMCares is a registered trust from Day-1.

Wonder why @narendramodi not disclose it in 1st term? Deal with Congress?🤔
None could question #Nehru decisions that times. People didn't bother to check as they were busy with Azadi. Banks were scared of Nehru to ask any documents.

Subsequent Govts also kept quiet, up until now in 2020, when the fraud is finally revealed😎
And #PMNRF was audited by a Pvt-firm "SARC & Associates", not CAG👇

Will @INCIndia @RahulGandhi @priyankagandhi (and also @narendramodi for 5 years) EXPLAIN this, how a public-fund is audited by a pvt-firm, instead of CAG, for 70 years?😎
#KnowYourLegacy Image
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22 Sep 20
Ridiculous! After overnight protest of Gunda-MPs, #RajyaSabha Dy-Chairman bringing tea 4 them. Why?

Have these MPs shown remorse? No!

Has @SanjayAzadSln apologize 2 Marshal 4 attacking him physically by grabbing his neck & giving him blows? No!
#IdioticGestures @MVenkaiahNaidu
And now @narendramodi supporting the #IdioticGestures to appease #GundaMPs ... हम नहीं सुधरेंगे! Aur, wasie bhi #Bihar election ke liye ye ek accha mudda hai😎
This is too much. Victim #HarivanshNarayanSingh is doing fast to protest against his violator #GundaMPs .. Yeh HNS bhi solid MKG-Bhakt lagta hai🙄
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20 Sep 20
There is definitely resemblance so possibility to hai☺️

Hope some investigative-journalist show some courage and dig out some photos from family-album!
Thanks for clarifying. @RudraVS has deleted the tweet asking on this.

Matter ends!
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