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Grassroots Research and Advocacy Movement (GRAAM),is an organization that researches issues faced by communities, and advocates for policy changes
Dec 26, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
@Skill_Karnataka with the assistance of GRAAM will be hosting a consultation workshop titled Karnataka Skill Policy Consultation 2023-2030 with all the stakeholders involved in the skill ecosystem of the state.
To register, click:… The honorable Government of Karnataka has entrusted the task of revising the Karnataka Skill Policy to GRAAM. As we are working towards creating an inclusive and evidence-based skill policy, we would like to seek your valuable input and insights for the same.
Dec 26, 2022 6 tweets 4 min read
#speakforskill #speakforkarnataka

What are the policy measures/ initiatives that the government should take to ensure Industry Participation in

A. Short-Term Skill Training Program (like PMKVY-CMKKY-DDU GKY etc)
B. Long-Term Training Program (like ITI - Polytechnic etc) India Sill Report 2022 suggests that about 75% of employers had identified a skill gap in their workforce entering 2022. This signifies a lack of awareness among the skilled youth regarding the current job opportunities and trends. Industry - Institute Synergy is the