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9 Jun
The #ANOM #TrojanShield news is really disturbing. I'm surprised that Twitter is not more up in arms.…
First, let's remember that everything we know right now is FBI public relations. This is the best story they can tell for why the public should support #TrojanShield. We don't really know what happened. But some of the stuff we do know is bad.
12,000 Anom devices sold to over 300 criminal syndicates operating in more than 100 countries, over 20 million messages intercepted. Arrests?: 800. Is this proportionate?
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14 Apr
I have so many questions about the FBI's warrant to patch compromised Microsoft Exchange servers:…
The changes to Rule 41 from several years ago allow magistrate judges to authorize searches outside of their districts in cases such as this one, but they don't authorize the FBI to patch or delete code on other people's machines.
@Riana_Crypto and I hosted a series of conversations about government hacking @StanfordCIS , including a discussion of these changes to Rule 41:…
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14 Apr
Super fascinating details about the company that helped unlock the San Bernadino shooter's iPhone in the Apple v. FBI case.… by @nakashimae
Everyone assumed it was Cellebrite, but it wasn't.
The chain of exploits required to unlock the phone was pretty cool.
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