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Our fight is not left vs right or Red vs Blue, but free individuals against a cabal of power-hungry elite.
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8 Jul 20
💀👹The Truth Is Sickening👹💀

1) These people are such scumbags. The connections are crazy, check this out...
2) Here's the article that highlights the connections.…
3) Of course, WE Charity gives the UN Sustainable Development Agenda its full support.
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27 May 20
1)💥If there was ever a video series that I recommend as MUST WATCH, it's the new 4 PART series on Bill Gates that James Corbett has just finished! This is very important information to review and share.💥

PART 1 - How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health
2) PART 2 - Bill Gates' Plan to Vaccinate the World
3) PART 3 - Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid
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24 May 20
🇨🇦 2020 vs 🇺🇸 2014
The Conservative Party is the spitting image of the Republican party of '14 and have effectively railroaded all dissenting MP's from the leadership.

1) 2Canada, May 20, 2020
2) USA, Jan 31, 2014
3) Now, recall what Brian Mulroney said in his speech at a 2014 Canada 2020 conference.
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14 May 20
1) Apparently, the RCMP in Salmo, BC are NOT AT ALL concerned with someone:
A) Admitting on camera to snorting Percocet and drinking, and
B) Being in possession of an illegally obtained firearm without a PAL.
...all while having a 4yr old in the house.
2) This happened Tuesday night. The RCMP officer was actually going to let him take his daughter to a hotel after doing all of this and leave the girl's mother at home.

I'd think that in light of the events in Nova Scotia and the new firearms decree, the RCMP might want to...
3) ...actually find the gun and shells, protect the child, and do SOME sort of an investigation. NOPE. There he was the next day, driving around Salmo BC without a care in the world. The officer did not search for the gun or shells.

I have both video clips saved.
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4 May 20

1) What does it mean to be unbiased and objective? I believe that it's critically important to look at all sources of information, be they mainstream or independent, and review them based on the info they present.
2) Objectivity and discernment, free from any preconceived bias, is the only way to be truly informed. Believing ANY info at face value and not applying critical thinking is a dangerous thing to do. Dismissing info based solely on the source is a dangerous thing to do.
3) The most important thing right now is to pay as close attention as we possible to everything. Equally as important is for us to question everything. NEVER let anyone tell you what to think. Use your own judgement and decide for yourself.
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2 May 20
1) Is this simply another incredible coincidence, or evidence of something else? Read this and decide for yourself.
2) A few very interesting screenshots were posted under my thread from Jan 25 about the connections between Canada and the Wuhan Virology Lab. Thank you to @Leonard61158764 for posting these. Here are three of them that really caught my eye.
3) The April 1/2020 Bloomberg article says that ZMapp is being used to develop a vaccine for Covid-19 by using virus-like particles grown inside a close relative of the tobacco plant.
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27 Apr 20
Am I missing something??

1) The NIH was able to get the FDA to review and approve clinical trial applications for an experimental mRNA vaccine a week before the WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic?
2) Wellcome Trust is partly funding this experimental vaccine development, including Moderna's mRNA vaccine. I will not be taking a rushed experimental vaccine that is designed to hijack my cell's proteins.
3) How is it possible that they could have known about this in mid-January and that they would need to start human trials on an experimental mRNA vaccine? This was two whole months before the WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic!
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11 Apr 20

1) This talk of the Democratic Party pushing the idea of mail-in ballots in the coming 2020 US election due to the Covid-19 pandemic is fairly concerning.
2) But wait, we have mail-in ballots in our Federal general elections in Canada.
3) According to Elections Canada, Canadians can vote via mail by using what's called a Special Ballot.
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2 Apr 20
This isn't sitting well with me. What do you think?

1) The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is funding different vaccine projects at several different companies. One of the vaccines is INO-4800, where the patient is injected with synthesized DNA.…
2) Here we see that Moderna, also funded by Gates, is developing an mRNA vaccine, which apparently skipped proper testing protocols and went straight to human trials in February at Dr. Fauci's facility.…
3) Perhaps it's just me, but does it not seem like a bad idea to be injecting these types of things into people?
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1 Apr 20
😳💉 DID YOU KNOW???💉💀

1) The World Health Organization has a taskforce for contraceptive vaccines.…
2) It's been around for decades and appears to be very well funded.
3) Here's an interesting article detailing how the Rockefellers funded much of the research and development.…
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1 Apr 20
1) How much evidence is required?

Here's a document presenting the "need" for global, digital/biometric ID, brought to us by Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, the World Bank, ID2020, and McKinsey.
2) Mastercard's analysis of the "need" for a Cashless Society, brought to us by McKinsey.
3) Mastercard's Executive Vice President, Liz Oakes, is a former Expert Associate Partner at McKinsey.
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25 Mar 20
1) Question For Canadians:

Should we try and get ahead of this BEFORE it happens, or wait until they're ready with the mass vaccination/RFID injections?

It seems like maybe we should try and stop this ASAP because it is most definitely coming.…
2) Look at who is partnered with the Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada. TD, RBC, CIBC, BMO, Interac, Mastercard, etc.
3) ID2020 is an organization made up of Microsoft, GAVI World Vaccines, and the Rockefeller Foundation, and it's partnered with Mastercard and Microsoft.…
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23 Mar 20
1) Question to remaining @CPC_HQ supporters:
Over the last 6 months, how many CPC MP's have openly spoken out against ANYTHING that our government is doing?!? Michelle Rempel is the only one I can think of, and she's a slick tongued double-speak queen who never actually...
2)...addresses the root of any issue, nor its relation to any of the other issues. According to her, they all seem to be separate and they all seem to be pinned on the Liberals - not that they don't deserve any blame. The one candidate, Karahalios, who even mentioned...
3)...the words "carbon tax" got skidded immediately. There's literally no one and nothing left to support. NOT ONE CONSERVATIVE MP HAS THE COURAGE TO SPEAK UP AGAINST WHAT IS HAPPENING!!! Not one will address the UN's Sustainable Development Agenda, the Trilateral Commission...
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21 Mar 20
Have some free time and want to know more about what's happening?
Read this after.…
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11 Mar 20
This is it, you guys. It's time for us to draw our line in the sand and stand together and say, as loud as we can, NO! We're NOT going to let the government take away the rights of parents to protect their children. We're NOT going to allow the State to conduct...
...medical experiments on children that will permanently destroy their body and render them sterile. And we're NOT going to be threatened with imprisonment for talking about it!!! I have had enough of this bullshit and I will never stop talking about this! Canada, we...
...can't let this happen. There is far too much at stake here to ignore this. PLEASE watch and share this video of a Canadian man who is having his life destroyed over this.
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9 Mar 20
🇺🇳☭Interesting Connections at the World Health Organization☭🇺🇳

1) Let's take a look at a few connections at the WHO, starting with Tedros Adhanom.
2) Tedros has been the Head of the WHO since 2017 when he took over from Margaret Chan. He's got the same 'UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals' pin as the Canadian Green Party's Elizabeth May. This tells us where his loyalty lies.
3) He was the Foreign Affairs Minister (2012-2016) and Health Minister (2005-2012) for the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front, which is allied with the Eritrean People's Liberation Front, and they lead the movement called the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front.
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4 Mar 20
At 9:05, Steven Harper, whose Conservative Government signed Canada onto Agenda 2030 - A GLOBAL SOCIALIST UN GOVERNMENT AGENDA - slams Bernie Sanders for promoting Socialism!! The hypocrisy is almost criminal!! #WAKEUPCANADA #UNExit
@StephenHarper also promotes Huawei. He's a Globalist piece of shit, just like the rest of the Conservative Party leadership candidates and their ruling authorities. @jkenney and the rest of the fake conservatives all need to be called out too! #WAKEUPCANADA
I would love to see a Conservative Party leadership candidate step up and promote true conservative values and actually represent the millions upon millions of Canadians who don't want the UN Sustainable Development Agenda. Who among you?
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1 Mar 20
💉 ☠️💉☠️💉☠️💉☠️💉☠️💉☠️💉
2) This thread explains how the UN, Microsoft, Mastercard, Soros, the government, and others want you and your family chipped, tracked, monitored, and controlled.

As part of the UN's Sustainable Development Agenda, it's now a 'human right' to not just have ID, but digital ID.
3) The UN has been securing and distributing funds from a number of sources in order to implement and expand their biometric ID operations for refugees.
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1 Mar 20
1) Just curious, do Chile, Japan, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Trinidad, etc have "diversification" plans like Canada, Great Britain, France, USA, Germany, Sweden, Italy, etc do? I don't believe they do. Don't all countries need to be "diverse"? What exactly does that word mean?
2) What does it mean in this political context?
Which countries are currently being "diversified"?
Which are not?
We're "diversifying" from what and to what, exactly?
What is common among the countries being "diversified"?
These should be very easy questions to answer.
3) This is probably about to get a whole lot worse. If the EU doesn't help Turkey immediately, we will know that EU officials intentionally allowed this to happen. If it does, we will see the complete destruction of Europe.…
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26 Feb 20
UN AGENDA 2030: The Blueprint For Global Socialist Government

1) A complete history, overview, and analysis of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda.
2) Agenda 2030 For Sustainable Development is part of a United Nations plan for the world. It incorporates all aspects of society and culture, economics & the environment, as well as communication and interaction.
3) Here is the UN's definition of "sustainable development" and the three areas of focus.
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21 Feb 20
🔎Wet'suwet'en: A Deeper Look🔍

1) There is much more going on than we're being told. The office of Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs is a political organization and not the actual band itself.
2) The office of Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs takes money from the Tides Foundation. This is well documented and admitted by both sides.
2) Tides is funded in part by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and gives money to other anti-oil initiatives.…
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