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29 Jun 20
The entire Bernstein piece is fire, but this caught my eye: Image
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2 Jun 20
Let’s talk about Trump’s last 48 hours, because what happened is so bat-shit, it doesn’t even seem real.


1/ Outraged by the brutal murder of an unarmed black man by a preening racist cop—whose ACTUAL LAST NAME, Chauvin, means “overly aggressive patriot”—hundreds of thousands of people in cities and towns across America begin to peacefully protest.
2/ Agitators—some from the alt-right, some from the alt-left, some from the ranks of the police, and some just assholes—co-opt the peaceful rallies and start looting & burning stuff. This is condemned by everyone, including the peaceful protesters.
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31 May 20
We attended yesterday's protest in our sleepy college town. Many more people showed up than I was expecting—it was bigger than our big Halloween parade—and the organizers were outstanding. I suspect MOST protests were like ours: peaceful, inspiring, non-confrontational.
2/ Protest like this is critical to democracy. It's important to see how many of our fellow Americans are willing to sacrifice personal safety to take to the streets in solidarity. My son was astonished at how one man's murder could affect so many people in so many places.
3/ "Taking to the streets," as so many have demanded we do for 3+ years, is going to be messy. There will be bad actors—among the protesters AND the police—and the press will dedicate far more coverage to them than the rest of us. Innocent people will get hurt.
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12 May 20
Let's talk about the preposterous, ridiculous "Trump is winning" narrative.

BLUF: Trump is losing. Bigly. WE are the champions, my friends.

1/ “History is written by the winners,” AG Barr said, when asked how history would recall his decision to drop the charges against convicted felon and traitor Michael Flynn, “so it largely depends on who is writing the history.”
2/ Given the trauma that Trump & co. have inflicted on the American people these last 3 years, one might be forgiven for reading Barr’s comment as sinister gloating rather than what it is: a sad, desperate attempt to shape the narrative by an owned man who knows he’s going down.
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7 May 20
As good Americans across the country don masks, Barr has removed his. There is no longer any pretense. He has revealed himself as a traitor to the country and the rule of law.
PS This feels like a desperation move, like they're lighting all the leftover firecrackers just to make a big smoky bang. Real easy to lose a (metaphorical) finger or two that way.
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21 Apr 20
Let’s talk about the covid timeline vis à vis Bill Barr, the human coronavirus wreaking havoc on the Justice Dept & our republic.

1/ By 11 February 2020, it was pretty clear that AG Barr had launched an assault on the rule of law, and made a mockery of the DOJ:
2/ On 12 Feb 2020, a week after Trump’s acquittal in the sham impeachment trial, Barr accepted an invitation to appear before the House Judiciary Committee, to discuss the shenanigans surrounding the Roger Stone sentencing. The day settled on was 31 March.
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21 Apr 20
The daily “press conferences” delivered by Donald John Trump are nothing more than theater of the absurd. There is no news value. These are merely the futile ravings of a desperate man who knows his moment of reckoning is close at hand.

1/ Today, Judge Reggie Walton, a harsh critic of AG Bill Barr, began his “in camera” review of the Mueller Report redactions. This is why Trump yesterday attacked Mueller & the FBI. Walton is likely to decide that the American people have a right to know what Barr has concealed.
2/ Barr cockblocked Mueller (who was presumably his friend). He presented a disingenuous “summary” before the actual release of the Report, and he appears to have stymied the on-going investigations. He likely shut Mueller down completely, before the SC was ready.
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11 Apr 20
1/ I was on to Moore a long time ago. Something always seemed off to me:
2/ His films are consumed largely by people already inclined to agree with him. Moore knows this, & he supplies his audience w/red meat. He's not interested in making an actual argument, which makes his work unconvincing. Is he changing any minds, really? And if not, why bother?
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3 Apr 20
New piece up at PREVAIL. I'm going to post some of it here.

1/ In less than a month, the entire world has changed, maybe forever.

We are all processing what just happened to us. We are all struggling with our conflicting emotions: with grief, with anxiety, with panic, with despair, with depression, with anger—and with fear.
2/ In his inaugural address in 1933, FDR famously said, “first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”
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14 Mar 20
Let’s talk about what happens if Trump really DOES have the coronavirus.

1/ Trump reached into his bag of tricks, producing yet another doctor’s note, from yet another compromised physician, this time justifying the bonkers decision NOT to test him for CV-19, despite exposure to multiple carriers & Mar-a-Lago being a hot zone:
2/ This is of a piece with the podiatrist excusing him from military service (“bone spurs”) in exchange for low rent at his Trump-owned office, or the doctor pressured to declare him the most fit president of all time, who was later visited by goons who stole his medical records.
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9 Mar 20
1/ Donald John Trump is deliberately spreading disinformation and lies about COVID. He is trying to speak into existence the falsehood that the virus is contained, under control, will miraculously vanish on its own, etc.

2/ Trump’s prime objective is to prevent a (seemingly inevitable) massive economic slowdown, which he (rightly) believes will hamper his re-election chances, and thus delay his indictment.

He does not care if people die. Repeat: he does not care if people die.
3/ Part of Trump’s PR strategy is to test as infrequently as possible. Fewer tests mean fewer confirmed cases of COVID, which keeps the numbers low—which is what he wants. He’s said as much. Low numbers here are like big numbers at his stupid inauguration: reflects well on him.
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29 Feb 20
In light of the "alternative facts" #TrumpVirus presser on the heels of Trump's "coronavirus is a Deep State hoax" rally, I'd like to revisit a piece I wrote back in November, called "GOP = George Orwell Party."

1/ “IN THE END,” wrote George Orwell in 1984, “the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it.”
2/ It took 35 years longer than Orwell predicted, but here we are. The Grand Old Party has become the George Orwell Party. Because the reality of their current situation is damning and treasonous, Donald Trump and his minions have resorted to attacking reality.
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25 Feb 20
Bernie's been the front-runner for less than a week. Let's discuss.

1/ BERNIE SANDERS HAS BEEN the unquestioned front-runner for less than a week, and it’s been four days of unmitigated disaster: bristling when his intelligence briefing about Russian interference went public, making unfounded accusations against journalists...
2/ ...shitting on the Democratic Party “establishment,” extolling the virtues of Fidel Castro, foundering in an attempt to explain how his pie-in-the-sky proposals might be paid for, and, of course, failing to rein in his notoriously combative “bros.”
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6 Feb 20
Impeachment is over. GOP would like us to “move on.” Very well, for there is much work to do.

Some thoughts:

1/ It was right & proper to impeach Donald John Trump, the mobster-in-chief. There was never much hope of conviction by a corrupt Senate, but there's now an indelible historical record of 45’s crimes. Right matters. I salute Pelosi & Schiff especially for their Herculean efforts.
2/ The Senate GOP voted to acquit the criminal, even as they offered no defense of his crimes. Their legacies are forever eclipsed by their vote. Their pusillanimousness will hang like an albatross around their necks through Election Day, when many of them will be voted out.
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4 Feb 20
1/ "The lesser lights are angrier, more indignant, nastier to the journalists putting them on record. One notable is a witness to multiple sexual assaults of young men, who covered up those crimes for decades..."…
2/ "Another is a recidivist drunk driver with a chequered past dating from the bizarre circumstances of the death of his college friend. A third, the ranking member of the House Intelligence committee, was in direct communication with one of the President’s hoodlums...."
3/ "Many if not most have taken, at the least, illegal campaign donations funneled through middlemen from a hostile foreign power. What a sad and loathsome gaggle of poltroons!"
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24 Jan 20
Let's talk about Willard Mitt Romney, erstwhile GOP presidential candidate, current Senator from Utah, and permanent milquetoast mega-rich guy.

1/ Just as George W. Bush doesn’t seem so terrible when compared with Donald John Trump, so Mitt Romney presents as some combination of Mr. Rogers & Mr. Smith next to Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, and the rest of the more overtly corrupt Republicans in the Senate.
2/ Romney’s seat is safe; he’s no longer aspiring to higher office; he’s stood up to Trump before, albeit modestly. This has led some to hope against hope that maybe, just maybe, Mittens will have a McCain-thumbs-down moment during the impeachment trial.
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8 Jan 20
Some thoughts on Iran/Trump.

1/ If that midnight visit to Walter Reed a while back was a massive panic attack, as some have theorized, Trump’s anxiety level must be cranked to 11 after this. Hard to address the nation when you’re too stressed out to feign calm.
2/ Trump likely thought the attack on Soleimani would make him seem like a tough guy. It would please Putin, distract from impeachment AND be spun as an act of courage—something Obama didn’t have the balls to do.

As usual, he was wrong.
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4 Jan 20
Between the horrific fires in Australia and the situation with Iran, it might feel like the beginning of the end of the world. It’s not. It’s the beginning of the end of the presidency of Donald John Trump. And he’s wagging the dog like nobody's business.

1/ Trump desperately wants the Senate impeachment trial to begin, so it can swiftly exonerate him. Unfortunately for this “artful dealer,” Nancy Pelosi knows this, and is in no hurry to move the process along if it means a sham trial. The "I" word drives Trump BONKERS.
2/ Two weeks of the scarlet “I” on his chest have unleashed a desperate Donald John Trump. Desperate to be exonerated, desperate to be adored, desperate to be perceived as anything other than the worst president of all time. Desperate to not be a pathetic, pusillanimous failure.
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31 Dec 19
"Hi, this is Greg Olear? With the Anti-Gaslighting League? I want to talk to you today to clear up some common Trumpist misconceptions, so we can make the Twenties roar."

1/ Donald John Trump’s eldest son, also named Donald John Trump, met at Trump Tower on 9 June 2016 with a Russian spy. This spy had promised dirt on Hillary Clinton. That’s why Donald John Trump—the “failson,” in Molly Jong Fast’s spot-on phrase—agreed to meet with the spy.
2/ Also at that meeting were Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his mobbed-up campaign chair, the traitor Paul Manafort, who is currently in the hoosegow. That was, like, highly illegal.
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30 Dec 19
The fact that you might dig Bernie's progressive policies makes him MORE dangerous as a Useful Idiot for Putin. That's how this stuff works. (See also: "Snowden, Edward"). #PresidentSanders is the Trump of the Left.…
To wit: when I woke up at 5:45 AM New York time, "#PresidentSanders" was trending on Twitter. Why do you think that is? (Hint: Moscow is eight hours ahead.)
Guys, I've been informed, in the rudest ways possible, that the Russian bots only AMPLIFIED the hashtag. There are plenty of gullible Americans, apparently unaware of the IRA indictment, who RT'd it without irony. My bad.
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26 Dec 19
Bernie zealots flooded my mentions the last few days complaining that my piece is all opinion and "devoid of facts." So let’s stick to the numbers. Actually, let’s stick to a single number: the number ONE.

1/ ONE is the number of children Bernie had out of wedlock when he was a young man. ONE is also the number of single mothers forced to go on welfare to support said child because Bernie was a deadbeat dad.
2/ ONE is the number of years after the election of 2020 until Bernie will be eighty years old.
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