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23 Nov
This is the 2nd instance where I have seen evidence of voter fraud (1st was the bubble ballots)

Excellent analysis and the switching of absentee ballots for in-day ballots they demonstrate is crazy: their datapoint in bold

But I found something else!

1… Image
One of the things that bothered me was why the data they stream only comes with %'s for each candidate and total votes cast

It's strange because why not just broadcast votes for each candidate?

Notice how innocent the data point seems?

9,534 new votes big deal

Plus, Montgomery is the largest of the Dominion counties in Pennsylvania

Biden received 25% more votes than Hillary did in 2016

3 Image
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21 Nov
Here are some more

Some people said it looked like they had been machine printed

Also, one person observed this phenomenon on military and overseas ballots

Except that military ballots should favor Trump

Maybe there’s a simple explanation for Bub blega te, but I can’t think of one

These are sworn affidavits meaning there are consequences for lying

And nine different people all reporting the exact same anomaly

Somebody should look into this

Here are all the statements put together
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18 Nov
Public Health may never recover from its failures during this pandemic

Why? - They are making the Exact same mistakes they made during the 1980’s AIDS crisis

“Blame and Shame” is NOT how you educate people

Heavy-handed mandates with no rhyme or reason. Bringing a sledgehammer when a small scalpel is needed

Arbitrary triggers for various NPI’s. Why are we still using % positive as a guide for NPIs? (Following the viral levels in sewage waste actually makes more sense.)

School closure seems to be a PECULIARLY American thing at this point

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17 Nov
A mini deepdive on @CodeMonkeyZ’s tweets about Dominion Voting and especially Smartmatic - gets good toward the end

We start with @CodeMonkeyZ’s assessment of Dominion

He read their entire manual

First, everyone uses same encryption key...

Why? Don’t they want accountability?
Why doesn’t Dominion want you using passwords?

Do they want diffuse accountability?

Hmm, theft of USB admin access devices in Philadelphia

Nope, nothing to see here - move on

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12 Nov
Quick Update

Dr. Shiva was wrong because he didn’t take into consideration Republicans (splitting the ballot) voting for Biden and same in reverse (Dems vote Trump)

But he was right in his conclusions

Margins we are seeing don’t make sense

There is a negative slope

But, even using very favorable Dem variables (30% Rep shift to Dems vs 10% Dems to Rep)

I couldn’t reproduce existing numbers as posted by Dr Shiva

Something is off

In other words, a negative slope is correct but the angle of the curve doesn’t fit the data

It is possible that other factors are in play

Will be doing more research on this in coming days

Thus is still preliminary

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10 Nov
An interesting anomaly out of Pennsylvania

As of reporting event 360 @ 2020-11-04T22:52:52Z
Trump: 3,138,636 (+296,898)
Biden: 2,841,738

After this point:
Trump had 52,913 negative votes
Biden had 138 negative votes

Difference of 52,775 is larger than Biden's 47,525 lead

Here is the data (D1)

Red is Trump (T)
Blue is Biden (B)

Columns (L to R):
-% Dem Vote
-% Rep Vote
-Total Votes
-T Total Votes
-B Total Votes
-Difference T Votes from last report
-Difference T Votes from last report
-Negative T Votes
-Negative B Votes

Here is D2

To be fair, overall in the state the tally was:
-Trump: 402,482 negative votes
-Biden: 637,931 negative votes

But most of this happened during early counting and spans a 9 report sequence so it indicates there was some confusion

In the 1st chart, I point to it

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9 Nov
So here’s the real issue

I’m trying to look through information and data and determine what’s accurate what is not but there’s a big problem

100% of the data that is being put out there about the elections is from the right

Big problem

If the left and MSM continue to ignore this story what is going to happen is you’re going to have a radicalized 50% of the country who are tuning in to what’s happening with the voter fraud and only seeing one side

I can tell you that there are REAL ISSUES which explaining

Maybe there are valid explanations for some of the anomalies that we are seeing

But so long as one side chooses to completely ignore the possibility of fraud in the election the other side will 100% believe everything being said by anybody

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9 Nov

Another example of votes being switched on CNN live

This is in the 2018 Governor's race in Kentucky

560 votes suddenly disappear from Bevin (R) and appear in the Bashear (D) column

If you want to know how this can happen, watch this video -> that's where the first clip was from

It's the best 50 minutes you'll spend today

If you don't think that was suspicious, in the same statewide election the Republicans won handily

Bevin lost by a hair

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8 Nov
There's a statistically significant difference between Pennsylvania and Michigan and the other swing states in terms of the number of counties which saw greater increased % turnout for Biden over Trump

For Pennsylvania, Biden saw greater increases in 58/67 counties so 87%!

In Michigan, he saw greater increases in 64/83 counties so 77%

This must be indicative of more enthusiasm for Biden, right?

Maybe, but maybe not

In Florida, Biden only led in 32/67 or 48%

Slight edge to Trump, but pretty much a toss-up

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5 Nov
A little thread on absentee ballots

While they are prone to fraud, they're also very robust in terms of verifying said fraud

Let me explain

They are printed directly with the voter's name and are coded so they are non-transferable

They must be signed by the voter and then either notarized or 1/2 witnesses must then also sign to confirm that it is you voting - it is voter fraud to tamper with this part

Finally, only the voter or family member can deliver the ballot either to be mailed or to a dropbox

Ballot harvesting is not allowed in any of the key states

Fraud is possible when:
-Ballots are intercepted before arrival and either thrown out or used to vote in somebody's name
-Ballots are ordered for non-voters and then intercepted - example: old age homes

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4 Nov
Arizona: first count mail in votes then in person votes then dropped off ballots
1) Trump starts surging (2/3) late in Maricopa as in person vote is counted
2) Fox inexplicably calls Arizona
3) Maricopa immediately stops counting
4) Problem with “sharpies” in polls
5) Silence now
Apparently sharpies are legit so we can eliminate 4

Actually, I have no idea

Lots of people are saying their ballets were canceled after using sharpies

Apparently you can check online

I will witthold judgement until more information becomes available
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4 Nov
What I'm seeing is:
-Biden will surge ahead with the last of the Wayne votes which should be very blue in MI
-I don't think there are enough blue votes left to overcome Trump's lead in Georgia
-Same for North Carolina

So Trump's path is:
-Pennsylvania plus either AZ or NV

Nevada will be the harder path because most of the remaining votes are in Clark County

But Arizona is very interesting

Trump netted 44,772 votes in the last two data reports because now they're counting the in person voters

Behind by 93,509, there are still votes in play

The problem is that Fox and CNN are reporting different %'s counted and I don't know which is accurate

Assuming that Trump wins 60% of the remaining vote it means a very tight finish

Remember, Trump won Maricopa by 2 points in 2016

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1 Nov
Short complilation of Trump Parades

Don’t know if it’s significant, but it appears that Trump enthusiasm is high

P.S.-don’t block roads

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1 Nov
Deep Dive on Prez Elections:

So why do I think Trump has very good chances to win this election?

After all, he is behind in the polling average in every single battleground state according to the Real Clear Politics polling average…

Consensus Map:

First, most polls are off

They haven't adapted since '16

We're no longer looking at just shy Trump voters

The atmosphere has gotten so toxic that nearly 1/2 of Trump supporters wouldn't answer honestly according to my poll (grain of salt, but still)

Also, polls are based on assumptions about who will be voting in each demographic (political registration, age, ethnicity, etc)

If these assumptions are wrong, then your polls are going to be off

Confirmation bias is an issue on both sides - but most pollsters lean left

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26 Oct
In this opinion piece in the WaPo, @jeremyfaust states that suicide rates are unchanged by the pandemic!

Seen this linked a few times over the past couple of days so I did a quick deepdive

You may want to bookmark for future use

They even acknowledge that according to the CDC: “1 in 4 people between the ages of 18 and 24 saying they had “seriously considered suicide” in the previous 30 days”

But apparently the data is clear: the suicide rate “remained unchanged”


So surely Dr Faust has some solid studies/official data

One source: A non-peer reviewed study that he himself uploaded to medrxiv

Citing yourself is a bit wierd...

But that’s okay, we’ll move past this

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26 Oct
Quick Thread on Cases

Using France as an example because it offers a crazy extreme example of how scary "Cases" can appear

I'm gonna try and update this chart to reflect how many cases would have existed if they had more testing back in the spring

First, we look at France's new daily deaths

Again, deaths are the only reliable way to compare data from the spring with data from the fall

Cases were fairly low during the summer which allows for a transition period from very little available testing to current testing

I'm gonna use a simple method

I've been looking at CFR rates across Europe and they're pretty stable ~0.6%

For France its around 0.5% since cases started rising

I used 0.75% as CFR to be safe

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23 Oct
Pandemics tend to come in waves, usually two

The only way to compare pandemics is by deaths since “cases” were not a thing pre-PCR

Here is the Spanish Flu of 1918

For this location there were three waves

Nobody is sure why it happens like this, but it did

1 Image
Here is the 1957 Asian Flu

Two consecutive waves back-to-back

Why? We don’t know

Not positive of location but I’m fairly certain it’s the US

2 Image
Same pandemic in Chile, but different timing

Wave in Winter of 1957 and Spring of 1959

Southern Hemisphere so seasons backwards

3 Image
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23 Oct
After @raoult_didier news, today is a good day to bring up:

Why was HCQ reclassified 2.5 months before the outbreak in Wuhan?

Why did Agnes Buzyn wait 60 days to tell France about the ANSES decision

Husband Yves Levy links?

H/T @AmericanGentile

For those that can't get the zip file to work, here they are in order:

page 1
page 2
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22 Oct
Must Read

The current scandal around Joe Biden stems from his alleged business dealings with CEFC, a now bankrupt Chinese energy conglomerate

I'm sure none of you have heard of them, but I'm very familiar with who they are because I'd heard a lot about them both in EU and US

1 Image
In the early to mid 2010's this was one of the top 10 private Chinese companies

During this period they were extremely aggressive in expanding and were buying up, or trying to buy up all sorts of businesses worldwide

Their founder, Ye Jianming, was quite the rising star

2 Image
NY Times:

Ye was deputy secretary in a Chinese military organization that is considered a "front for the People’s Liberation Army unit that has “dual roles of intelligence collection and conducting People’s Republic of China propaganda.”

Many rumors he was close with Xi

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21 Oct
I have been updating this for two weeks now

I had expected to see CFR start to increase because it is very close to estimated IFR - it's hardly moved

This is unexpected and cases have been rising in many of these countries for months now

Keep reading!

I also added Czechia as a representative of Central/Eastern Europe

1 in 50 Czechs (2%) have been diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 since Sept 1st

1 in 7.8K Czechs have died during this period -> by comparison only 1 in 25.6K Brits

Czech CFR is similar to other countries

Clearly, the CFR hasn't changed in these countries, we just have more testing

If we apply the same CFR% from the Casedemic wave to the pre-Casedemic wave, we see that far more cases would have been discovered earlier on and now it wouldn't seem like a casedemic (green)

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20 Oct
Governor Cuomo urges people not to travel because of spike in cases

“Connecticut and New Jersey have seen spikes in infection”

Danger, Will Robinson!

To be clear

Early testing was limited so positive cases early on can’t be compared with cases now

Example from UK/Belgium

Cases appear to spike but deaths do not follow

It looks much worse than it is becuse tests are no longer limited

So let’s take a look at NY, NJ, CT

Behold the spike in cases!

Oh wait...uhm...somebody call the ramen guy to point out the obvious to the other Cuomo

Case Fatality Rate since September 1st is 0.85% in NY and who knows how many of those are deaths with Covid

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