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19 Sep
So Pathetic. This deranged woman calls her study praising Aurangzeb as empirical - when data itself claims otherwise! Classic example of how money and racist hubris can push Hindu-hatred, casually coated with 'sanctioned certified white authority'. Doesn't fly. @AudreyTruschke
There is absolutely no need to justify why Indians need to write their own history. Its the most obvious conclusion that exists. Kangaroo courts run by western academia, claiming to be 'objective', cannot substitute lived history, oral and contemporary records.
Need of the hour, is to pro-actively create well researched thesis, rebutting the western identity circus that is being imposed on India & our ancient cultural identity. Aurangzeb and his forefathers were a blot on our bhumi. Their reign is drenched with blood of lakhs .
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18 Jan
I'm sorry but a few KP celebs cannot and should not be allowed to hijack the narrative. Imagine having a melt down on twitter about NO help from govt, when a few months ago no one would have imagined 370 going away. Or supporting 'Azaadi' as an alternate POV+
+ when the same slogans, the same intent was behind their exodus? It's unbelievable that a few KP celebs 'like' gaumutra tweets riling Hindus. They even support anti-CAA protests inspite of being driven out from a virtual Islamic state!
There are more rustic voices, closer to the ground, with exceptional clarity. I do hope to see more of them get center-stage positions. This will be a long haul process- undoing mistakes of 7 decades and the invasions of over a millennia. Political correctness will not work.
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