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14 Sep
This game is fantastic #mnf
wow again!
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28 Aug
Quick thread: Ron DeSantis has grown on me as he’s governed. He’s gotten a lot of the big, important stuff right (open schools), which is 1 of the reasons why many of his critics are so over-the-top & unremitting. I don’t always agree w/ him (cruise vax stance was wrong imo)…
…I also think he’d be well-served to promote the vaccines (he’s done this, FL’s vax rate is above avg, and his reflexive critics idiotically attacked him for smart vax distribution calls) as often as he’s touting monoclonal antibody treatments (also good policy!) these days…
And though I think framing his school masking policy more as an available opt-out for parents might be smarter politically (I’ve never been elected to anything) than the approach he’s taken, he is absolutely on solid ground scientifically, based on evidence vs mask superstition…
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20 Jul
The. Vaccines. Work. ❤️❤️❤️
Few more thoughts: What’s exciting is that cases &deaths have been majorly (not totally) decoupled. Some of this is natural immunity — of course! — but because our most vulnerable were rightly prioritized for vaccination, that’s a huge component of this life-saving decoupling.
Many who could/would have died are instead protected by the vaccines. It’s awesome. My decision to get vaxxed wasn’t so much about a fear that I was at serious risk of death from COVID. Risk was actually quite low, being young/healthy. I had other reasons:…
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7 Apr
“64% of Americans — including a majority of @MLB fans, @Delta Air Lines customers, and
@CocaCola consumers — told the researchers they are less likely to support companies and organizations that insert themselves into political issues and debates.” - SurveyMonkey/DW poll ...
“Initially, 42% of Americans said they were supportive of the law and 38% opposed it [nearly identical to Morning Consult’s recent findings]. After learning about the legislation, 71% said they were ‘more supportive’ of the Georgia law...”
“While 55% of Americans polled were initially supportive of MLB’s decision to move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta, over half (54%) said they became “less supportive” of the league’s action after learning what the new Georgia election law contains...”
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6 Apr
Oh man. @60Minutes tripling down on this malpractice.

The people of color/vaccine narrative has been repeatedly disputed, in detail, by Moskowitz (D), who also spoke out forcefully against this CBS report’s framing of the Publix non-scandal, calling it “malarkey”...
CBS could have included his perspective in their reporting, even if he didn’t agree to an on-camera interview until it was too late, or whatever. And can you blame DeSantis for declining an interview request given what they did with the press conference exchange? ...
Also note the slippery, fake refutation of Mayor Kerner (D), who torched their segment as “intentionally false.” He didn’t claim he didn’t speak with them. He alleged they *didn’t include the important truths he told them* because doing so would ‘kneecap their narrative.’ ...
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1 Jan
“Big Ten football” chant from @NUFBFamily fans as the ‘Cats finish off Auburn.
.@coachfitz51 chokes up talking about Hank, who’s also emotional after career win 400 as he prepares to retire. Is it dusty in here? 🥲
What a season. Last place in 2019 to Big Ten West champs in 2020. Strong showing in the title game, then a dominant @CitrusBowl win over an SEC team. And zero COVID cases. Kills me that I couldn’t attend any of the games this year. GO ‘CATS! @NUFBFamily
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9 Nov 20
👀 Short thread: My analysis of the GEORGIA Senate runoffs, and why these absolutely crucial races lean red based on current dynamics & history. But they're not gimmes, especially if Republican voters throw in the towel...…
🚨 All hands on deck: With stakes extremely high, frustrated-to-livid Trump supporters can see electing Perdue & Loeffler as their first test of 'resistance' turnabout, and as essential to protecting key pieces of Trump's legacy against dismantling under total Dem control...
Meanwhile, moderates & Trump-skeptical right-leaners can view these contests as an important opportunity to guarantee checks & balances. If Dems pull off upsets, Pelosi/Schumer will drive the agenda in DC. If R's win, there will be more power sharing, driven by Biden/McConnell.
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4 Nov 20
I don’t think I’m interested in seeing another Quinnipiac poll anytime soon🗑. And it seems like the extent to which RCP battleground averages are not embarrassing in certain places, it’s because RCP included polls widely ridiculed by many ‘smart setters.’
Also LOL at ABC/WAPO in WI (Biden +17) and even NYT/Siena (B+11). Many way off in OH, IA (PPP missed by 9 points) and elsewhere. We’ll see how it shakes out, and some are better than others, but some wildly rampant problems remain in the polling industry. Still. Undeniable.
Sorry to beat a dead horse, but Quinnipiac face-planted badly in a number of places in 2018 (FL!), yet pundits salivated over their bullshit again this year.

Lowlights: Biden +11 nationally, Biden +5 in FL (drink!), Biden +4 in OH (off by 12!), Trump +1 in IA (off by 7)...
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27 Oct 20
We will not stand for gaslighting and revisionism. Recall:

Bork ‘87
Thomas ‘91
Estrada, et al ‘01-‘05
Nuclear ‘13
Kavanaugh ‘18

These are the relevant, seismic events that brought us to this moment. Every single one represented a consequential Democratic escalation.
And don’t counter with ‘Merrick Garland.’ That withholding of Senate consent aligned w/ the clear historical norm under divided power in a presidential election year. Tonight’s confirmation vote does the same, under united control of the WH & Senate.
Dems’ victimhood narrative is 💯 false. They feel entitled to power. But they lost the relevant elections for three constructive cycles. No rules were violated, the constitution was followed & norms were maintained—including new standards imposed by Dems in previous power grabs.
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25 Oct 20
ACB cloture vote underway. Republicans seated at their desks. Democrats almost completely absent from the chamber.
51 votes in favor. So that’ll do it.
Votes trickling in from Dems but they’ve already hit the magic number for today. Final confirmation tomorrow.
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3 Oct 20
Doing my job properly requires intellectual honesty, which sometimes entails saying things that I believe are true — even if they criticize ideological allies, and even if they risk angering part of my audience. With that said...
(1) The media has done a lot to crush trust and credibility, and I frequently talk about how and why that’s the case. But today isn’t on them. The shoddy WH clown show of obfuscation, misinformation & ‘clarification’ has been embarrassing and unacceptable...
(2) I still do not have confidence that we know the full and true story, or timeline of events. I still do not have confidence that we have a solid grasp on the president’s condition. We need precision, clarity and transparency...
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27 Sep 20
Thread🧵 : Some people have challenged me over ACB & the courts, asking why I’m so supportive of a nomination that would ostensibly make it likelier that my own (same-sex) marriage would be invalidated. Short answer, among other factors...I am convinced that will not happen...
I think a (hypothetical) challenge to Obergefell would be an extreme long shot, for all sorts of reasons — standing, new equal protection issues for the many thousands of Americans in existing same-sex marriages, precedent & the justices’ prudential judgments...
I’ve spoken to a number of scholars and court-watchers I respect who’ve unanimously told me they believe the Court wouldn’t even take up such a challenge, and that if they somehow did, a (possibly sizable) majority would uphold Obergefell...
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22 Sep 20
I respect David, but disagree w/ his conclusion. There is *zero* comparison between the GOP exercising clear constitutional prerogative, while adhering to strong historical norms/precedent...and Dems’ deeply radical threatened power grabs like *adding SCOTUS & Senate seats.*
Also, some of these proposed “bargains” I keep reading about are very strange to me — and I was a big Gang of 14 guy back in like ‘05. I like to find off-ramps and seriously consider reasonable compromises. I’ve been called a squish etc...
But “if you don’t fill a SCOTUS seat in a fully authorized & heavily precedented manner, we won’t...blow up multiple longstanding institutions with radical power grabs” isn’t a “deal.” It’s extortion...
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10 Sep 20
NOW: Senate voting to proceed to a COVID relief package — which includes assistance for small businesses, unemployment benefits, safe reopening of schools, testing/tracing & a raft of other provisions.

Needs 60 votes to avoid filibuster & begin debate on the bill.
It’s shaping up to be a party line vote. Manchin, Jones, Sinema have all voted to filibuster COVID relief.
There’s the 41st vote. Senate Democrats have used the filibuster to block debate on a new COVID relief package. They recently did this on police reform, too.

(Reminder: They are openly discussing eliminating the tool they’re currently using if they gain power in November).
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18 Aug 20
Analysis: Cuomo's DNC speech was obscene. Biden has now explicitly endorsed Cuomo's pandemic response (highest death toll, deadly mismanagement, active cover-up) as a model for the country. This is a real opening for Republicans to counterattack hard...…
Trump has opened himself up to valid criticisms on COVID, handing Dems a "he failed, we'd have done better" narrative. But they've made the choice to celebrate Cuomo & New York, where incompetence and deadly policies allowed the virus to run its course & kill tens of thousands...
Cuomo has shamelessly leaned into this ghoulish gaslighting, with Joe Biden clapping along. His speech last night was stunning in its brazenness. Democrats are elevating the single worst COVID response in America (including *ongoing cooking of books*) as their 'success' story...
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5 Aug 20
spent some time tonight selecting new bumper music for @GuyBensonShow this evening & the resulting list is one of my gayest creations ever. the jams are 🔥🔥😍🌈
For instance: This absolute classic, starting at the key change 👸🏻
Beyond @celinedion , it also features @kylieminogue @ladygaga Jessica Folker, @DianaRoss & @WilsonPhillips — and most were marked as favorites on @codyrigsby @onepeloton rides. So very 🏳️‍🌈👊
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18 Jul 20
Ok, Twitter — pull up a chair, and buckle up for a wild, bizarre, hilarious story...
Have you ever heard of an online catfish scheme that actually and totally *worked,* in every possible way? I had not, until I found myself strangely in the middle of the following scenario...
A @GuyBensonShow listener named Michael DM’d me on Instagram (@guypbenson) a few weeks ago asking for a favor. I’m not typically inclined to entertain such requests from total strangers, but the backstory was irresistible...
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1 Jun 20
They sneered at POTUS for cowering in a bunker (USSS moved him there) vs. leading. Now he gives an inevitably bellicose law/order speech to project ‘strength’ & visits a vandalized historic church. They’ll call this a selfish photo-op. Our dysfunctional purgatory continues.
I would have much preferred a more conciliatory speech — extensively hailing the Floyd family’s beautiful and constructive messages, for instance — even with stern condemnations of violence/riots & announcements of related actions. I wish he’d delivered a more unifying close.
I’m sympathetic to the argument that forcibly clearing the park (why was tear gas necessary?) for a photo-op is a questionable call. Then again, he *just* said the curfew would be enforced, unlike last night, when rioters did disgracefully tried to burn down that church.
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13 May 20
There’s a very strange Salon piece out today, kinda sorta (?) attacking my reporting about Tara Reade’s check fraud charge from 1993. I’ll make a few points...
I, of course, did not alter the emails I obtained. My source says they did not either & has reached out to the Salon writer, offering to share the entire email exchange in question (which the court official declined to do).
Beyond that, Reade’s attorney is not denying the charge, which a separate report says was dismissed the following month, after Reade paid what she owed. Nor is anyone disputing the authenticity of the document I obtained/provided showing a previous charge had been expunged.
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9 May 20
NEWS: According to California court records, Tara Reade was charged with misdemeanor check fraud four days before she left the then-Senator Biden's office in the summer of 1993.…
Because I cited Julie Swetnick's legal record in assessing her credibility when she made her wild and false 'gang rape' allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, fairness requires me to consider Reade's legal history, as well, especially given the timing.…
The fraud charge does not vindicate Biden, nor does it prove Reade is being untruthful about what she says happened to her. But it's a piece of information that some may find relevant in examining her story.…
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18 Apr 20
Seeing replies to this now. Some responses: 1) To the sneering leftists: No, this is not ‘Fox’s fault’ or whatever. And flippantly wishing death upon people, or joking about their deaths, is really, really gross...
2) To the irate right-wingers: I’m defending one of the president’s top advisers. Dr. Fauci is doing his job and he’s an asset to the country. Your supposed ‘gotchas’ are weak. Demanding his firing is nuts. Also, he *just* helped craft & endorsed the WH’s good reopening plan...
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