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14 Sep
Head of PCR testing at a hospital not only refused to wear a mask but mocked those waiting in line for a test, saying they are wasting their time and he hopes everyone gets Coronavirus “to be done with it.” He shouted like a militiaman when asked to wear a mask: “This is my lab”!
When I turned my back on this doctor, he tried to push in the door of the testing area, banging on it as if ready for a fist fight, still yelling in a tight space with no mask. He then chased me and my barely walking father to the hospital exit door claiming he already had Corona
Asked around and others complained about him not wearing a mask. One even claimed he is head of testing at Beirut Airport. Not verified. Dilema is how to report and to whom when you are depending on the same hospital for upcoming surgery and no gurantee this won’t come back to us
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