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3 May
gonna listen to tool and be productive
this actually works some times

if i am sufficiently sleep deprived and caffeinated and scared
the productivity trifecta
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2 May
you know, i've thought a lot about the origins of smallpox (there's a couple of interesting ancient DNA papers but nothing *really* old yet) but i never really thought about just how bad it might have been when it first emerged
ofc one possibility is that the hypervirulent phenotype we all know and love evolved later, after the initial spillover -we already know that less virulent strains existed (variola minor)
but man, if the original crossover was as bad as variola major...honestly it's tough to imagine

we have what it did to native americans as an example of course, but the old world was a lot bigger and more connected
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2 May
placing a bet that whatever its selling this is a european ad i feel like every time i see an insane ad its european
hm life insurance maybe? no, too relevant
wait i've seen this before

still no idea what its for
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2 May
ok what space stuff do i wanna post for space week first
dont really wanna use the hashtag 'cause i aesthetically dislike hashtags
was reading the little prince yesterday and this illustration reminded me of freeman dyson's idea of planting trees on comets (i have mentioned this before)
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2 May
did you guys know theres a fish called the hornyhead chub
used to go fishing for these guys with my cousin in the creek behind his house

not a single joke was made, believe it or not
his head only gets horny during spawning season too
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1 May
knees, man

weird shit
and then you have like, birds, who have backwards knees that are actually ankles???
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30 Apr
bouta get some papa johns and pretend i am nineteen again
i am killing it in freshman chemistry
i recently decided to become a Slacker and not get all As
i have never said fuck
i think, but am not sure, that i have Friends now
crust isn't as terrible as i remember

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