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22 Jun 19
Oh alright then. Have I told you about the time I damaged Brymer Road with the side of a truck?

Don't worry, it wasn't my truck.
I am, of course, assuming that if I get to the end of this thread before my time as Hamilton's nominated Twitter Human finishes at midnight, then @annasmartnz will buy me a coffee some time. Anyway.
Ok, so I'm pretty sure that we're in January of 1997 here. Maybe 1998. The only thing I know is for sure is that it's the day before the Big Day Out. Exactly which Big Day Out doesn't stand out. Maybe it was the one with the really grumpy Sparklehorse set.
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18 Jun 19
It's Show and Tell Day at kindy today. My 4-year-old frickin' loves kindy, and she LOVES show and tell.

Let me explain how much she loves kindy.
On a normal day she'll wake up and, before even eating breakfast, set herself up on the Teacher Chair for a bit of pretend mat time.
The Teacher Chair is the kid-sized arm chair. Next to it you can see the table of Teacher Supplies, like pens for making notes about the naughty kids, stickers for rewarding the good kids, and the Teacher iPod for music time.
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18 Jun 19
So maybe I'll tell another story now. Hands up if you remember the Hamilton City Council elections of 1998... 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️
I like to believe that I have only a regular amount of interest in local body politics, but this was a mayoral election when I was a high schooler and I have a story to tell about it, so I'm probably kidding myself. Anyway, 1998 was the year of Russ Rimmington.
Margaret Evans had been the first woman to run the city, and she wasn't running. So by civic election standards, it was a fairly open field.
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17 Jun 19
Last night's absurdley long thread about how I ended up raising a family in Hamilton ended with a promise.
Now, I'm going to tread a little carefully here. Especially towards the end. And at the start. Not so much in the middle.
So let's go back to 2017, just before the Big Move Back Home. I had what was, in retrospect, a pretty dumb idea. I was working for myself in a quite minor way (1 day a week), and wanted to turn that into my only job.
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16 Jun 19
Alright, ok, hello. It's been a slow start to my week here. Sorry about that but: kids. They kinda fill your day. I'll try not to tweet just about dad life. That said, you're in for a very domestic 7 days.You see, I'm a househusband. But let's go back a bit.
*Takes a pre-thread pause to add a ridiculously domestic profile pic*
Hamilton and @mxdej (that's me) go way back to 1980, when I was born here. Then follow 18 incredibly stable years. Two parents, two siblings, one house, three schools all on the same road.
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