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25 May 20
Tracing Buchanan's travels in Malabar

After Mysore fell in 1799, geographer/physician Francis Buchanan travelled to Malabar as part of EIC's survey. B/w 29 Nov & 13 Dec'1800, he covered southern Malabar, a distance of about 130kms. A screenshot of the google map with the places that Buchannan travelled to traced out. The total route is highlighted in black, and adds to 129 kms (80 miles) approximately.
29th Nov': Buchanan crossed Meenkara, & entered the country of Palighat (Palakkad)--one he called "the most beautiful" that he has ever seen. He detailed its history, geography, monetary practices, grains, concepts of time, commerce, demographics, and cropping patterns, before..
...travelling to Lakkiti (05th Dec); over the Bharathapuzha towards Pazhayannuru (06th Dec); Chelakkara (07th Dec') and Nelluwaya (08th Dec'). He arrived at "Cunnung colung curry" (Kunnamkulam) on 09th Dec'1800. Here, Buchanan met a Jacobite priest, who briefed him about the...
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17 May 20

The logistics of how Kerala has managed it's food distribution through the PDS over the last months. I was curious how this actually worked, so I asked my aunt who received her kit yesterday. A thread:
#keralafightsCorona #KeralaModel #pinarayivijayan Items form the food kit lai...
Ration cards r colour coded in Kerala into AYY, Priority, Non-Priority subsidy, and Non-Priority. Kerala has near-universal PDS, as opposed to Targeted PDS in other parts of India. This is when normalcy is disrupted, as is today. See bit.ly/2X8plv8 Clipping with details of th...
Newspapers notify which cards can collect on each day. Shop owners have WhatsApp grps 4 the details too. Literacy and the wide outreach that newspapers have in Kerala help here. The cardholder has to go and queue in person to avail the kits on the day based on odd/even no.s Newspaper clipping of what ...
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17 May 20
5th Day, last of the tranches of announcements about #AatmaNirbharBharatPackage , FM starts by quoting PM: "As a nation, we stand at a crucial juncture. Such a disaster is a signal for India. It has brought a message and an opportunity"
"In order to prove the resolve of a self-reliant India, land, labour, liquidity and laws, all have been emphasises in this package"

Particularly the last 2 days have had reforms. Today, we continue in that series:FM
Soon after lockdown, we came out with gareeb kalyan and free grains, pulses; credit to FCI, NAFED and state govt.s for managing the logistical challenge. State govts., NGOs anc Charity orgs. also helped keep migrants within camps.
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15 May 20
Day 3 of #NirmalaSitharaman detailing the #AtmaNirbharBharatPackage announced by #Modi on 12th

- Focus on agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry, dairy and allied activities.
Just like yesterday, the briefing begins with a detailing of things the govt has been doing. After this, there will be 11 announcements form the package--3 governance reforms, 8 government measures to expand storage, etc.

#NirmalaSitharaman #AatmaNirbharBharatPackage
After a quick review of yesterday's announcements, she lists measures taken over the last two months:
- MSP purchases of Rs. 74300 cr. happened during lockdown, also Rs 18,700 cr. to PM Kisan funds
- Claim payments of Rs. 6400 cr. have been transferred
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14 May 20
From today's briefing: Focus on migrant workers, street vendors, small traders, small farmers, self-employed,

#NirmalaSitharaman Image
- "If I haven't spoken about something today, it doesn't mean we haven't thought of them. Let's not look at each sector separately"

- Liquidity support for farmers has already been happening. Just over the last two months. refinancing has also been happening.
- Govt. has permitted states to use SDRF to set up shelters for urban poor. 11cr. was sent for this. 3 meals provided at the cost of central govt. at the Shelters for Urban Homeless during lockdown.
- 12,000 SHGs have produced over 3 cr. masks and 1.2 lac litres of sanitisers
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13 May 20
FinMin's PC detailing out the package announced by the PM yesterday Image
1. For MSMEs

1.1) collateral free loans for MSMEs for upto 3cr. till 31st October 2020
1.2) 20,000 cr. through more loans for subordinate debt relief for stressed and NPA MSMEs
1.3) A "Fund of Funds" to infuse 50k crores into MSMEs with potential

Definition of MSMEs revised Image
The redefinition was 1.4; unclear how this is part of a package🙄

1.5) govt. tenders up-to 200 cr, will no longer be on global tender route, meaning Indian MSMEs will be able to participate.
1.6) E-market linkage for MSMEs; pending GoI paymentsto be paid within next 45 days
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