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16 Sep
Islamoleftists always say LJ is a hoax. They ask where is data BUT why you need data when it’s a FACT that when non-Muslim women marry Muslim men, they lose all their rights.

Do you need data to realise how harmful such marriages are to women?

Centre must ban all marriages under Sharia if a women in contract wasn’t born a Muslim. All such marriages should be under Special Marriages Act only. This will help reduce misuse to a great extent. It’s perfectly constitutional.

If govt can ban triple talaq, why not this?
As far as data is concerned, there is plenty out there but it’s not like this will convince those who are hellbent on denying abuse in Sharia marriages.

But let’s see data in just last 1 month.

Situation is so bad in Kanpur that Police has to form a SIT…
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15 Sep
SC orders @SureshChavhanke to defer remaining episodes on “infiltration of Muslims” in UPSC.

Issue is not “infiltration by Muslims”. It’s the Govt whose own policy says Ms will be given special consideration in recruitment.

You don’t need data to prove bias AT ALL.

When govt’s official policy states that minorities will be given special consideration in govt jobs, debating over data (increase in M recruitment) is useless.

It’s like with RTE. It doesn’t apply to minority schools. End of discussion. Data shouldn’t even come into picture.
Now the policy.

Point No 10 of PM’s 15 point programme for Minorities:

a) In the recruitment of police personnel, State Governments will be advised to give special consideration to minorities. For this purpose, the composition of selection committees should be representative.
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1 Aug
Annihilation of Jaati is a fool’s errand. Those who support it have zero understanding of human nature.

In fact, in all the areas where ‘progressives’ have tried to annihilate it, Jaatiwad has taken even deeper roots.

Look at Tamil Nadu.
Let’s say that in Tamil Nadu, we didn’t have anti-Jaati progressive movement for long time.

Come to Punjab and Haryana where Arya Samaj, probably the most anti-Jaati organisation to have ever existed, has been working since 1865 with missionary zeal. Achievement? Zilch.
What do these ‘annihilation of Jaati’ advocates end up doing?

- creating identity crisis for those who fall in their utopian trap
- obliterating diversity of rituals, traditions or practicises of jaatis that become their victims.
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7 Jul
BJP should be ashamed of itself. Reserving 75% jobs to locals in Haryana will definitely hurt the growth of pvt sector, however small it is. More importantly, BJP is championing these BreakingIndia ideas just to be in power with Chautalas. Is this your New India @narendramodi?
These kinds of destructive ideas do not suit a national party much less a party which also claims to be nationalistic.
75% quote for locals is applicable to jobs that pay less than Rs 50k per month. What will IT companies in Gurgaon do because they hire most of their starting employees at Rs 25k salary? Move to NOIDA I guess. @mlkhattar do you realise the damage you will do to state’s economy?
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26 May
Ignore Twitter trads and read real scholars like Shatavadhani R. Ganesh on Varna in Hinduism.

Quoting him verbatim in this twitter thread. Will plug his pieces at the end.

Before starting, remember this: “varṇa is not a core aspect of Hinduism.”
“It comes under what is called viśeṣa dharma, a set of rules applicable only with limited jurisprudence and are bound by geographical and temporal constraints. It is contextual, not universal, and therefore is a peripheral aspect of our tradition...”

We know for sure that “varṇa has nothing to do with race and ethnicity”. It might have been “a distinction based on occupation or based on the tribes that people belonged to.”

“In the Ṛgveda Saṃhitā, varṇa is not used in the sense of ‘caste’ or ‘class’.....”
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14 May
Millions of kids are getting their education on Zoom, Google Classrooms, etc today.

And it’s really amusing to see that our Right to Education act specifies no of classrooms, size of playground, student-teacher ratio for schools. LOL

A reminder again. RTE isn’t about education.
Homeschooling, which is also banned by RTE, has a different meaning now, isn’t it?

You can get your education at home from same school system.

In fact, why not allow entrepreneurs to establish virtual schools which are recognised by the govts. Let boards continue to test as b4.
Now introduce JAM trinity (where M is now smartphone) and see possibilities.

Virtual schools (VS) don’t need all the infra. So tuition fee is way down. They only need to pay teachers who can give their time to many VS.

Govt can pay fees of poorest kids directly to VS via DBT
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21 Apr
Thread on the modus operandi of immoral leftists and why they do what they do.

Their group-act is eerily similar to the mafia where a gang of ORGANISED criminals operate with a ruthless behavioural code.…
If the victim is Hindu, especially in saffron robes, his death (even if it has a communal angle) is played down by the Immoral Leftists but if the victim is from the minority community, especially in religious attire, his death is played up (even if it has a secular angle).
Look at Palghar case. First they tried to ignore it and bury the news. When Social Media folks posted 3 lakh+ tweets, they are forced to take notice. But even then, they can’t issue a simple condemnation. Their main concern is not lynching but that it shouldn’t be communalised.
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18 Apr
I make it a point to ignore this serial fake news peddler but today let’s debunk her typical rant-threads full of avidya.

1. Testing at over 188 govt labs is totally free. Test at pvt labs is one of the lowest in the world. (BTW she can’t tell diff b/w RT-PCR & anti-body test)
2. She says BJP is to be blamed for Corona crisis in MP

But 1st case in Indore (which now has 62% of MP’s cases) was reported b4 BJP formed govt (meaning damage was already done)

Also, why Muslim areas (where health workers were attacked) are major hotspots & most patients Ms?
3. Look how dumb she is.

Says that “We've pretty much stopped acknowledging the migrant crisis.” And in the next line says “We have 23 THOUSAND relief camps across India w. 12lac stranded migrants.”

If there are 23k camps, how have we ignored migrants? (All govts doing gr8 btw)
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7 Nov 19
Punjab/Haryana passed law delaying paddy sowing to July hence harvest in Oct/Nov when winds are stationary in North India so gas chamber over Delhi.

Made sense. I also got fooled by this.

But talked to a couple of farmers back home.

They laughed at this logic 😂

Farmers always sown it in July in Haryana. In Punjab/North Haryana, where water is abundant, farmers grew a short duration paddy crop before July paddy season. So, two crops. Harvest for the 2nd crop was always in October.

Law passed by states only to stop groundwater depletion.
I asked farmers why not grow paddy in April soon after wheat harvest.

‘No water’

What if govt gives water via canal?

‘No power lines in farms to pump the water in fields and keep them inundated which paddy needs. Diesel too costly’

What if govt gives power to farms too?
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17 Sep 19
Look how they spread falsehoods.

If they can distort current events so blatantly, imagine the damage to history.

"Indian Muslims are silent over Tabrez Ansari......"

They are silent over Ansari? Here are few examples of this silence.…
Around 20 people carrying AIMIM flags entered the Dhatkidih village, where the lynching of Ansari took place and threatened the women with dire consequences apart from issuing rape threat. They also allegedly removed religious flags from a temple.…
A Muslim mob almost lynched a bus belonging to local engineering college in Ranchi. They asked religion of students before attempting to set it ablaze.…
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3 Sep 19
'The reason the Ulema prevail over the reformers is that the propositions they articulate, the mindset they seek to perpetuate are indeed the propositions and the mindset which the founts of Islam—the Quran and the Sunna of the Prophet—prescribe"

- Arun Shourie, World Of Fatwas
"It is not just ignorance of the texts which defeats the liberal. It is that Ulema are faithful to the texts."
"The claim of the ulema, indeed of Islam that it shall regulate all of life is of the very essence of the religion. The claim is: Islam, in practice that means the ulema shall regulate the totality of life."
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1 Sep 19
Himachal’s Anti-Conversion Law Is A Big Blow To Both Mullahs And Missionaries, But It Leaves A Lot To Be Desired.

My analysis of the state govt's 'freedom of religion act, 2019'.…
The act allows the state govt to ban any organisation found guilty of violating the Act's provisions from receiving funding from within and outside of the country. This could prove to be the most effective tool in countering mass conversions backed by foreign money.
CM Thakur deserves two cheers.

First cheer for prescribing max jail (up to 7 yrs) for forced conversions of minors/women esp by marriage. @swati_gs has reported cases where minor girls were converted first and then married according to Muslim Personal Law. All legal until now.
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15 Apr 19
A silent revolution is happening in news and media space. Those in the establishment in studios in Lutyens, Noida and SoBo should be worried. If you thought Twitter, Fb or social media threatened your monopoly, you haven't seen anything yet. Democratisation of data will bury you.
DeMo (of data) would scare the incompetent entitled media elites who made careers in this field due to friends and family connections. Thanks to this DeMo, scores of youth from small towns, even villages are taking to journalism. I first witnessed this phenomenon in Jind bypoll.
Using just a decent camera and a lapel mic, these youngsters (who may have been otherwise unemployed before DeMo and a subject of pity for MSM) are bringing news/views/stories WEEKLY/DAILY from areas no media house covered earlier (either due to logistics or lethargy).
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