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10 Jun
181 days alcohol-free for me

I quit drinking on 27th December last year. I had done a year off the sauce before about 5 years ago. But this feels more permanent this time.

No alcohol alternatives are absolutely booming. Here are a few of my favourites:
Brooklyn special effects. A very solid run of the mill lager replacement
Thatchers Zero Cider. Very passable cider alternative. Get it nice & cold and could be the real thing. minus the headache.
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9 Jun
You are going to hear a lot of bull over the next few weeks from columnists about how sport and politics shouldn’t mix and the woke thought police are intervening where they shouldn’t. Ironically - it is politically motivated. Here’s why it is utter bullsh*t. A thread 🧵
1️⃣ Politics and sport have always been interlinked. Sport reflects society - and society reflects sport ⚽️
2️⃣ Cricket in England used to be structured between amateurs (the aristocracy/gentlemen) and professionals (traditionally working class). Gentlemen vs Players was only disbanded in 1962. This phenomenon requires a whole different thread 🏏
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8 Jun
7 tips on how your charity can continue to innovate at a pace on tight budgets ⬇️ ⚡️

Yesterday @zoeamar published a piece in third sector on this issue’. I contributed some thoughts - but not everything made the cut! Here are seven additional tips from @weareflyingcars
1️⃣ Life is not going to go back to how it was. Society has changed forever. Speed, agility, resilience, testing, learning - these are the new skills you should be hiring for.
2️⃣ People often say they have neither the time nor money to innovate more. But you can create both.
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