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26 Jun
Trump's campaign speeches, written by Stephen Miller, mirrored the talking points from former KKK Imperial Wizard David Duke's 1992 presidential run. "America First", the slogan used by the KKK, American Nazis, and Pat Buchanan in his 2000 presidential run, has a fascist origin.
'America First' was adapted from the 'Britain First' slogan used by Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists. The pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic American First Committee, headed by Charles Lindbergh, was founded in 1940.
Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan can be traced back to Mussolini's speech in English from 1927 when he called on Italian immigrants "to make America great."
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2 Jun
Solidarity with the Minneapolis Rebellion 🔥
Love to everyone resisting everywhere 🖤
All power to the people #ACAB
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18 May
Twitter's "VP of Trust and Safety" Alison Shea aka "Del Harvey" got exposed for helping openly white-supremacist trolls by doing their bidding in banning accounts they flag. This video was shared by @LilNasX & then the account who made the video got banned
The tweets containing the video exposing "VP of Trust and Safety" Alison Shea aka "Del Harvey" for working with white supremacist trolls was shared by @LilNasX yesterday. @NotLameAsChris, the account that made the video and posted it, has just been banned.
Video by @JustinWhang summing up the exposé so far of how several large Twitter accounts have been getting suspended after being targeted by white supremacist trolls who have connections to Twitter's "VP of Trust and Safety" Alison Shea aka "Del Harvey"
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15 May
Multiple incidents reported of grocery store shoppers wearing KKK hoods and Nazi swastika masks this month. 2 incidents in San Diego suburb Santee, CA (including Dustin Hart aka "Dusty Shekel" & a woman wearing neo-Nazi Honk Honkler Pepe shirt) and yesterday in Dillon, Colorado.
Multiple incidents reported of grocery store shoppers wearing KKK hoods and Nazi swastika masks this month. 2 incidents in San Diego suburb Santee, CA (including Dustin Hart aka "Dusty Shekel" & a woman wearing neo-Nazi Honk Honkler Pepe shirt) and yesterday in Dillon, Colorado.
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16 Apr
Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk has close ties to fascist "Jack Donovan" ("Jack" refers to Fight Club film narrator) who's associated w/ Wolves of Vinland/Operation Werewolf, & tried to normalize neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer as "transgressive" shock humor
Chuck Palahniuk told Joe Rogan's 3 million listeners he reads the neo-Nazi site The Daily Stormer "because Andrew Anglin cracks me up", describing him as "the completely transgressive guy who really loves Fight Club". Anglin used this to request a donation
Ex-Church of Satan member Jack Donovan, who has written for white nationalist sites like Counter-Currents, & the fascist strength cult Operation Wolf/Wolves of Vinland that he's been a part of, model themselves after Fight Club written by Donovan's close associate Chuck Palahniuk
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31 Jan
It has come to light that "leftist" youtuber Peter Coffin, who recently appeared to be justifying GamerGate, is "FalconTheHero" of Gameranx owned by Ian Miles Cheong (Nazi-wannabe who has worked for Milo Yiannopoulos and Tucker Carlson's The Daily Caller) ImageImageImageImage
Ian Miles Cheong, who owns Gameranx that "leftist" youtuber/GamerGate-apologist Peter Coffin makes videos for as "FalconTheHero", is a far-right Nazi-wannabe incel who writes for Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller and had his own section called Incel Corner on Milo Yiannopoulos' blog. ImageImageImageImage
In this Discord chat, Peter Coffin appears to be admitting that he is "FalconTheHero" of Gameranx (owned by Nazi-wannabe incel Ian Miles Cheong). Image
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18 Oct 19
A thread on the Never Surrender metal fest in Oakland, CA organized by @BoneheadIron and @NWNProductions who release and distribute Nazi metal. Bands in the lineup have NSBM/neo-Nazi ties:
@BoneheadIron @NWNProductions Nuclear War Now! label's forum served as the biggest online hub for Nazi metal. After info on Never Surrender fest organized by NWN! & its partner label Iron Bonehead was released (, NWN! owner Yosuke Konishi took the forum offline.
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17 Oct 19
ALERT: Oakland venues Elbo Room & @oaklandmetro are hosting Never Surrender metal fest by NSBM distros Iron Bonehead & Nuclear War Now! on Oct 18-20. Lineup includes bands w/ Nazi associations: Black Witchery, Bone Awl, Volahn, Blue Hummingbird On The Left
@oaklandmetro One of the labels putting on the Nazi metal fest this weekend runs a store selling Nazi metal in East Oakland: Eastern Front Records, 7800 MacArthur Blvd. Owner is rich biotech chemist Yosuke Konishi who says area is “currently filth-ridden but there are signs of things changing”
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4 May 19
Liquid is antifa. A medley of assorted fluids tossed at neo-Nazis & right-wing bigots: Milkshake on Tommy Robinson, coffee poured on Patrick Little & Alex Jones, water thrown at Tomi Lahren & Steve King, Princess Nokia dumping soup on racist, Liquid Ass sprayed on Richard Spencer
Anti-Fascist Liquid Action
Milkshake is antifa* #AntiFascistLiquidAction #MilkshakeDivision

*Cruelty-free/gluten-free/non-GMO/organic/ethically-sourced/vegan substitutes available: Soy, Rice, Almond, Coconut, Cashew, Hemp ...etc.
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13 Apr 19
Black metal's Nazi problem is bigger than Varg but recent church burnings in the US/NZ show specific connection. Holden Matthews posted about Varg/Norwegian black metal history. Christchurch NZ arsonist was fan of Vikernes' vlog Thulean Perspective & obsessed w/ burning churches.
The name of Varg's blog Thulean Perspective refers to The Thule Society, a German anti-semitic occultist group including founding members of the Nazi Party like Rudolf Hess, who believed the racially pure "Aryan race" arose in Thule, the mythical northernmost land of Hyperborea.
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23 Mar 19
ALERT: Horna, a neo-Nazi black metal band from Finland is attempting to tour the US starting 3/28 including Los Angeles, Oakland, Portland, Austin, Houston, Denver, Chicago, Brooklyn, Maryland, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania #FuckNSBM #ShutDownNaziMetal
Horna members Shatraug & Spellgoth have strong ties to the NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal) scene. Shatraug (also in Sargeist) promotes Nazi "blood and soil" ideology and writes lyrics about 'white genocide'. Spellgoth is also in the fascist black metal band Peste Noire
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28 Dec 18
Ken White, the attorney behind @Popehat has been revealed as a longtime associate of and attorney for Marc Randazza who represents Alex Jones, neo-Nazis Andrew Anglin, Jared Taylor, Paul Nehlen, Chuck Johnson, Mike Cernovich, pro-rape misogynist “Roosh” Valizadeh, 8chan & the Gab
Marc Randazza is also currently the lawyer for The Satanic Temple who have been exposed for their ties to the alt-right…
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16 Nov 18
#DoxxAllYourBoys The Proud Boy who was part of the Oct 2018 "Proud Boys pub crawl" violently assaulting people in New Orleans and makes violent online threats about shooting "antifa" has been identified as Anthony Scott Mastrostefano who lives in Las Vegas
The Proud Boys and the "Trump Unity Bridge" attacked people in New Orleans with flag poles and pepper spray in Oct 2018. They admit to committing the assaults in a youtube video from Oct 20th (44 second mark):
The "Proud Boys pub crawl" took place Oct 18-21. A call had gone out for help in identifying this Proud Boy after he was spotted flying out of New Orleans to Las Vegas on 10/21:
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13 Nov 18
@jules_su “But the ADL post is missing key information — that the OK sign had acquired a far-right connotation and had even been identified as a “hate symbol” before that 4chan hoax post.”…
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12 Nov 18
@T4RIG @TheVengeant @AnarchoBro96 Many of the first wave of punks wore swastikas for shock value. And then actual neo-Nazis started creeping into the scene. You could find swastika accessories and Skrewdriver t-shirts in shops selling punk records and merch all throughout the 80s/90s.…
@T4RIG @TheVengeant @AnarchoBro96 Poly Styrene (X-Ray Spex), Captain Sensible (The Damned)
@T4RIG @TheVengeant @AnarchoBro96 Sid Vicious, Siouxsie Sioux
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3 Nov 18
PewDiePie, aka gaming vlogger Felix Kjellberg who has one of the biggest youtube channels and makes Nazi "jokes" ("Death to all Jews") and "accidentally" calls someone a 'n****r' while livestreaming during an online game, is now giving a platform to right-wing bigot Ben Shapiro
“...a total of 9 videos posted since August 2016 that featured Nazi imagery or anti-Semitic humor. In one video, Kjellberg hired a pair of performers from the freelance website Fiverr to hold up a sign reading “Death to all Jews”...”…
“What's so striking about his use of the word isn't his hard R pronunciationpronunciation — which, by itself, is striking and crazy — but that it accidentally slips out. Usually, words like that don't accidentally slip out if you don't use them.”…
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29 Oct 18
@mapachelibre1 The “edgy” anti-PC jokes of South Park and the anti-SJW online gamer/comics/youtube culture that culminated in Gamergate and helped form the alt-right may be a piece of the puzzle: ‘South Park raised a generation of trolls’…
@mapachelibre1 South Park: “Casual anti-Semitism is all in good fun”
@mapachelibre1 South Park: “Hate-crimes are silly”…
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18 Oct 18
The NOLA chapter of the Proud Boys are hosting a 3 day “Pub Crawl/Protest/Rally" this weekend (Oct 18-21) in New Orleans. Their flyer lists Brian Green (ex-Louisiana Deputy Sheriff who was fired for being a Proud Boy), Rufio Panman, “Trump Untiy Bridge”, “Auntie Fa”. #NewOrleans
Proud Boys in #NewOrleans
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10 Oct 18
Andrew W.K. is a Libertarian "Classical Liberal" who believes in American Exceptionalism & a "big fan of Breitbart". He was a regular on Fox News show 'Red Eye' for years w/ his friend Gavin McInnes (Proud Boys) & even had his own radio show on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze radio network
Andrew W.K. has a close personal relationship with Gavin McInnes (founder of Proud Boys/co-founder of VICE magazine). Suggestions by some that McInnes is responsible for “inventing” Andrew WK doesn't seem far-fetched given the amount of online trails they've left behind together
In his article for "paleoconservative" Takimag (white nationalist Richard Spencer used to serve as Executive Editor) that helped give rise to the alt-right, Gavin McInnes mentions going to see Andrew W.K. in 2001:…
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