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Oct 23, 2022 62 tweets 30 min read
Newspapers incorrectly reported that she had arrived but this was incorrect. Wichelo lost two sons and the sarcophagus was lost. The sarcophagus was insured by the British museum but the ship was not. Richard Wichelo lost everything. An irony that it was moved to ‘protect it’. Its location is unknown. Weiss’s work was altogether destructive to the Giza plateau - but he didn’t operate a lone. A lot of agents operating with various political and economic motivations. @N_Nielsen4 #onwardsupwards2022
Oct 23, 2022 37 tweets 28 min read
Oct 22, 2022 73 tweets 58 min read
Good morning from @issegyptomania #OnwardsUpwards2022 first up with a keynote from Jasmine Day on the Czech Neiger Brothers’ Egyptian Revival Jewellery, which she collects. #OnwardsUpwards2022
Oct 20, 2022 4 tweets 5 min read
Really interesting day with @CanalRiverTrust Cultural Heritage Advisory Group at the Anderton Boat lift - a site of world significance for canal engineering. Initially hydraulic then electrically powered, the lift connected a canal & river - cutting significant time for journeys. ImageImageImageImage Interesting fact of the day - Citroen patented the grip on these giant cogs at the top of the lift & later used the shape of the innovative grip on his cars. @CanalRiverTrust ImageImageImageImage
Sep 8, 2022 56 tweets 46 min read
Good morning from the #DiverseModernities conference with @CSCA_Cambridge & @createstreets at @downingcollege with @boys_nicholas kicking off proceedings. Good to see the iconic #EgyptianRevival Carreras Factory on the opening slide. Opening comments from @boys_nicholas include a call to recycling of current buildings. #DiverseModernities
Sep 6, 2022 6 tweets 4 min read
Good to join the @fmbuilders tonight at their @UKHouseofLords reception. We’ve worked with them in recent years on the important #CutTheVAT campaign for repair & maintenance. Today the focus is also on climate change & tackling rising costs whilst encouraging sensitive retrofit. ImageImage A renewed call tonight from @fmbuilders for cutting the VAT on repair, maintenance & retrofit; a licensing scheme for builders to ensure competence & a national retrofit strategy.
Aug 23, 2022 30 tweets 26 min read
This is Blackwell near Bowness, probably the most beautiful house in the world. Designed by MacKay Hugh Baillie Scott it’s a Grade I listed building & one of the UK’s finest examples of Arts & Crafts architecture @lakelandarts - come & see inside…(thread) ImageImageImageImage First up, how beautiful is this leaflet/map of the rooms? Image
Aug 18, 2022 11 tweets 10 min read
The 19thC Ferry Mary Anne - the last surviving rowed Windermere ferry built before the steam powered chain ferry introduced in 1870. One of the large rowed Windermere ferries that had huge oars known as sweeps and a movable ramp. It sank off Belle Isle after WW2 @windermerejetty ImageImageImageImage Some great collections at @windermerejetty ImageImageImageImage
Aug 10, 2022 22 tweets 21 min read
Today in the @Heritage_NGOs #SouthernProgress I visited @bluebellrailway along with @HRA_UK colleagues to talk about all things steam. Such an insight into a fascinating & complex site focused both on visitors and preservation. 2nd largest landowners in Sussex. Come for a look 👇 ImageImageImageImage There are 4 stations each along the stretch of the @bluebellrailway (each set up for a different era) - first station to be preserved is Sheffield Park. This is 1880s & houses some great things to see. This station was also featured in Box of Delights. Still has gas lights! ImageImageImageImage
Aug 8, 2022 12 tweets 11 min read
Day one of this week’s @Heritage_NGOs #SouthernProgress in Sussex and I had the chance to return to the wonderful @WealddownMuseum for the first time since the pandemic. Great to catch up with @heritage_notes & chat to volunteers. Here’s a little tour 👇 Firstly big ups to the education team @WealddownMuseum - some great & engaging activities around the site. This week there’s a model railway & chance to create mini medieval buildings, vintage hobby activities & games. Activities vary each week. More here…
Aug 5, 2022 22 tweets 23 min read
Today’s @Heritage_NGOs #NorthernProgress I’m heading into Manchester past the sad sight of Hartford Mill, almost completely dismantled. Just a couple of towers left.… A sad example of a lack of creativity & environmental awareness of impact of demolition. First stop on my Manchester Day - meeting the @NT_TheNorth team at the Castlefield Viaduct new sky garden for Manchester - a city that, due to its industrial past, needs more green space.… #NorthernProgress
Aug 4, 2022 22 tweets 22 min read
I’ve just left the incredible, bustling & unique Georgian @ThePieceHall where I’ve had the privilege of spending the day. Thanks to Steve for the fascinating tour & @NickyChanThomDL & @gary_rae for a great lunch meeting. Here’s a tour… #NorthernProgress The Grade I listed @PieceHall, Halifax is the only remaining Georgian cloth hall in the world, the sole survivor of the great 18thC northern cloth halls, showing the importance of the trade in wool & hand woven textiles to the pre-industrial economy of West Yorkshire
Aug 1, 2022 27 tweets 31 min read
It’s #YorkshireDay & I’m appropriately here to see members for the first day of my @Heritage_NGOs #NorthernProgress Over the Saddleworth Moors we spotted a Triumph Herald Convertible for the mobile gang & a tower built as part of the nuclear early warning comms from Cold War era. Heading 1st to @nationaltrust @fountainsabbey. Re-reading inspiring Fountains Abbey & Skell Valley project to address climate change & flooding in the valley while improving access. In @HistEnvForum #HeritageResponds report #NorthernProgress #YorkshireDay
Jul 1, 2022 66 tweets 66 min read
Looking forward to listening in to #PerformingTut today from @UoBEgyptology @EllieCDobson - round table intros kicking off with @fkeshk Elizabeth Frood @GriffithOxford @danielarosenow & @RichardParkins5 @UniofOxford Elizabeth Frood talks about the colourisation process of Tutankhamun in Colour & creation myths flagged by @photograph_tut in retellings of the discovery. Nothing surpasses an encounter with the objects themselves - & there are so many stories we will explore today #PerformingTut
Jun 29, 2022 4 tweets 3 min read
Here with @SAVEBrit for the launch of their #BuildingsAtRisk 2022 #SaveMeImYours ImageImage Nice project for someone here - 36 acres in the Lakes, £795k - a site in need of a saviour. @SAVEBrit Image
Jun 29, 2022 6 tweets 9 min read
Good to join @atwjackson & @TomOleary72 & colleagues @nationaltrust @Buzz_dont_tweet @HistEnvForum @f_ben87 to hear about #Superbloom at @HRP_palaces @TowerOfLondon - a new park for London & an appropriate, ecologically friendly & beautiful moat for our times. More pics 👇 ImageImageImageImage Loving the colour mixes & the sculptures. There’s also a slide & soundscape. @TowerOfLondon ImageImageImageImage
Jun 28, 2022 7 tweets 5 min read
Here’s a little wander round @NTFentonHouse - it has some incredible collections of musical instruments, porcelain & Camden Town Group art. ImageImageImageImage Here’s what a 16th Century Virginal sounds like